Saturday, 14 December 2019

Am still here...............

I know, it's too many days since I posted, once again!! I am still here, just trying to churn out some quilts and "other stuff" before the end of the year. I have not prepared anything for Christmas yet. I am trying not to get "sucked in" to the commercialisation of Christmas, but to remember the real reason for the season.

Not looking forward to this week's HOT weather forecast, but it's coming ready or not.
Will get to a longer post "soon"??

Blessings, From Jude

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Another week has gone..................

...............and again I am struggling to work out just what I did in the last week. The photo files are not much good, as I haven't taken too many of those to prompt my memory.

This post will be brief  shorter, as I need an early night and some "beauty" sleep before a big day tomorrow.

These are the fabrics that "might" have been left at my house last week, after the rep called by? My mind is already thinking about what might be designed with them. I have until March, to design, and cut, the next lot of cases for a Mystery Retreat, and that won't take long to go. I have made up a 2020 schedule, which will be posted on to the Scheduled Retreats page of this blog, very soon.

I spent some time last week in the kitchen cooking a few things, including biscuits for family and some cakes to go to Melbourne. The cakes did eventually get some icing on them, and I duly received a photo from DD3 of Miss Billie eating one, well mainly the icing! Friday evening, DD1 and family arrived to spend the night, on their way to visit with DD3 and family. They returned again on Monday on their way home.

Saturday afternoon I spent some time at the sewing machine working on this quilt for a friend. It is an "ongoing" project, as I cut this out months ago! (Perhaps I should go back through the blog and work out when??) This was my progress at the end of Saturday, and I duly pressed it and hung it up for a photo, and as soon as I saw the picture, I said, Ahhhhh! Just a little bit of unpicking to happen, I think. This is only a quarter of the centre, so still awhile to go yet. Val was here this morning and saw it laid out on the table, ready to be unpicked, and said, "Are you still working on that? I thought you had finished it months ago!?" And being the good fairy that she is, she sat down and unpicked and resewed the offending bit for me.

I had the company of these 2 ladies for the afternoon, and they achieved much. Between the sewing, and sorting, there was some cutting happening, trying to tame the scraps again. This photo must have been taken just before the Go Cutter "stopped" cutting. Whoopsie, the handle won't turn??

After a lot of searching online concerning Go Cutter problems, we did not hold out much hope for repairs. Perhaps we could take it apart ourselves?? But the right tools were not in my house to get it apart. No worries, said Ruth, I shall take it home for the handyman in my house to look at. He did not have the correct one there either, but knew where he could get one.

And it wasn't long before I received this photo, and a diagnosis of the problem!

It needs a new bearing, so the challenge is on to see if he can find one. I will update you on further progress, if there is any. I did find out that this cutter is 10 years old, and perhaps doesn't "owe" me much anymore. And with all those "Black Friday" sales that happened last week, the timing was good to order a replacement. If this one can be fixed, then there will be 2, otherwise there might be spare parts in my shed, for next time.

After church on Sunday, it was our groups Christmas lunch at the Frances Hotel. (Sorry for the blurry photos.)

We all took a wrapped fat quarter to exchange, and here are Marie and Rosie holding up theirs.

Following the lunch we called into the Strawberry Farm, but due to the unseasonally cool weather, there were no strawberries for sale. After some warm weather, the might be a trip to buy some.

But, the news of the week is that I picked ONE strawberry in my garden, the first of the season. There are only a few plants, so I don't expect to get enough for a meal.

 This week has been spent with Max, finishing some more quilts, that I shall update you with in due course. I also fitted in a visit to Keith for a dentist checkup and the car to the repairer for a new water pump.

From Jude

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Being Thankful

This week there has been lots of posts on social media, (and it is in the quilting world that I am usually spending my time,) where they are advertising all sorts of things at sale prices, for Black Friday. On a few blog posts I read there has also been much comment about the Thanksgiving long weekend. (What plans they have, and what recipes they will cook and where they will celebrate it.) While I had known about the custom of Thanksgiving, I was not really sure just when it was, so curiosity got the better of me and I googled it. (As you do).

I discovered it was the 4th Thursday of the month of November, and the following day was called Black Friday, and that was the start of Christmas shopping and many stores had discounted prices. On further investigation, I found that Thanksgiving goes back a long way, and originated as a harvest festival, a celebration of the blessings from the harvest of the year, and was a day to give thanks to God for his blessings, to pray and feast with family and friends.

