Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Happy Birthday

Today my oldest grandchild has turned 20 years old. No longer a teenager! Where have the years gone? I can remember quite clearly when I was 20 years old and here we are 46 years later??

It is always good to go back over the photo albums, and I seemed to have been doing a lot of that lately. Hope you have had a great day and enjoyed your lunch and dinner. Love Granny!

Blessings, From Jude

Sunday, 17 January 2021

A winner and a catchup, again......................

 I see that it is 10 days since my last post, and it has been one of those 'gunna do' jobs on the list all this week, but the days just went by. So here we are and it's Sunday evening, so perhaps I'll update the newsfromjude, just in case you had missed me.


Perhaps I better start with the announcing the winner of the competition for the best estimate of the number of stitches per square inch in that quilt. My apologies for not announcing this earlier this week.

There was a wide range of entries, that varied from not many, to squillions! It was interesting to hear how some of you worked it out. Thankyou for all those who entered, but the closest was from Chookyblue, who estimated 55 and the answer was 54!! I have spoken to Chooky and she will pick some fabric from my "collection" as her prize. 


I have continued my clearing in the garden, and had 7 heaps of rubbish ready to be collected last week. When the days are cooler I am busy out there, but when the weather heats up as it looks to do next weekend, it is time to stay indoors, unless I do the early morning shift outside.

When I get some more progress I will post before and after photos, so stay tuned.


At the start of a new year it is a good time to go through paper work and put things away that seem to accumulate in busy times. The cutting table had a LOT of "stuff" and some of it are things I use on Max that I need close at hand. So off to the shop I went to buy a set of drawers.......

..............and now all that stuff is stored out of sight, but still close to where I need it. Wonder how long it might stay tidy like that?? There are even some empty drawers!

And of course the desk space needed a sort out too, and I usually take down photos at the end of the year and add them as the year unfolds.

It did look like this when I had finished and I know it won't stay like that when I have projects on the go, but at least it makes me feel better to know that I have cleared the decks, at least for awhile.


I started work again this week after Max had his holiday, and here are the 4 allover quilts that I had ready to do.

Here are the next 3 customs all pinned up behind Max ready to "talk" to me about what they need. As of tonight, the one in the middle has been loaded ready for some action this week.


On Friday morning I went to the doctor for what I thought would be a biopsy on a lump on my chest and before I knew it, she decided that to avoid having to cut twice, it may as well come right out there and then. 7 stitches later I walked out the door!!


Looking out the window this week I noticed this fella (or is it a she?) heading for the front entrance. I think perhaps I might have removed a lot of it's original home by removing a lot of garden growth?


Our local patchwork group is to celebrate their 25th year in a few months, and as Publicity person I am compiling a history of our group into a book. That previously cleared desk has now been put to use with all these photo albums and minutes books while I do this.


My car was due for a service and this meant a drive up to Keith, which is about half and hour away. They loan me a car while they do the job. Val came with me and we browsed the shops and I might have left some funds in some of them. We finished up the morning with a coffee until the car was finished. 

I did get told that my car needed some new tyres, so I drove back to Bordertown and booked the car in for that job on Friday morning, so that is another couple of jobs ticked off the list. I have to confess that I am not a bit mechanically inclined and rely on the service guys to tell me when those things need doing. 


And this what it looks like on my kitchen table at the moment as I have spent the weekend going through the albums looking for photos. 

I  received the news this week that my mother in law (photo below) passed away, one month short of her 95th birthday. She has done an amazing job to stay living in her own home until the end. The funeral is tomorrow and I have been back through the years in the process of writing a tribute to her on behalf of my husband, (her second son) and our family.

I think that might be enough of newsfromjude for now and hopefully I will be back sooner next time.One day I might even have some more sewing news from me?  Hopefully I will have a couple of visitors for next weekend as we head into celebrations for Australia Day, although not in the same way as other years at Number Eight.

Blessings, From Jude

Thursday, 7 January 2021

This and that......

A it is already the 7th January, perhaps I better try to keep up with newsfromjude happenings before too much more time elapses. I have to say that there has been no quilting happening here, and Max is having a holiday. But I can tell you that it is no holiday for me, and there has been a lot of hard labour occurring. After months and probably almost a year of neglect I am making progress out in the garden. Most of the garden beds are in the process of renovation and I can see progress out there. Of course this is a never ending task and I need to keep it maintained. 

I have just a few pics for this post, and will post more of other areas another day.......This was one of the worst areas, and the view that was just outside the front door of my house. The garden had been taken over by those wild violets and you can't even see the few shrubs that were in amongst it all. And that wheelbarrow!!......

