Sunday, 12 August 2018

One thing leads to another, and then another and..............

What a week it has been!! But much has been accomplished, and it feels great.

 For awhile now I have been wanting to do something about the storage space along the brick wall in my studio. Most of this was taken up with our Angels fabrics that have been donated for our local group, which we use to make quilts for others. Over time, a "hotch potch"of different storage containers had developed. I decided that there had to be a more efficient method, and after talking to my local builder, we ordered some metal shelf units. I contacted him early Tuesday morning asking when they might arrive, so that I could schedule my time. He replied straight back, saying he could do it that afternoon!!!!! Whoa, I said, a lot of STUFF needed to be moved first! OK, he said, how about Wednesday afternoon? I said OK.

I actually forgot to take a before photo, but have searched the photo files and found a couple from earlier this year, which clearly shows how it WAS.

This shelf unit was relocated to another corner of the room, but that meant that I had to shift STUFF that had been in this corner, which then had to be relocated. And that seemed to happen everywhere, and the whole week has been spent reorganising the whole room, and not just the brick wall!!

Just after that, one of the "angels" arrived to look at some fabric, and I explained what was about to happen. She asked if I needed a hand to move some of the STUFF. Moving it all did not take long, but resulted in what looks like chaos. I had to move the things that were normally stored on and under the cutting tables. All this prevented me from using Max. Add to this, the fact that in 2 days time it was Angels day. It was probably at this stage that I felt rather daunted, and did phone another "angel" to see if she could spare an hour or two. It was still Tuesday at this stage. And I had sent the photo below to a friend who lives 3 1/2 hours away, just so she could have chuckle, as this lady is the queen of organisation and clearing out things, and even to the bins! (I have to admit to being more of hoarder keeper, in case I might need it or use it "one day".)

Before the shelves were constructed, I went down to the local cheap shop and found some plastic containers to put the fabrics in, and they turned out to be "made to order".

Before I knew it, there were 3 local "angels" on deck to start putting fabrics in the tubs. They did an amazing job by the end of Tuesday afternoon, and things were ready for the guys to come on Wednesday.

But the big surprise of the day was a phonecall from my city friend to say she was on her way to help! 

 Here is the wall, ready for action, just before construction, on Wednesday. While the girls had done a lot of sorting, I had relocated the shelves, after moving other furniture and cleaning all the windows and doors, on the front of the house. This new space was to be divided into 2, with the Angels having half the space, and my business having the other half.

On Thursday it was Angels Day, and there was till plenty to be done. There were 5 drawers like this one, that were used store cut squares, and strips of fabric. But over time, they had become very disorganised. And as the shelves were taking their place, they had to be sorted. And we had to fit everything we needed into limited space. Much of this was donated to other places to be used.

 There was a whole box of partially pieced blocks, that had been donated. These have been forwarded onto a group that will make use of them.

Time for a cuppa on Thursday.

And this is how the Angels shelves looked at the end of this week.

 Building the shelves, has led to relocating the shelf unit, and better storage of my backing fabrics. Much tidier than it was.

Then it was time to move the stationery on the shelves so that I could resort the other corner. And here is a special lady who was going through all my own scraps of fabrics!! She came on Tuesday, and stayed until Sunday morning, and an amazing transformation has taken place. It would have taken me weeks to do what we have done this week. And it feels so great to feel much more organised. In the process I have also recycled a lot of STUFF and filled the bin as well.

 That corner of the room,did look like this, and....... looks like this.

My rulers are now hanging on the wall, right alongside the cutting table.

And this is the brick wall today, and I still have space to fill!! I do have plans for this new area of mine.

Thankyou to all those who helped in any way this week. I think the angels will be much more productive now that we can see what we have and it has all been sorted. And I know that I feel so much less stressed having some of my space more organised. I could not have done it on my own, and feel very blessed to have such good friends. 

I have managed to fit in some customer allover quilts, and even quilted 3 angels quilts during the week. Tomorrow there are more lined up ready to do. Today has been a day of rest, and much quieter, and I managed an afternoon sleep after church, and did a little bit of desk work later this afternoon. 

Blessings, From Jude

Monday, 6 August 2018


this is on the machine and Max might be working late. Big quilt with lots of rows of clamshells.
Very cold and wintery outside, so nice to be in by the heater. While Max does his job, I am sorting paper work.
From Jude

A few quilts............

Here we are at the start of another week. It is scary just how fast time is going. I am trying to balance work and rest, and managing to do that, as long as I don't look too hard at my "to do" list. Last week I finished a few quilts, and stayed home all week, until Friday. Pat and I drove to the city for our bi- monthly Appraisal Panel day, which is always a good day out. We get to see a great variety of quilts and share much discussion with the other panel members. We had a couple of stops on the way home, followed by a visit with mum and dad, and arrived home about 8.30 pm. On Saturday I finished a custom quilt that was on the machine and Sunday was a day of rest! There are a lot of things I could have done, but have to admit to spending the day in the recliner, reading, and watching TV. Is that balance, or is it going too much the other way??