While it is not something that Australia seems to do, the commercial part of the sales seems to be spreading to our country. I do think the idea of a day set aside, especially to acknowledge the things we are thankful for, has merit. I realise that we can be continually thankful and this has come into my Bible study readings this week. But we don't sit down with family for a special meal of Thanksgiving. A lot of people get into a panic in the leadup to Christmas celebrations, so I don't know how they would cope with 2 special meals in a month!

It was pretty easy to write a short list of thing that I am thankful for, as we do live in a very blessed country, although there are many places at present where they might struggle to be thankful.
I am very thankful for my family, my 4 children, 10 grandchildren, both my parents who are still with us, the care my father receives, and my extended family. I am very thankful for my faith, and God's word that he has given us, my church family, good friends and neighbours. I have a comfortable house to live in, with heating and cooling, work to do, a bed to sleep in, a garden and trees, and ample supply of good water. The list could go on and on.

Life sometimes brings circumstance that are not so good, and I can think of many of those occasions. I did struggle to give thanks for those times, but looking back, I can see the good that came out of them, and give thanks that God was there with me, and brought me to where I am now.

I have probably waffled on longer than I needed, and I give thanks if you have read this far!

Many Blessings,
From Jude

Quilting update

Once again, it seems ages since a customer quilt post. Hope you enjoy these photos, that include a wide variety of quilts. I think I have said before that I am very blessed to have a job that is like going to a quilt show every day. (If I have shown any of these before, my apologies, but it's probably not too hard to see them again.)

The first 2 were made by Helen, using a striking fabric, that you can see in the border. She has very creatively used Ricky Tim's Convergence method for the centre part of each quilt.This reminds me that I have a (or maybe 2) convergence tops, just waiting for my quilter, one day.

They were both quilted with butterfly edge to edge patterns.

Jocelyn made this string quilt, and agrees with me, that the string bin does not get any lower by using them up??

This was quilted allover with a pattern called Spring thing.

Lyn made this sampler quilt, that was quilted allover with an Oriental pattern.

This is a Mystery Retreat quilt, made by Sherrel, called Cottage Garden, and features the scrappy trips pattern, with sashing between each block.

This was quilted allover with a daisy pattern.

Lynda made this quilt in a group project, and it was quilted allover with a swirly pattern.

This was Val's Presidents Challenge made for our recent exhibition, and it was quilted allover with a pattern called Dandy.

Pat made this bed runner using the Accuquilt Cleopatra's Fan die, and it was custom quilted.

Helen made this small quilt for a friend's birthday, and it was quilted with an allover dragonfly pattern.

This is Marie's frog quilt. The frogs were made using a stencil of the frog die at our recent Go Cutter retreat. 

The frogs are swimming in the water pond fabric that Marie used in the setting blocks, and it was quilted allover with Calm Waters.

Suzie made this quilt, which featured lots of cute animal fabrics in the centre circle. It was quilted allover with Modern Waves, which gives it a lovely texture.

This was Beth's President's Challenge, made for our quilt show, and this was quilted allover with Spiral Squares, which has also given it a lot of texture.

Pat made this large quilt, featuring a roses fabric, that was quilted allover with Song Birds.

Jean made this quilt, for friends who support a footy team that has these colours. It was quilted allover with footballs.

That takes care of half of the remaining quilt photos up to now, and I will leave the others for another day. Max has been busy this week, and is now on the countdown to get a few done before Christmas week.

I managed to get the bookwork up to date, and visited with the accountant on Tuesday to complete my tax figures for last financial year. It is a relief to get that job done for another year. I don't know where the years are flying by, as I hardly submit one return and it's time for the next year!

I have been spending a little time each day in the garden, trying to get some order and progress into the vegie patch. I also have some other plants to get in, and I am a month late with them too. That's what happens when you neglect yard work, although it was unavoidable really. I just try not to open my eyes too wide when I go out to the garden!! If I don't hurry, it will be too too hot. This week the weather is much cooler than the HEAT of last week, and even a bit on the cool side. But I am not complaining.

The fabric rep called in this morning, and I might have succumbed to some bargains??

I am looking forward to seeing family tomorrow night, and then a few things on the weekend, that I shall post about later.

Blessings, From Jude

Sunday, 24 November 2019

A finish, flowers, fabric, friends, family and figures!!!!

In case you thought I had given up on the blog, here I am back again, and trying to remember the events of recent days so that I can update newsfromjude. Except for the birthday message a few days ago, it looks like it is almost 2 weeks since an update.