Last time I tried to plant some seedlings in it, the dirt came out from the bottom which was all rusted!! So I decided it was time to go.... I emptied out the dirt and tried to shift the barrow..............

...................which promptly fell into more pieces!! Not too sure how it had been holding up before I moved it??.............

We are in a for hot spell in the next week, so my plan is to keep that area watered and plant something when it cools a bit, although not sure what that will be yet? I am on a mission to clean up all the beds that I can before next week, when I have someone booked to come and take away all the garden prunings and rubbish. (I have about 7 heaps of "stuff" all over the place all ready!) After a rather "too sedentary" lifestyle in a lot of 2020, I am finding this to be "hard labour", and I have been very tired. But I guess it is doing me some good as my 1/2 hour in the garden at the start has now turned into almost 4 hours at a time this week. Note to self...... get more active!

It was the 90th birthday of a lady who was a neighbour back when we lived on the farm, so I thought she might like a quilt. Thankfully I chose just the right colour that matched the cushions in her lounge, and I think I can say she was pleased. Congratulations Ruth an reaching 90!

Ruth's son makes model ships and proudly showed me his work. He must have a lot of patience to put these replica's together and the detail is amazing.

I had to go to Murray Bridge last week for a blood test and called in to have lunch with Mum. There was an impromptu gathering that included Mum and my Aunty who has recently moved into the Village where mum is, and 5 of the cousins. It was a lovely catchup with a few I have not seen for ages, and we had a lot of laughs. Mum's 92 year old sister (not in the photo) recently moved into Resthaven and her family have just finished clearing out her house. Another cousin is about to move from her home which has been in her husband's family for 100 years. Lots of discussion about the things that some people collect and keep, and what to do with them "one day". Some of us have lots of memories around, (and that includes me!) and some are "minimalists" and don't have the sentiment to keep those things. I definitely know that I couldn't cope with a move from here in the immediate future!!??

Most years I have sent a Christmas card and letter to all my Cornerstone Creations customers, but this year it came and went before I was ready. I sent a New Year's newsletter by email instead this time. It was an interesting read to go back to newsletters from year's gone by as I have been in this business since February 2002, so I am about to clock up 19 years of quilting for others!! (Almost long service leave coming up don't you think?)

I enjoyed a quiet New Year's Eve with friends and we shared crayfish, which was so good. It has been a long time since I had a meal of this, so I say thanks to China for refusing to buy them this year. Hopefully I can enjoy some again soon.

I received some apricots from friends and they have been stewed and frozen, and hopefully will be used when I have people to stay again, sometime?

New Years Day I spend the morning in the garden and then joined Chookyblue and blogging friends from all over the world on Zoom for a sewing day. I have to say I did no sewing, but did enjoy listening to the chatter of everyone while I did some bookwork. It was interesting to see what they are stitching, to hear about Christmas recipes and traditions and how each country is affected with Covid. This is one of the best parts of the last year, meeting quilters from other countries and sharing our lives with each other. 

That's about all the newsfromjude for now. Tomorrow I hope to be "out there" early in the hope of finishing the hard part soon. I think that by Monday I will load another quilt on Max and get back into some sort of action. Inside by the air con will be a good place to be when the temperature gets to the high 30's! All good things must come to an end, and it's time for my "holiday" to be over.

Blessings, From Jude

PS - Just a reminder that there is still time to guess the number of stitches per square inch, (not the total in the whole quilt). This competition will finish Saturday evening. Look forward to hearing from a few more yet and thanks for those who have entered. - photo added for a reminder!

Monday, 4 January 2021

2 years old today........

 2 years have gone by since the birth of my 9th grandchild, Tate, a little brother for Miss Bridie. It was so cute watching her looking at him. Wonder just what was going on in that 3 1/2 year old head? The world, as she knew it was about to change. She has been a good little mother hen to him by helping Mum and Dad. Might be a bit interesting as he gets older and doesn't want to be "helped", and even now he has a mind of his own.

I hope your day has been a fun one little man, and it was good to chat with you this morning. xx

Edited Jan 5th - pic from his birthday received this morning.....look at those eyes!!


It is good to check the albums for photos, and go back a bit, but it is also a reminder to me that I have so many photos that need a lot of organising "one day".

Blessings, From Jude

Thursday, 31 December 2020

The year that was 2020!!

 It has been quite a journey down memory lane this week as I search the year's post for a summary of the year that was 2020. What started out with much promise, and the hope of 2020 vision, changed into something quite different.

For me, it seems that 2020 started out much the same as the previous few years and I started into a frenzy of sorting, decluttering and filing "stuff". I have finally realised that this is a never ending task, and just as soon as I feel I am making progress, a few months later, it all seems to be just the same! The desk surfaces rarely look clear, although my intentions are good.

