Wednesday, 18 October 2017

An update

It has been a big week with lots acheived. Sitting in the lounge with feet up. Quilt frames were put up today and quilts delivered. About 160 to be hung tomorrow morning. Then 3 days of catching up with friends. Will be back with full reports soon.
Blessings from Jude

Saturday, 14 October 2017

A full day

Today has been an "interesting" day, full of lots of different activities. I said to Raylene, that I almost feel "normal" today!! Possibly a strange thing to say, but I have done so many  things, some of which I had not done in a long time. I started out the day by getting up late, and still being in my dressing gown when the first person called in! After a shower, it was time for a coffee, and to put a load of washing in. (I only had to count how many pair of briefs were in the wash, to know how many days since I had washed clothes!) And then it was time to attack the dust and cobwebs in my bedroom, and find the vacuum cleaner!!  Val turned up to see what I wanted done, and we chatted awhile, before deciding to head out for a morning coffee at the new shop that has opened this week in town. This shop is called Cowboys and Angels, and is in what was our Westpac Bank until earlier this year. We have decided to be decadent and have made a booking for tomorrow morning for breakfast!

We have been cutting more fabrics, sewing strips together, finishing bindings, weeding in the garden, planting plants, and laying straw, a few phone calls, and a drive up the main street to see the banners up that advertise our quilt show.

It was lovely out in the garden in the sunshine, and I was surprised to find a few hardy things, that have bloomed in spite of my neglect. Note to self - plant more of these things!!

And in between all of this, I thought that maybe I could have Max quilting some of the Angels quilts, that have been ignored for too long, while I was cutting fabric. There is only one left in the drawer for donating, and a"few" waiting for the quilter. When I checked out the pile, I found that there were 16 waiting!!!!!!!!!! ( I thought there were about 8!)  Anyhow, there are 2 less in the queue now, and maybe Max might do some more tomorrow???

It has been such fun, that the time has flown by, and it is almost 8pm and we have not eaten yet!! So there are some of the reasons, that maybe I said, I felt "normal", doing things that most people do all the time?? And it sure feels good to have got some of those things done.

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 13 October 2017

Friday night again!!

Where are the weeks going to? They seem to be speeding somewhere, but not sure where. A friend was here today, and she asked what was wrong, because there is NO quilt on Max!!A very unusual occurrence.

I had a surprise visit yesterday from DD1 and family, who were on their way to Melbourne to visit DD3. GD2 is learning to drive, so it was a chance for her to clock up a few of the hours that she needs to accumulate to get her licence. I think someone borrowed my phone and took some photos, and I found this one of DD1 and GD3.

This morning I took my quilt off the machine ready for binding, and Ihave no plans to do any others for a few days, while I prepare for next week's quilt show. The quilts need to be delivered to the hall next Wednesday afternoon, so lots to do before then. I hope to have a few quilt kits cut and fabric packs ready to sell on our members table at the show. The binding fairy arrived today and is helping with last minute jobs. And I had a cutting fairy here as well, and Pat came to pick up her quilt, and sew the binding on it too.  I have a large pile of clothes in my bedroom, waiting to be washed, and the house needs some long overdue attention, after a marathon effort at the quilting machine. While I have deadlines to meet, I find it hard to look at other things, so the "other things" have built up. It almost feels like I have been let "out of school" today, and tomorrow there will be action. Just a few shots of today's action follow.

You might notice that this quilt is getting a black binding. A full photo will come when it is hanging at the exhibition.

Bundles of fabric ready to be packed.

Garden Delights getting its binding sewn on.

And the table was full, with 2 quilts having the binding sewn on!

Pat and Helen in deep discussion, working out the layout of the quilts for the show, and where each one is to be hung. This is a mammoth task, and they have spent days typing up the quilt entry forms for labels for each quilt, and proof reading all of these, and then laminating them. And now working out where each quilt will be hung, and the layout of the quilt frames to be erected.

There are some quilts that I have recently done, that will not be shown on the blog until after the exhibition, but I will show photos of mine that was finished this morning. I did have a quilting plan when I loaded it, but then things did not go to plan, and I spent a lot of time changing my options, and deciding on patterns. At one stage I did think about doing an allover pattern, and it would have been done days ago, but ended up doing a custom job! The fabrics are flowery and pretty, so I knew I wanted flowery, feathery quilting for it. (There will be fabric packs for this and other Antelope Canyon quilts for sale at the quilt show). Tonight I started sewing the Texture Graphics version, so might have a progress picture of that tomorrow.

The back view.

I think it is time for bed, ready for another day tomorrow. Be back with more newsfromjude soon.

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Weekend update

I have been on a mission this week to finish member's quilts for our show, so haven't posted to the blog. But, I have had a couple of people say they have been checking, so here is a quick post before I finish up for the day. I switched Max off at 8pm tonight, and have been doing admin, while watching TV since then. I should have turned the TV off, as I have got "into" the next show now, and really should be in bed, as I am rather tired.

I loaded one of my quilts today, and thought I knew what I was going to quilt on it, but then spent a few hours reassessing my options. Thus my progress is not what it should have been by the end of today. And the days are disappearing fast, and still lots to do yet.

Here are a few photos from the weekend just gone, although I did not take a lot at the wedding as the photographer asked that we refrain until after the wedding.

