Monday, 20 January 2020

This and That, and This and That............

As promised, I am back with a newsfromjude update. Since the last post 11 days ago, there has not been a lot of quilting happening. I finished the quilts needed for the Kaniva exhibition and have spent lots of time sorting "stuff". I think, I think, I think, I can....... make some progress, but it is slow.
 I have spread over 2 rooms with piles everywhere, and have until this Friday to get the tables cleared, ready for the influx of Aussie retreaters.

I returned Mr 9 year old to the city one Friday, and we called into visit with my Dad on the way, and he was pleased to see us.

Mum travelled to the city with us, and looked after Mr 9 year old while I went to an appointment. And we met another passenger in the city, who came home with me to spend a few days in Bordertown.

 The scrap drawers have been sorted again, and lots more squares cut with the new Go cutter that was purchased to replace the old one. My "cutting fairy" has moved from her "L's" to her full licence now, and all the drawers are labelled with the contents. You can see that even the scrap squares have been sorted into colours!!

Much has been achieved and 2 new book cushions were made for the grandies, thanks to my fairy.

And Val turned up one day, wanting to know what she could do, and now those tiny squares that I posted about before Christmas, have been made into a couple of little child's books. Thankyou Val.

5 days later, I made another trip to the city and my fairy returned home, after a very busy 5 days of sorting, decluttering, shredding, and getting "stuff" sorted. I made a stop in Murray Bridge on the way home to do some shopping for more coffee pods, and had not intended to call on Mum. But, who should I meet as I came out of the shop, but my Mum!! I was sprung. And who else should I meet, but my sister. So an impromptu coffee break was then on the agenda. (Note to self - don't try and drive straight through town without telling mum!)

After that little interlude I casually strolled into the clothes shop, and they were having a big sale, that was too good to resist. (Another note to self - wear your reading glasses when shopping for clothes and next time you might read the correct size, instead of reading a 6 as an 0!!)

Back home again, and more clearing and sorting, and moving tables so I could wash the windows. (I won't show a photo of what I found behind the table that had not been moved for a loooong time, but I think you might get the picture!)

I even washed the window, and dusted all those ribbons, before pinning them all back on the clean curtains! This corner feels a lot more organised now, but I still need to get into the filing cabinet, where some of the files go back many, many years.

On Friday, the Melbourne family arrived for a couple of nights. And we all headed up the highway again on Saturday to go to the Barossa and attend Mr Tate's first birthday party.

This is Miss 19 year old getting to know Mr Jett. The oldest and the youngest of my grandchildren.

And Mum with her 16th great grandchild. (the 17th was born on January 8th, and the 18th is due in April, so they are mounting up.)

Miss Billie loved playing with all the other children.

Mr Tate has certainly changed in his first year, as you can see by these photos.

I think Mr Tate was rather stage struck at the party, and the normally smiley boy was very serious.

And I finally managed to get a photo of all of my grandchildren together. But due to the fact that Tate was not going to anyone but his mum or dad hold him, we have his Mum in the picture with the 10. (She doesn't look much older than the rest does she??) 

So by Sunday I was feeling a bit jet-lagged and after church I decided it was time for rest. I picked up a book to read, and spent the rest of the day in the recliner. Perhaps doing 3 highway trips in 8 days with all the sorting in between might be a reason, don't you??

Last night we were very blessed to receive 10mls of rain in the gauge. This is very welcome after so many hot days. Today I have spent time doing some overdue housework, and turned Max on to do some of the quilt that was loaded many days ago.

This afternoon a friend called in with 2 of her granddaughters, who are staying with her for 10 days. We set them up with a sewing machine each, and they enjoyed trying out the various fancy stitches, and different threads. This resulted in a cushion for each of them to take home. In between threading up the new threads, their grandma managed to sew some log cabin blocks together. Wonder if we might eventually have another couple of quilters??

Well, that's about all the newsfromjude for now. I hope to get that quilt finished this week, and prepare for this weekend's Aussie retreat. I have found the flags in the tub in the shed and even purchased an Australia Day shirt in that shop this week. Will be back with a full report soon.

Blessings, From Jude

Happy Birthday

It was 19 years ago that my first grandchild arrived into this world. I remember sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the news, as we knew that DD2 was in hospital and a baby was on the way. It hardly seems anytime at all since that day. In fact, it doesn't really seem that long ago since I turned 19!

