Friday, 27 April 2018

Thursday in Hamilton

Today we have been in Quilters Heaven! A whole day in Hamilton, where the town is devoted to quilters. Many of the shops sell fabric, and each shop is devoted to different styles of fabric. For example, one sells florals, another seasonal, or modern, kids and baby's country, primitives etc etc.

This post is a photo overload, and I will mostly let the photos speak for themselves, with the occasional comment.

My first stop was Man's land! I had to meet someone to collect some machine parts that I had ordered a month ago and Karen had arranged to meet me in this shop. Without knowing what it was, our imaginations were working and the girls laughed and said they were going to photograph me going into Man's Land!! In fact this store, is set up for the husbands of quilters to have somewhere to wait for them while they are spending their money. Following a few photos of this store.

Karen and I in Man's land. Karen is a local Gammill dealer, and a pattern designer, and has been to Australia twice now to teach the software, Creative Studio that we use. I have attended her classes in Adelaide and Melbourne, and looking forward to her coming to Adelaide again in September to teach at AMQF.

Next stop was the Main store of MSQC, and we had to put our email address into the computer system. This message came up at the finish, and I was intrigued that it told me that I had travelled 9,491 miles to visit them! Don't ask me how many kms that is. 

 And then it was time for Michelle to withdraw some cash. We went into the bank, and they directed her to the ATM out the side. A drive through ATM!!! But we walked through!!

One of the buildings has been converted into a Retreat centre, and there were about 30 ladies from all over (including Canada), staying there and having a lovely time sewing. There are 8 bedrooms upstairs, and 2 down, that cater for anyone who can't do stairs. One of the doors was open, and I had to take a photo, as it reminded me of some of the beds at a retreat at my house, where the beds are often not made. I mean, who wants to make a bed, when there is sewing to be done?? After I took the photo, one poor lady came up to me worried because I had seen her unmade bed. I laughed and explained the reason I took it, and she laughed too.

 The sewing area.............

...........  and the kitchen area, although a bit dark in this photo.

Jenny talking to one of the retreat ladies.

It was soon time for a morning coffee, and one of these yummy biscuits, although I think they might be cookies??

It was appropriate to share our coffee with Raylene and Margaret, as before we left Raylene gave Pat and I a lovely "have a great trip" card, with a $10US enclosed for a coffee or 2. This was the day for that coffee, and it was another good one.

A few photos taken around the town.

 A map of the town, and most of the coloured marks  are patchwork shops.

I felt a lot better after I saw this sign!!

A postal service is offered for larger purchases, and these ladies came with a trolley of goodies to be boxed up and posted home. (I also had a box posted home, but not this many goodies though.)

Ready to relax after a full day of shopping.

All of these upstairs buildings are being developed into more shops and a museum.

All too soon, it was time to get back on the bus and head back to the hotel, where we rearranged, and took over the breakfast room for a show and tell session of what we had purchased!! Lots of laughs and more photos of this are on the Aussie Quilters Abroad, facebook page.

Well that's my post for today, and now I am up to date with blog posts!!!! And we have only one more day to go, before getting on the plane (s) for our return. Tomorrow we go to Amish country, and another 2 or 3 shops.

It has all been amazing, but today was a highlight.

Blessings, From Jude


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Oh my!!! What a wonderful place and experience!!! I'd have loved to have gone there.. looking forward to seeing your Amish country posts!! xx

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG.........the choice would be over whelming for me........loving all your posts.....can't believe its almost time to head home......

Raylene Edwards said...

A Day in Hamilton looks amazing with all your photos showing the reality of that concept that Jenny Doan bought to life. Coffee with a Snickerdoodle in the home of the Missouri Star Quilt Company would have been the best EXPERIENCE of all . ☕️🍪