I have a few quilt photos this morning, first a chevron quilt made by Maree. This was quilted allover with a pattern called "Whatever". It's quite amusing when they tell me to choose a pattern, and say whatever you like. And I tell them I have one called "whatever", and use it!!

This was made by Sue in a Mystery retreat, and called Summer Soliel. The fabric has butterflies and flowers on it, and Sue wanted a butterfly pattern quilted allover.

This large quilt, made by Suzie, has lots of different sampler blocks, mostly made with small pieces, and was quilted allover with a pattern called Modern Serpentine. I just love that texture.

Well that's enough for today, it's time to pin the large quilt onto Max that is waiting. It is almost 8am and I have been up since 5am, and seemed to have spent quite a bit of time on this computer. I have replied to emails, done some online banking, printed some documents, had breakfast, drank 2 coffees, done some Bible study, tidied the desk, put some things away, and can't procrastinate any longer!!

Have a good week, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.

Blessings, From Jude

Saturday, 4 August 2018


August 4th, 1973......can't believe it was 45 years ago.......

......lots of water has "gone under the bridge" since then......

Blessings, From Jude

Sunday, 29 July 2018

The week that was.........

............has been one in which I have taken steps to prevent the circuit breaker tripping off. I posted last week about getting the message to slow down and listen to the warning signs. And for a couple of days I did some of that, by resting and sleeping, and  taking time out to "smell the roses". (Actually it's a bit hard to smell the roses at present, because the pruning fairy pruned them this week! Thank you.) But I have taken time out to read some books, and spent a lot of time in God's word. I am listening to what the body is telling me, and not pushing those boundaries.

I am hankering to see Miss Billie, and to have some cuddles, and had decided that sometime in August I would drive for a visit. So when Sherrel phoned me on Tuesday to say that we had won a prize in Melbourne, I thought it would be a good idea to go to Melbourne to see family, and also attend  the Victorian exhibition for the presentation ceremony on Thursday. I made my plans, rearranged some appointments, and packed a suitcase ready for a 7am start on Wednesday morning. By the time I had showered, and dressed, I was so tired, I decided I could not drive to Melbourne and cancelled my trip!! I spent the rest of the day sitting in the lounge, sleeping and resting, and thinking of that little girl I would not be seeing yet. And I missed the quilt show too.

Instead I have received some photos, as follows.....

............this one with the comment that "Miss Billie loves the book that Grandma made her!"

...........So I messaged back, that I presume she knows all the words by now??!!.........

And this photo came back, with the comment........" Of course I do Grandma!" It looks as though she is speaking right to me! And look at those eyes.

This morning I attended our local church, and a special service and performance by the Adelaide West Men's Choir. The singing was just amazing and very moving. This was followed by lunch at the local hotel with friends, and this afternoon there has been more sitting by the fire and sleeping.

I also received a photo this week, of the award that DD1 received as Insurance Champion of the Year. Congratulations, and well done. A very proud mumma moment.

I found this saying somewhere in cyberspace recently, and thought it too good not to share. (There are lots of ideas lying around my place!!)

Well that's about all for now. Tomorrow is time to do a bit of quilting as there is one on Max that is half done. I am just working on a few allover jobs at the moment, before some more custom. The diary for August seems reasonably clear, (at this stage), so hopefully I can breathe a bit easier.

Be back soon.

Blessings, From Jude

A few more quilt photos...........

Vic Quilters held their Annual Showcase exhibition in Melbourne this week, and I was pleased to hear from Sherrel on Tuesday, that she had received a phone call advising that she had won an award. As I had quilted her quilt, it seems that I will now have another ribbon to hang on my curtains! The ribbon was a second in the Modern - 2 person category.

I have not posted photos of this quilt on the blog yet, and now I can show you. It was hard to get good photos with this one, but you can see the 3D look of this quilt, called Labyrinth Walk, that was custom quilted.

Thankyou Sherrel for asking me to quilt your quilt. It has certainly been an exciting month of July.

I have some more photos of Marie's quilt, Rainbow Canyon which won an award in Adelaide earlier this month, that have not previously been posted.

 These photos are of a William Morris pattern, made by Chris for her sister in Canada. I am sure she will be happy to receive this quilt.

 And if you look in the photo below, can you see my whoopsie, where I forgot to quilt a small section of the quilt??

That's all for this post, I have some more newsfromjude, but will do that in another post.

Blessings, From Jude