I have been back into the photo files, and found a few from her early years and one from not so long ago with me.

I hope you have a fantastic day celebrating today, and it was lovely to see you on Saturday. I wish you all the best as you start your uni course this year. Keep smiling, love from Grandma.

I know that I haven't posted for 11 days, but I will be back soon with an update of newsfromjude.

Blessings, From Jude

Thursday, 9 January 2020

This week......

Wow, the first week of the new year has already gone, and I am trying to think about what I have been up to. There are not too many photos in the files this time.

There has been quilting happening, and lots of sorting of "stuff" that has been sitting around for too long. I reckon I should be able to fill the bin up next week with papers that I don't really need to keep. It is a job I have been wanting to do for a long time now, but does take time. I am almost up to date with customer quilts, so now is that time.

I have also been backing up files and photos, but this is a long term job, and won't be finished any time soon.

I have spent some time in the garden, and the watering is full time in this hot weather. I dug my dahlia tubers up at the end of last season and they should have been planted early November. But, I did not get around to it, and then when I might have done it, the weather was hot for days, so I kept them in a box, with newspaper over them, and kept them wet. This week I have finally managed to get them in the ground!! 2 months late, and this time last year they were flowering, so not sure what might eventuate this year??

I have had a few ladies drop in during the week, and here are a couple of smiling faces. 

This week I have also had the pleasure of the company of Mr 9 year old, although he refers to himself as almost 10! We have spent some time going back over old photos, and he looked at a time before he was born. This was a photo of him when he was a baby, and still attached to the oxygen tube, after being born prematurely.

And then we found this photo of me with Miss Bridie, and we both had to laugh when we realised that I was actually wearing that same shirt!!

My threads have been in disarray for awhile now, and it was hard finding the colour I wanted. So time to sort that out, and do another order for a few colours that I was short of. I forgot to take a photo of the whole 3 drawers before we started sorting, but this was one, and the others were worse.

I had my helper sorting out the colours and we tried a new system, by putting dividers in the drawers. I don't know why I didn't think of this years ago.

Much neater, but for how long?

Our KYB group also had a get together on Tuesday to catch up on each others news, and spend time in prayer. Our nation is going through troubling times, with the continuing drought, and the ongoing bushfires, and this is heavy on all our hearts.

We spent some time in the kitchen cooking, watching DVD's and reading books, so the week has gone quickly. Tomorrow I have my first trip up the highway for this year, for some appointments, and will take Grandie no 5 home, as well as pick up another passenger.

It's time for bed as I have an early start in the morning. Hopefully the cool change will arrive soon. Today the temperature was over 40deg again, but I have not ventured outside since I finished watering this morning.

Blessings, From Jude.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

1 year old!!!

Where did that year go, since Tate was born, one year ago today. It's always a good excuse to head into the photo files when the family have a birthday, and I found lots of Mr Tate. His mum is really good a taking photos, and then sending them onto me. He is a smiley little boy, and mostly very happy. Sleeping though has not been such a good trait this year, but he  is improving.

We had a video call this morning before they headed out for a day at the river. The birthday celebration has been deferred for 2 weeks, so we are looking forward to another family gathering. I am hoping that all 10 grandchildren might be attending this one, so that I can get the first photo of them all together??
Blessings, From Jude

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Looking Back and Looking Ahead..............

I know I posted yesterday of the happenings of 2019, but today, the last day of the year seems like a fitting time to look a bit deeper.

Often we hear people tell us not to look back, but only ahead, but I think it's important to remember and reflect on the past. Perhaps, in hindsight, we can see more clearly? When I remember, and look back, I can see God's faithfulness guiding me.

While I knew that the end of the year was coming and a new one about to start, I only realised this week, that in fact, we are about to embark on a new decade! I follow a few blogs, and some of them have reflected on where they were at the start of each new decade, which led me to thinking about that for myself..................

