Sunday, 19 May 2019

More of this and that.................

Once again the time has slipped away, and I see that it is 10 days since there was a post from newsfromjude. I am struggling to work out where that time went, and there is not a lot in the photo files for me to post. Once again I have borrowed more photos from the family's facebook files, and perhaps there might be a post soon just of quilt photos.

Miss Bridie, and Mr Tate, and isn't he growing up so fast! I am very blessed that his mum takes lots of photos and videos.

Mr 9 years old participated in the district cross country recently and......

.......................came third in his group. Apparently he led the field most of the way, and run out of puff just before the end, but a great effort. (He DID NOT inherit any athletic ability from his grandmother!)

I am wondering just how Miss Billie went from a baby to this little girl so quickly??

 A lovely family photo on a day when they went to the hills apple picking.

The dreaded lurgy that I was trying to avoid, and mentioned back on April 29th, is still hanging around. Thankfully it is not in my lungs, and there is no temperature. After never having sinus or ear issues before, I am well and truly over this, and sympathise with those who react to spring. I am currently on a course of antibiotics, and things have improved a lot to what they were, but still a way to go yet. Tomorrow I am back to my normal doctor, who ordered lots of tests last week, so we will see what the outcome of that is. That's probably more than you needed to hear, and I know there are lots of bad flu cases this year, so am not moaning too hard about my issues.

But it has been a period of time (perhaps because I have not been well??), when it has been easy to feel down and disheartened about things. Locally it has been upsetting to learn of a young person who did not survive a car accident, a friend who is dealing with a serious issue, a member of our church being diagnosed with advanced cancer, a local man (who went to school with my children) finding out he has a brain tumor, and a beautiful young woman that I used to work with years ago who lost her battle with breast cancer.

While I have spent most of my time inside and staying warm, I did notice this little corner of the garden blooming in spite of neglect. The season so far has been dry, and we are needing a good rain. While some areas have had some, our area has missed out. There is rain forecast for today, and in anticipation I filled up the wood boxes yesterday, but it is almost 4pm and no sign of rain yet. 😞

Yesterday our country had an election to decide who will govern for the next 3 years. This has also been a very concerning time, with some rather unfair tactics and lots of personal attacks. I won't get into too much politics, but we need to respect and tolerate differing opinions, as we won't all agree on the same things. Our town was busy yesterday as a lot of people came to cast their vote. The local school was busy, people were queued waiting for their turn, and there were even food stalls outside.

I had a special visit from DD1 Friday evening as she was on her way home from a business trip. We talked late, and went out for coffee yesterday morning before she drove home.

That little pile of cases has grown from the pic on the left, to the one on the right, and there are a few more in the process, so I have not been idle.


Max has managed to get a few quilts done as well, but I came to a halt on Friday, when my bobbin winder would not work. I don't have a separate bobbin winder, as I have used the on board winder for 17 years, and have managed a few repairs myself in that time. But this time I had to admit defeat. I phoned my dealer for advice and then called in local help. I am very relieved to report that the winder is now functioning better than ever, and another issue that I had with the light, was fixed as well. I am blessed to have good friends, so THANKYOU. A mechanic I am not, and I just like to switch things on and have them work. I have not had many problems with my machine over the years, and easily manage most things myself.

Since my last post we have celebrated Mother's Day, and for the first time in many years I did not visit my mum, or have my children visit me. (I was having a quiet time at home trying to get well.)
But thanks to modern technology I had lots of video conference calls with them all. The day before Mother's Day was also my birthday, so I had 2 days in a row of family calls. I was fortunate that my cousin and her husband from Melbourne were travelling through town on their way to see her mum, and she brought me a lovely birthday cake, that we shared over coffee. It seems I have missed a lot of photo opportunities lately doesn't it? I did receive some lovely flowers, special gifts (including these lovely warm socks), and visits from friends.

I think I mentioned in a recent post about some more fabric on its way to my place, and this is what was delivered this week. Now the mind is ticking over, working out what I shall do with them.

That's all the newsfromjude for now, and I shall try to post sooner next time. Tis a bit scary just how fast the year is speeding along.

Blessings, From Jude

Thursday, 9 May 2019

A bit of this and a bit of that........................

My apologies for the delay in communication. I can't believe so many days have elapsed since I last posted. I did think about it a couple of days ago, and briefly wondered if anyone had missed me! I have been "on a mission" this week, so not a lot to talk about. Obviously there are some who have missed me, as I had a text message yesterday, from someone hoping things were ok. And today I received a phone call from my Mum. So tonight I am sitting by the warm toasty fire, instead of in my office, and thought I better check in with the newsfromjude.