We started out the year with some family occasions................first with this chap coming to stay, .....

........and helping me to organise all the threads into their colours, so that I could find them easier.

                        Mr Tate turned one in January and we had a family celebration.........

....and managed to get all my 10 grandchildren in a photo together for the first time. The only problem was that Tate would not let go of his mother, so she had to stand in the "grandchildren" photo with him. But really she looks young enough to be one of the kids doesn't she?

At the end of January the first of the scheduled retreats for 2020 was held with a lovely group of enthusiastic Aussie quilters, and a couple of grandchildren too.

Early in February the Kaniva Windmill stitchers held their exhibition, and there was a fantastic display of quilts by members of their group, and just a couple of photos for this post.

In Feb the rain came down and we recorded the largest falls for ages, which was lovely in the tank and on the garden.

I spent a fair amount of time at the desk, designing in EQ and cutting and packing ready for the 3 scheduled Mystery retreat for 2020. For once I was ahead of the game, instead of cutting at the last minute like I usually did! (If I had only known then what was to come!?)

Michele Hill designed this quilt, Bee Mindfull, to raise funds for the bee keepers after the bushfires which ravaged a lot of our country in early January, and I was pleased to be able to quilt it.

Late in February there was more family time, including a visit to Dad..............

......................a Sunday lunch with some of my siblings and my mum.......................

.......the wedding at Langhorne Creek of my nephew and his new wife..............

....which included time with my Melbourne family, and who knew that this was to be the last hugs we had for almost a year!!

Early in March the first Mystery retreat was held at Number Eight and here you can see some lovely quilts in progress.

This was my first quilt for the year, started that weekend and finished not long after. And my quilter even managed to get this out of her queue and the binding fairy stitched the binding on.

Not long after this, our lives went pear shaped and changed in a way that we would never have imagined and we went into unknown territory. Stay at home directions came from our governments, and state borders were shut. Overseas travel was banned and planes stopped flying. We learnt a new language, supermarket shelves were stripped bare of many items. I could understand why people might want to stock up on food and cleaning items, but really, why would toilet paper be in such demand? I was very happy to find this little bottle of hand sanitiser in a drawer when there were empty shelves in the supermarkets.

Because I was able to work from home and still had an income coming in, I have to say that it was not really a hardship for me. After years of being busy, busy and lots of driving up and down the highway, this gave me permission to slow down and even to stop and smell the roses. The hardest part was the lack of retreats, and the loss of face to face contact with people. I am not complaining too loudly though, because most of Australia has been very fortunate compared to other countries. The death toll overseas and even in the next state was high.

I had purchased this machine a couple of years previously and hardly used it, so out it came, I found the manual and the first time in a long time, I stitched some of my own quilts. 

Because I did not have visitors to my house, or retreats occurring, I was able to leave my "stuff" on the table and take up the whole room. I had one side for the sewing and the other side for my Bible study books and spent a lot of time there each morning. This helped me to know peace in the midst of events that were happening and trust that God was more than able for the situation.

Easter happened with deliveries to my door, and receiving photos of family instead of face to face.
This was the hard part of the shut downs, of not seeing family and friends and no hugging directions. Hand shakes were frowned upon, and elbow greetings were the norm. 

Winter was cold and I was thankful for a shed full of wood and a warm fire. I do have to say though that I did spend time wallowing and feeling very unmotivated. Days might go by when the only time I went outside was to fill up the wood box! Probably not good, but I have heard from a lot of people who have gone through the depths this year.

I spent time reading books by the fire.

                     I did a lot of baking, for neighbors and a friend who was not well.

Just before Mother's Day, regional travel received a green light and DD1 and family drove 3 hours to visit, although remaining socially distant, no hugging, and eating outside in the pergola. This was our first face to face contact since January.

I shared  Mother's Day with a birthday, and received some lovely cards and gifts, and for the first time ever, it was appropriate to give a gift of toilet paper!!

            I cut and packed 10 kits for the Rendelsham quilters to do in their group, instead of a retreat at                     Number Eight. (Perhaps this is an option for your group or a few friends, as I still have good stocks on hand).

Gradually regulations changed and households could have visitors, and Raylene ventured out into the country to stay. After the previous few months of restrictions, we were very thankful for the ability to sit outside a cafe, enjoy a coffee and watch the blue sky and clouds with each other!

                     And here a group of friends gather while keeping the regulated distance apart.

After months of not going up the highway, I ventured out for a city appointment and visited my mother for the first time since February.

On the journey home, we saw this rainbow, which was a reminder of God's promises and that he is there for us in all situations.

The fairy back doing what she does so well!