  •  The 1960's ....... Being born in 1954, these years were definitely school years for me. I enjoyed school, and lived on a farm, so travelled each day on the school bus.
  • The 1970's......... I finished school, worked for 3 years, and then married the love of my            life. His work took us away from our home towns, there were a few moves, and the first of our 2 children were born. The late 70's saw us change occupation and start dairy farming
  • The 1980's..........Still dairy farming along the river, and our next 2 children were born, busy, busy years, working 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, very few days off
  • The 1990's..........A move to a mixed farm at Bordertown and some very hard years.....and after many years of sewing, I found patchwork! (Don't they say, When life gives you scraps, to      make quilts?)
  • The 2000's..........The end of our farming days, a move into town, first grandchildren born, death of husband, living on my own, start of machine quilting business, Cornerstone Creations.
  • The 2010's..........Still machine quilting, purchase of another house for retreats, called The Sanctuary, which continued for 5 years, now retreats continue in my house... Life continues to  be very busy, and by end of 2019 I have 10 grandchildren, am still quilting for others and still hosting retreats. And wondering where God is leading me next.

The 2020's......... ?????

At the time of some major life events, it was so easy to be caught up in the negatives of the situation, and just dealing with the everyday stuff. Looking back at those times now, I can see the positives that have come out of those hard times. I can see that God was leading us, drawing me closer, giving me peace in the situation, and providing for us the whole time. I know that He uses these times to grow us, and draw us to Him. We are never alone. There is a Bible verse that speaks to me over and over, and that is Jeremiah Ch 29, v 11. I know that He has plans for me, and I continue to trust that He will continue to guide me, if I listen for His voice.

So, the 2020's?? I sense that there is a new season ahead, and maybe changes, but for now, I am unsure what. Watch this space.

May the year 2020 be one of peace and hope for you too.

Blessings, From Jude

Monday, 30 December 2019

The year that was 2019....................

It's hard to believe that another year has almost gone. And where did it go?? Is it that life goes faster as we get "older"? Or is life too busy?? Or am I getting slower??

Looking back into the files of 2019 I can see where the year went, and the following is only a brief outline.

I started sorting photos and "stuff" and wrote the first section of The Story of my Life,........

Mr Tate, my 9th grandchild was born in January..................

........................and GD1 turned 18, and there was a family celebration....................

My sister and I went on a 3 day road trip in February to attend our nephew's wedding and spent our first ever one on one time together...........................

In March, GD2 also turned 18, and of course there was another family celebration............

In March Miss Billie turned 1, and there was another road trip to Melbourne to celebrate, but this time I had the company of my mother........................

In March, my dad went into full time care in Murray Bridge.................

Early in the year I boasted some lovely flowers and also vegetables in my garden, but I have to say that the latter half of the year has suffered due to serious neglect. My summer vegie garden is struggling in this heat, and was planted very late. This garden bed is empty too.

In July it was Adelaide Quilt Show time, and customer quilts received some awards................

..............................In September, Mr Jett, my 10th grandie was born...................

I did manage to get some of my own quilts done during the year, in an effort to have something to enter into our local group exhibition in October, including the following................

My string quilt, that was pieced in January, and quilted in time for the exhibition.............

I quilted this flower panel that I purchased in the US  in 2018......................

I made this log cabin quilt early in the year, and also got it quilted for the show.............

I dug a long standing UFO out of the dark depths, and managed to get it quilted. It only took 15 years from start to finish!!!

In the last few months I have pieced this quilt for a friend, who wanted a bright quilt, but it is not quilted yet. You know that my quilter leaves my tops in her queue for ages don't you? My dilemma...... do I use coloured thread which will show on the black, or use black thread which will show on the colours?? Or should I just do a custom job, so that I don't have to make that decision?? Opinions please.

Of course the year has also had it's share of retreats (a total of 11!), and 3 of those were Mystery weekends, so that meant I designed and cut quite a number of little kits.

And added to this list is all the customer quilts that have gone "out the door", that you have seen on this blog at times. I did have an email from a reader today, commenting on the last post, and was curious how many quilts I do in a year. The total of customer quilts was the subject of a blog competition some time back and I do know the number of quilts by looking at the invoice number. But I haven't really checked the annual number lately. I know it used to be up to 200 some years. I did look up for this year, and was surprised to find my tally much less for 2019. But upon reflection, I should not be surprised because I have done a lot of intense, custom, show quilts lately, that have taken a lot more time. I guess that I could churn out a lot more per week if I only did allover quilting?? My total for almost 18 years of machine quilting is almost 3000 quilts now!! Here I am wondering where this year went, but how did 18 years go so fast?

Of course there were other family occasions, and visits by family to here. And in amongst the special occasions, there were the sad times, watching loved ones and friends go through troubles, or saying goodbye to people we loved.

Perhaps that explains where the year 2019 has gone.

Be back with another post soon.

Blessings, From Jude