The weather has been so COLD today, and even with the wood fire burning in the lounge area and the reverse cycle on in my work room, I have been cold. I had to resort to putting a small quilt over my knees while I was sitting at the desk this afternoon. I suppose if I had been moving around and being active, I would not have been so cold. But then again, I am always cold when everyone else isn't. But after saying that, I don't think the temperature got much past 12 deg today. It was supposed to be very wet, and stormy, but once again, I think that the rain has passed us by.  (We did get 2ml today though!) I do love my combustion heater, but it is so tempting to sit beside it, instead of being out in the office working.

I do admit to sitting here one day last week and actually reading a book with the feet up. In between all the other "stuff" I have been fighting off a yucky sinus complaint, so trying to get the balance a bit. I am booked for my flu injection next week, and there are so many others that have gone down with illness of some sort. I had intended to head to the city for a meeting and visit family on the way home last week, but decided to stay put and not risk passing anything on. I did visit the duty doctor while I am waiting for my appointment with the GP. I had also intended going to visit my mother this Sunday for Mother's day, but think it best to stay home. (Perhaps I could get used to this, after so many road trips early this year??!)

Now, after all that, just what is the newsfromjude for the last 11 days or so?
This has been my view for all of this week. Max is sitting idle, while I concentrate on designing, cutting, packing and writing instructions for the Mystery quilts that are going into the little cases. I have 2 retreats coming up in June, so the pressure is on.

These are all done, checked and ready. There is another little pile waiting for my checking fairy to come. And a few more in progress, and hopefully all will be ready by June.

And you might notice in this photo, of the baskets of fabric that are waiting in the wings!! But there is more, on the shelves behind Max, so I doubt I will run out of fabric choices anytime soon. But I do love the challenge of collecting a range of fabrics and working out what to do with them. I love EQ for designing and scan the fabrics, so I can see how they will all play with each other, and all before I even pick up the rotary cutter! (And did I mention that their just might be more fabric in the Post system on it's way to me??)

Although I have not ventured far recently, I did attend our local group's luncheon last Sunday. Each year we have a lunch once a year, to celebrate those members who have an "0" special birthday during the year. These 3 ladies all have a special birthday this year, although they do range from February to November, so one is getting an early celebration.

This lunch was also a special occasion as we said farewell to one of our long serving members, who is leaving the district very soon. Our loss will be another groups gain, and we are all very sad. Pat has served in many committee positions, as well as being our President for a few years. Of course, how do quilters express their thoughts for someone? They make a quilt, and 41 members all embellished a simple block in their own way. We also presented Pat with Honorary Membership and here is current President Pat G, doing the presentation to Past President Pat M!

 There was lively interest from the members to see how the quilt turned out, and Pat was pleased to see the messages and names written on each block.

I was surprised to see this announcement on the QGSA facebook page last week, and have since received a phonecall from the President to inform me of my award.. Apparently it is 10 years since I have joined the Appraisal Panel and more recently the Judging Panel. They are both voluntary postitions that I enjoy attending.

I think I started out my post by saying I did not have a lot to talk about, so perhaps I have said enough and it's time to finish off!!

Well, time to put more wood on the fire, and head to bed, ready for another day of cutting and writing tomorrow. I have given myself this week to devote to the cases, and Max will be back in action on Monday.

Stay warm if you are in Southern Australia, 

Blessings, From Jude

Monday, 29 April 2019

A Special delivery

I think I mentioned a few days ago, that I would tell you about a special delivery that I received.

In a recent video call with Miss Bridie and her family, she told me that she had been for a visit to the Monarto Zoo. She was telling me about what she had seen there, and I asked her to draw me a picture of it all. Soon after that I received these photos from her mum.

Busy drawing her pictures.................

.... I can clearly see the elephant's big ears, the long neck of the giraffe and the lion's mane.

I expected to get these pictures next time I saw her, but her mum decided they would go to the post office and post them to me. These photos arrived next of their trip to the PO. (Mr Tate does not enjoy driving in the car, and as they live close to the shopping centre of their town, Miss Bridie rides her bike, and Mr Tate travels in the pram.)

                                          At the Post office...........

............waiting in the queue.........................

                                    ...........and handing over the letter!

 ................... and Lo and behold, a few days later guess what arrived in my letter box!!

I sent these pictures back to her place and received a smiley face photo back!! The great advantages of modern technology, that we can share like this!!

While I am on the subject of family, I might share some more family photos that I have "borrowed" from facebook. Our state has just finished 2 weeks of school holidays, which included Easter and Anzac.

That's all the newsfromjude for now. Max has been working on some allover quilting jobs the last few days, which is lovely after the intense custom of the last 2 weeks. I can see blue sky outside, and would love to get out in the garden, as there are a few more things that need planting yet. But I am staying inside, where it is warm and cozy as I try to ward off a cough and sniffles. There are too many people with the flu so far this year, and I don't want to join them as it is still early in the season. I have an appointment for a flu injection, but it's not for 2 weeks yet. My weekend was very quiet and relaxed and warm

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Easter retreat report

The Easter retreat commenced Thursday evening when the first ladies arrived, after their 8 hour drive from Phillip Island in Victoria. They were delayed with some heavy traffic on the way, and had a few stops, including some op shop shopping on the way. As there were no others coming that evening, we went "casual" and enjoyed toasted sandwiches and a little liquid refreshment. I had been striving to finish 'that" quilt, but didn't quite make it and had not prepared any food yet. I decided that quilt would now wait until after Easter.