In this time we were very thankful for modern technology and I learnt to Zoom. What fun and a great way to keep in touch with other quilters from all over the world and find new friends. Thanks Chooky for introducing me to this. It's the best way to be able to have sewing days with others when you can't meet in person face to face!

I finally had a visit from DS and family one weekend and Mr Tate was now walking.....

...........and Miss Bridie helped me to ice some cup cakes.

I introduced her to the sewing machine, and she enjoyed trying out the different stitches and threads.

After missing out on many family birthdays in the previous months due to travel restrictions, I finally was able to make a quick day trip to the city to have lunch with Miss 16 year old, who now has her "L" plates and is learning to drive.

During the year I managed to get a fair amount of "me" sewing time and have made the following...

                        The Casa Felix Mystery quilt, which is still waiting for my quilter!

Some cushions made as gifts..................

During isolation I worked on these applique Paper Dolls blocks and managed to get it finished, and quilted in time for Miss Bridie's 5th birthday!

It has pride of place on her bed.

This Little Piggy quilt was made for Miss Billie, and is also waiting in the queue for my quilter!! (She might need to get busy soon as there is a birthday on the calendar for early March.)

This is the Mysolation quilt and was made in an online Mystery with Rachelle Denneny. I can say that this has been quilted, and is in the stash, waiting for someone who might like pink??

I made this scrappy trips quilt to use up some of the jelly roll strips in the drawer and am pretty happy with how this turned out. I do have enough strips for another one the same. This is now waiting patiently for my quilter and will be donated somewhere.

As I had not made a baby quilt for Mr Jett, I had to get real busy and get this one done for his first birthday, and my quilter managed to fit it in to her schedule and it was finished and posted off in good time for his birthday.

I made these 2 koalas, called Archibald and Matilda and posted these with the quilt for Mr Jett and Miss Billie.

I have also made this Citrus strings quilt that managed to use up a lot of strings in the drawer, but this is also still in the queue waiting for the quilter. I think she might be rather busy if she ever starts on this queue??

I guess the fact that I managed to make all these quilts this year is one of the positives of the isolation. I know that there have been lots of quilters busy this year, and now we can say that the stashes we have accumulated were for such a time as this. I am sure that when we are finally able to have quilt shows again, there should be an abundance of quilts to enter.

My mum sold her house and moved into the Lutheran Village and is enjoying Village life.

My fairy had a fall and broke her wrist so was out of action for awhile, but is now recovered thankfully.

In August I spent time with Mr Tate and Miss Bridie on Grandma duty while their mum did some prac teaching for the course she was doing. She is now finished and received her teaching diploma.

After a few days on duty, I have now been educated in the TV show called Bluey. I was suitably impressed with the messages this show has for children, especially in comparison to a lot of TV shows.

September was usually the month for  Pink retreats as a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Network, but due to restrictions the usual retreat could not happen. We came up with some different ideas, which proved to be very successful and a massive $2,650 was raised for the cause. Thanks to all those who helped in any way, it was such fun.

We enjoyed many Zoom afternoon teas, and local cuppas to raise funds with the addition of part proceeds from the sale of fabric packs.

                     This little man turned one in another state, while the border was still closed.

As restrictions slowly eased I picked up my mum and ventured out to visit my 3 families in this state and enjoyed their company after so long.

And there was another Zoom sewing day with Chooky and blog friends.

Sadly we farewelled my Dad at the age of 88 years and shared great memories with each other.

                              My Mum spent time here with me.......

.......and we journeyed to the hills for a birthday lunch with DD1 and families.

Taking some time out after Dad died, I enjoyed many coffees out with friends.....................

..............and have decided that I have enjoyed this balance in my life and that I need to be able to do more of this in my future.

After a few months of sitting by the fire, reading books and sewing during the cold winter, the outside and garden areas of my house were suffering from neglect. I am currently trying to make up for this and working my way around the house and renovating some areas. This is the pergola after much pruning and replanting. Watch this space for other progress.

More time in the kitchen and some Christmas goodies done.

And finally Christmas arrived and the border opened and the Melbourne family came for a visit. After 10 months Grandma finally got cuddles.

      And after a very strange year, I finish this report with a treasured photo of MY FAMILY,
 with a total of 19 of us!!

There endeth my report of the year that was 2020. Only a few more hours and we head into the year that will be 2021. I have read of a lot of people that can't wait for the end of 2020. We don't know if 2021 will be any better than this one, but I can hope and know that God will go ahead of me and I will trust in him for whatever is ahead. 

Thankyou to all those who read newsfromjude and I love to receive your comments. I wish you all the best for the year ahead and I look forward to having you journey with me in 2021.

Blessings, From Jude