After the retreat post, I spent quite a few days with Max, working on this Caswell quilt, that has been in my possession for longer than I care to admit. Jill started this in 2017, and it took care of many hours for her, while she sat with her mother, who was not well. It's amazing, the work in all this needleturn applique, and I can't imagine even doing one of the blocks. (Maybe, one day, when I have lots of time on my hands??? )

The quilt has now been delivered to it's owner, who is pleased to have it finished for her. She has 2 more similar quilts that she has done, and they are now waiting "patiently" in my queue. I love it, when they say, there is no hurry, as it takes the pressure from me.

Those buds, have turned into these flowers. This is a hanging basket that I purchased, and really needs to be repotted, so that's another job for the "to do" list.

Found some more flowers on my roses, that usually look quite pretty at the start of the season.

Last week the diary had events marked for being in the city, and as they were a couple of days apart, it was decided to stay, instead of making 2 trips. Pat and I headed up the highway early Monday morning, and arrived in time for a lovely lunch with members of the QGSA Judging Panel.

Following the lunch, I drove to the Barossa to catch up with family, and especially my grandson who was celebrating his 11th birthday that week. Pat joined up with friends Maxine and Dot and visited The Jam Factory in the city where they had a tour of the facility. When I arrived back in the city, we enjoyed a meal with Maxine, (thanks Maxine), and then Pat and I arrived back at the accommodation, ready for a good night's sleep. (I had driven 6 hours that day!)

It was a slow start the next morning, as I slept much later than usual!! Next stop was to the fabric agent's warehouse, for me to see what backing fabrics they had in stock. (And I might have found some other bolts to bring home with me too??) I can't wait to work out what to do with this bundle.

Then it was time to visit with more family, and while I drove there, Pat spent time with another friend, Raylene. I enjoyed some time with these special people, and we sat outside in the shade and enjoyed cake and conversation.

 It was back to the accommodation in the dark, after a total of 3 hours driving there and back. All this city driving is a bit out of my comfort zone, especially as there are lots of road works happening while they are building new expressways. Plenty of slow downs, to 40k and 60k, and although the phone app is good, and mostly giving good directions, I did think at one stage, that it had taken me the loooong way to where I needed to be!!??

The weather on both those days was warm, but not too hot, and the forecast for Wednesday was not looking too good, with strong winds and temps well into the 40's. It was Tuesday evening, when we received the notice that our meeting for Wednesday was cancelled! It was a bit disappointing, as we need not have booked 2 nights accommodation. But in hindsight, it was probably better to be home by mid Wednesday, as there were many fires in our state that day, and the weather was quite nasty. (So there was another 3 hours of driving time to get home.) Staying for 2 nights gave us a good chance to catch up with friends and family that we would not have done otherwise. (Always a positive to every negative isn't there?)

While I was away,  my trusty house sitter came to look after things for me. Val had been unwell for the last Mystery weekend, but had picked out a case to do. So her time at my house was put to good use, and she finished the quilt, called Daisy Petals, before she left for home. (It is now waiting for the quilter!)

I will finish this post with some extra photos of family, (to add to the one above,) plus some that were sent to me, and some that I have "borrowed".

How did Miss Bridie get to be old enough for kindy??

And this little man is not far away from his first birthday!?

Some hot weather has meant it's time to use their pool...........

..............and this is my first grandie, who is not far from 19 years old!!??

This little man, looks like he is almost as big as his sister..............

......and he is flexing his muscles, and almost 2 months old now, and doesn't look like he has lost much of his hair, does he?

This has mostly been my view this week, while trying to get some sort of order into my bookwork, and get figures ready for my accountant appointment on Tuesday. I still need to get the 2018/2019 tax year done, and have now worked my way up to 23rd November, in an effort to see where I am going for the next financial year.

Yesterday I attended a special "0" birthday for a friend, after which I came home and just sat! I was even too tired to do this blog post, as the week caught up with me. (Is this an age thing, or not??)

 This morning it was time for church, and I was challenged and given much to think about by our Pastor, who spoke on Worship. I wish I had taken notes of what she said, so that I can go back over it again??

That's probably caught you all up on newsfromjude, and thanks if you are still reading. It's almost time to get the next book printed, and all these copies will save me some work on my life story. Hopefully after Christmas, if I am up to date with the schedule, I will take some time off and get back to sorting photos and writing some more chapters.  I can see the year 2020 is filling up already, and I can't see that I will be bored any time soon.

Blessings, From Jude