So on Friday morning, I spent time in the kitchen, while the Victorian girls got busy with their sewing projects. The next arrival was due on the train from Adelaide, just before lunch. Gayle and I went down to the station, and decided to wear our bunny ears to meet the train!! I sent a photo of us in our ears to Raylene, just before the train arrived, and she said she would ask them to let her off right at the back so she could pretend she didn't know us!! We received a lot of smiles and waves from the train driver and the passengers on the train!! And then when she alighted from the train, guess who had a better bunny hat than our ears!! She was really into it, and had brought hats for us all.

 There were quite a few projects being worked on over the weekend, as well as some rest and relaxation by some. I did miss a few photos, but here are some.

Lyn had lots to work on, and the first was the binding for this quilt. This is a Mystery retreat quilt from a few years ago, and is called Turkish Delight. It has taken her awhile to get it finished, in between other life events, and I kept asking her if she was delighted yet?? And finally she is delighted, and brought it for show and tell, and to add the binding. I am delighted with how this turned out too, and will be doing this pattern again soon.

Then it was time to get these blocks finished and sewn up.

Another finish, and another smile. There seems to be a pattern happening for the weekend, with lots of photos of Lyn smiling, especially when she won the competition. (See the previous post!)

And then it was on to another couple of projects.

One lady took time out to read some magazines........

..............and then decided to do some string piecing.

Gayle was busy making demonstration blocks for a group project.............

...............and busily worked all weekend, including the evenings...........................

                                                ........................when others were relaxing!

Pat was working on a secret project that I can't show you yet..............she finished piecing the quilt, and on Sunday afternoon I quilted it,....................and then she added the binding...........

..................and had this much to spare at the end!!

Val was not well on Friday, so stayed home until Saturday morning, when she sent a text message to say she was on her way, and to roll out the red carpet!! Unfortunately I had no red carpet, but perhaps red fabric will do???

Sunday morning a few of us attended the Easter Sunrise service at the lake. This is a lovely spot to hold the service and I did get one photo of the sunrise on the water.

Easter bunny found out where all the ladies were staying a left them some goodies.

My binding fairy came to the retreat, and worked her magic on some quilts.

And then she put together a small quilt for me that I wanted to make for a friend. There are so many more things in my head that I want to do, than there are hours in the day, and I am so very blessed to have a fairy friend that does a lot of these things for me. (I just need to get that quilting fairy on the job now to finish this off).

As I had decided that the quilting of THAT quilt would wait until after Easter, I wondered just which of my other jobs I would do in between the food preparation. I felt that a couple of days with some easy piecing was just what the doctor ordered! A piecing fix is great therapy, and as I had already done the cutting for this quilt, it didn't take too much thinking about. It was also a chance to bond with that machine. So Cabin Fever was laid out ready to sew.

All the blocks are laid out on the bed ready to be sewn together.

And by Saturday afternoon, it was Taa Daaa............. and laid out on the lounge for a photo!!! But, can you see what I see???????????

Whoopsie!! Don't think this is right?? Why did I not see this when it was on the bed? (Perhaps I was in too big a hurry??)

Now it is all fixed! (And is another on the list for the quilting fairy!!)

The Vic girls were leaving Monday morning, so the group photo was taken Sunday afternoon. I will tell you that I took 12 photos, and this is the best of them all, and that's saying something. Don't you love the hats??

They are all packed away now for next year.

The Vic girls left Monday morning, and some others Monday evening, and the last one was on the train on Tuesday afternoon. I stated in an earlier post that my Monday did not go as planned. This was because one of the ladies became ill on Monday and had to attend the hospital. She has now been admitted and we hope she is well again soon.

There endeth another fantastic retreat, with LOTS of laughter and fun. It is just amazing to listen to the range of subjects discussed. There were a couple of stories that I thought would make good blog reports, and now I can't even remember what they were. Which is probably good, as maybe what happens at retreat, needs to stay at retreat?? But now that I am thinking about that, it might have been the discussion about advertising and what was good and what was bad, and what was gross? Could it have been the one about men's underwear??

All is quiet in my house again, and life back to "normal". THAT quilt is finished, and been collected and a few edge to edge quilts are planned for a little while now. Still a few jobs to do in the garden yet, and watering continues as the dry weather continues. It is also time to get my head around the cutting and designing of quilts for the June Mystery retreats.

Blessings from Jude