Saturday, 26 January 2013

26th January, 2013–Australia Day


Today is Australia Day, and what better way to celebrate than a sewing day. Today there was 10 of us for a fun day of working on our own projects. Lots of laughter, and sewing, and sharing, and of course a lunch of “Aussie” food.

I still have not worked out how to do the linky thing to connect other sites, but if you go to Michele Hill’s blog ( you can check out her post on being Australian. We are fortunate to live in this country.

I have a neighbour who came to Australia from the Ukraine many years ago, and he has always flown the Australian flag and has been disappointed that we don’t seem to appreciate the great country we have. So this year I decided we would celebrate being Australians and bought lots of flags.


Above is Pauline and Val being patriotic. Val’s ribbons are the Australian way of “making do”, using what you have, and she’ll be right mate!


Above, my letter box, and below my neighbour’s large flag.



Flags attached to our sewing machines.


Helens Aussie hat.


And what is more South Australian than Farmers Union Iced Coffee.


Lunch included meat pies, sausage rolls, tomato sauce, fritz, meat loaf, and of course we had Pavlova, trifle, and vanilla slice and not forgetting lamingtons.


So whatever you are doing, enjoy the rest of your day, there are still 3 of us here for the evening, and a few more coming back tomorrow and maybe Monday as it’s a public holiday for us. I think there are a few Aussie things leftover for tonight, and a bottle of something a tad stronger than the Iced Coffee!


From Jude

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

January 23, 2013

My apologies to those who have missed  me on the blog and keep checking in. I dont know where time has gone, its almost end of January, and doesn't seem long since the leadup to Christmas!
We had a sit and sew day a couple of weeks ago, which was a lot of fun, and I achieved a few finishes ready for the quilter!!.
Below are 2 photos of some of the girls. Seems like we have to shut ourselves away from the daily activities to actually get something done. I know if the girls weren't at my place I would probably be quilting a customer quilt, which is good to pay the bills, but is not enough to "fill up my tank".
I felt so good on the Monday after that weekend, and was ready to load up the next quilt.

Below is a photo of Ruth's New York Beauty quilt, made for a wedding present.
The fabrics are so busy, that it's hard to see the quilting in them, but the plain fabric shows up well.
(And the backing was very busy also).

Well, its time for bed now, need an early start in the morning to water both gardens, before another warm day tomorrow. Since our spell of days over 40deg, it has been lovely in the 30's, and tomorrow will be in the high 30's and thats far enough for me.

It is Australia Day on Saturday, and we have another sewing session planned, complete with the Aussie flags and Australian food for lunch. Looking forward to the weekend, and I wonder how many more WIP's I can get ready for the quilter! Of course, my quilter might have them in her queue for a long time yet!!! But I will be happy to get them to that stage, as I have some new things I want to get started on!

Thats all folks, until next time
From Jude
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

January 16, 2013

 Below are photos of Di's quilt, My Journey, which has the most amazing little hexagons hand stitched in the centre of the block, and the fabrics are fussy cut. They are so cute.
I spent ages doing a posting at lunch time, and then it would not publish, it timed out, so this time I posted the photos and now am editing it with the words. Not sure what I raved on about earlier, but this will do for now.
I shall post later with a report of our sewing weekend, which was Friday and Saturday, but went on until Sunday evening as well. It was sew good!

Be back, have a good day,
From Jude

Friday, 11 January 2013

January 11, 2013

I have decided that it’s easier to date my blog posting rather than come up with different titles all the time. There is only so many ways one can say “More quilts”!

The weather this week has been more bearable, although maybe we have adapted to the heat after our 45deg last Friday, anything seems cooler. The nights have been reasonably cool for sleeping, which makes the days easier if you are not so tired.                     Today is supposed to be about 35, and I have the air con going already as I expect to have girls here today and tomorrow for a “sewing session”.

I have switched “Max”, my Gammill off until Monday and looking forward to finishing some projects for me.

Below are photos of recent quilting, gone out the door to customers.              


Above is Jill’s Caramel Twist. The sashing peepers will be turned over and stitched down in a twisted arrangement. Simply quilted with a block pattern and separate border.


This is a quilt made by Jean for a friend who is not well.


And this is a jelly roll quilt made by Val. Lovely colours!

Well better get too and start my day, need to put “stuff” away so that there is room for another 8 people. It is easy to spread out when you have the whole room to yourself, if fact I have really taken over 2 rooms of my house!

Have a good day, whatever you are doing.


From Jude

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Another quilt and other ramblings


This is Joy’s Farmers Wife Sampler quilt finished last week. I did a clamshell edge to edge through the centre and 2 separate borders. I just loved the texture of the clams quilted in the centre. Am working on another custom now, and have a very large New York Beauty for next week.


The weather is not real conducive for work at the moment. We are in the grip of a heatwave. Yesterday the temp got up to 45Deg which is HOT, HOT, today up to 36 and tomorrow expected to be 38, followed by 41,40,34 and 40.  THere are fires burning in places and houses have been lost in Tasmania.                                                         

   I don’t like the heat and if you ever hear me say how cold it is, just remind me! It is hard to be motivated to work, and take a lot of keeping up with the watering of gardens.

It has been a difficult week apart from the heat. Early in the week I found out that a beautiful lady had lost her life in an accident on Christmas Eve. So sad, my sympathy goes out to her family and her friends. Pam was part of the wonderful “In the Pink” retreat at The Sanctuary in September.

And on New Year’s Day, my son’s partner was in a car accident, caused by 2 ****** cars in a road rage incident. Thankfully she is OK, but was saved by the airbags in their car, only recently purchased. Car is written off, 2 people in another car (not wearing seatbelts) thrown from their car, and the driver of another car taking off from the scene. Each day I have heard more stories of people doing STUPID things in cars. What is happening, where is common sense?

It is easy feel down about the things happening around us, but I need to also think of the positive things to balance it all. I am thankful that the power has not gone out, and the aircon is working. I am thankful that I have work to do, and can pay the bills. I am thankful for a comfortable house, for good friends and family. I am thankful for the firemen that fight the fires in extreme conditions.

A visit from good friends this afternoon, was much appreciated when a faulty part on the submersible pump of my bore was replaced and fixed. I am not mechanical, and like to be able switch things on and expect them to go! So thankyou very much, my watering system is much better now.

Well that’s enough rambling from me, will be back in a few days with some more quilt photos. Hope you are in a cool spot if you are “down under” and a warm one in the northern part of the world.


From Jude

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Meeting the train

The town I live in is situated on the main freeway between Adelaide and Melbourne, almost on the border between the states of South Australia and Victoria. And we are lucky enough to still have the railway line going through. The Overland Train travels 3 times a week to Melbourne and 3 times back to Adelaide. A few years ago a group of us caught the train to Melbourne and attended the Quilt Show and had a good time. And DD3 caught the train back to Melbourne back in November after she looked after me for a week. But it's not often that I go to the station, but yesterday was another special day, as the train brought special passengers to stay with me.

The train was right on time, and I heard the whistle as it came across a crossing. 

And Theo and his dad were watching throught the window as they came into the station.
Mum and little brother drove down in the car and met them afterwards.

One very happy little man and his dad pose for Grandma.
It has been a lovely time with them, although NewYears Eve was spent very quietly and into bed well before the clock struck 12.
Today they have gone to Matt's Dads 80 th birthday celebrations and then will go home after that.

Happy New Year to you all.
From Jude
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