After a cold, showery start to the day, the sun came out for a perfect day. This was the view looking out over the sea where they were married, at Memorial Park at Port Elliot.

And this is looking to the left, and brought back many memories for me as we had lots of holiday in the caravan park which used to be down by the shoreline.

 The bride's niece who was a cute flower girl, as she came down the steps.

The happy couple and family.

My youngest brother and his daughter.

DD1 and 2 of my grandaughters.

My sister and her family.

The 5 of us siblings, taken at the wedding reception, which was held at Victor Harbour.

And a photo of  Miss Bridie, who "borrowed" my glasses to try on. I must say that after she had finished with them, I could not see a thing through the glass!

It has been a long time since I visited this area, so it was lovely to travel down memory lane. This is a view looking back over the town of Victor Harbour.

And this was looking out over Granite Island, and the Bluff in the background. It was a lovely sunny warm spring day, and the sea was so blue.

On the way home, I called into Strathalbyn to catch up with my cousins, and then headed back to Murray Bridge to see mum and dad. It was a trip full of memories, travelling through the area that I grew up in. This is the local hall and tennis courts in the district of Brinkley, near Murray Bridge. In my younger years, we went to Sunday School and church in this building. Later there were many Saturday night dances in the hall, and the local "Christmas Tree" night, when Father Christmas came to the local children. And I played lots of tennis on these courts.

The building on the right is also where my parents went to school. They walked from their homes, many miles away sometimes, there were no school buses back then. I must say it was good to see these buildings have stood the test of time, as my drive around saw many former homes and sheds derelict, or just a mound of stones on the ground. I guess that is what some call "progress", but I think it is sad to see a lot of farm houses not lived in anymore. Usually because the farms have been purchased by adjoining landowners who have already have their home. It is rather ironic to hear myself saying this, as it reminds me of hearing my grandmother and other older people, who used to say, "...back in my day!"

On my way to the wedding, I drove along the swamp road from Jervois to Wellington, where we used to own a dairy farm. This area has also changed, and only a few large dairies still operating, and there are many unused dairies, which look quite "uncared" for now. I am sorry I did not stop for a photo of the house where we used to live.

That's about all the newsfromjude for now, and it is after 10pm, which is late for me. I have some more quilt photos, but they will wait for another day.

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 6 October 2017

A quick post....

Thank you to all who have offered an opinion, and I can't say I have finally decided yet. I thought perhaps a photo of the whole quilt might be better, so here it is. I know I am looking at it differently now that I can see this, instead of a bundle of "screwed up" fabric on the table! The white colour is actually a very light grey.

This is just a quick post as I am off to pack my bag again, ready for an early start up the highway again. My brother's youngest daughter is getting married tomorrow, so looking forward to a family catchup. In fact a niece on my husband's side of the family is also getting married tomorrow, so we have had to make a decision. There will be family representation at both weddings.

It has been hard to get my mind off the quilts that still need to be done for the quilt show, and think about a couple days away, but I switched Max off about 4.30 so that I could do what needed to be done. I even went out to the garden and did some watering as things are so dry again now. (I probably should have done this a week or so ago, but.....) There have been many days lately, when I have not set foot outside of the house!

So, enjoy your weekend, and I will catch you when I get back.

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Opinions please

I have quilted my Antelope Canyon quilt that I have called Illusions (thankyou Chooky) and can't decide what colour binding?? Should it be black or red??           I look forward to your opinion                  Blessings from Jude

Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Countdown is on.....

The week has sure gone by fast, and another weekend is here, so time to update you on the newsfromjude before any more time goes by.

This week it was raffle ticket selling day at our local supermarket. This means that our exhibition is coming up very soon, which means I have lots to do in the next 2 1/2 weeks.  I blogged awhile back about the cover we were making to fit over a car to attract attention and advertise the show. Thursday was the first airing of this, and you can see photos below. In hindsight, the cover could have been a bit wider, but it still attracted lots of comments. 

Helen and Jenny were the first on the roster for the day and to set up.

Technically we can't call this a quilt, but a cover, as there is no wadding, only the top quilted to a backing. And it was a good way to use up all the odd blocks that had been donated to the Angels.

Today is the last day of September, which means that there are only 19 more days until the quilts are hung up. I am on track to finish customer quilts for the show, and hope to fit in a couple of mine after that. I have a couple of friends here this weekend to sew, as we are all on a mission to finish quilts, bindings and labels etc. It is a long weekend for South Australia with a public holiday on Monday. And I think that daylight saving starts tomorrow too. 

Following are a few more quilt photos to show you.

First is made by Lyn, and simple custom quilting. She used up lots of fabrics from her stash to make this.

The next 2 quilts were made by Glenda and both quilted allover with a pattern called Peacock.

And another quilt made by Lyn, in the recent Pick a Case Mystery retreat. This was quilted allover with Soft and Sweet.

Prue made a log cabin quilt with houses in the centre of each block. The green fabrics were the garden, and the blue had sky and birds. This was quilted allover with clouds.

Jocelyn started this quilt, many years ago, in the days before rotary cutters, and is pleased it is finally finished. It is quilted allover with Springthing.

Heather made this in a Curved Ruler Workshop, and it is simply custom quilted.

That's all for another day. It's time for bed, ready for another day tomorrow. I feel the "need" to do some housework, and then maybe I might load one of my own quilts????

Blessings, From Jude