Monday, 22 July 2019

2019 Christmas in July retreat report.....................

The house is very quiet tonight now that the girls have gone home, and most of the clearing up has been done. Another quilt has been loaded ready for tomorrow morning, and I have my feet up by the warm fire in the lounge, with my laptop on my knee.

Christmas in July, 2019 has been another great time of laughter, much chatter, and friendship. The volume of conversations was rather high, as each person caught up on the last year's happenings of life. I love to listen to the interaction between them all, as they share with each other. It is time to relax, and be looked after, with out the distractions of life at home.

While I was working in the kitchen, and listening to the chatter, it was hard to know which conversation to listen to, as there were many going on at once. We had a few local ladies call in to say hello, and many friendships have been formed in past years. I have to say, that not a lot of sewing happened, and I was rather remiss in the taking of heaps of photos. I shall share a few pics below, not in any particular order.

This bottle of Sable arrived dressed appropriately for Christmas! I have to say that there were a lot more bottles that arrived, but none as smart as this one!

Our Christmas dinner was enjoyed by all, and was followed by the most amazing Christmas pudding I have ever tasted. Forgot the photo until most had been consumed. Thanks to Kaye for cooking this.

A few photos of some sewing..................

After lunch it was time to wait for the arrival of Santa.......................

..................... who seemed very happy to receive some hugs and kisses from the girls! Thankyou Santa, you are a good sport to come back so willingly each year.

A few came dressed for Christmas....................

Of course there had to be a group photo and what better place than beside the table set for Christmas lunch.

That's it for another year, when they all say they will be back again. The weekend seems to go so quickly. 3 of us attended a very inspiring church service on Sunday morning before enjoying the company of some local ladies who joined us for lunch.

Time to put another log on the fire.

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 19 July 2019

A quick check in.............

               Today was what you might call a "pea soup", sort of day! It has been a very cold week, and this morning was very foggy until well after 9am, and it's still cold.............(well I am cold, but then I always am!)

.......................but it's cosy inside with the fire going.

Tomorrow it's forecast to be sunny and perhaps a top temp of 20deg, before the cold and possible rain returns.

Preparations are almost done for the Christmas in July retreat, and the girls are starting to arrive. The tree is in the corner, some decorations hung, the shopping done, and most of the catering organised. There is something different about having a hot Christmas lunch and pudding with the wood fire burning and it's cold outside. I guess this is what it's like for those who live in the northern part of our world. Hot lunch is not so good when it's close to 40deg outside!

Looking forward to another great time of laughs and sharing, and I shall be back soon with a full report.

Blessings, From Jude

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Catching up on quilt photos........and other stuff.....

I think I said I would be back soon with a blog post of customer quilts, and here it is the weekend, again! Where are the weeks going?? Max had been busy with another custom quilt this week, and I had a trip up the highway, enjoyed family here for one night earlier in the week, and the Angels had their sewing day on Thursday. Perhaps I have just answered my own question!

Tomorrow it is church, and I have friends coming for lunch, so perhaps I should do some housework in the morning?? And all too soon it will be Monday again, and another week will soon disappear. 

While I was searching for photos that had not been shown, I realise that some of these go back to April, so I must have had lots of other things to blog about.

This Stack and Wack quilt was made by Jean, using her collection of purple fabrics. This was quilted allover with a pattern called Flutterbye.

 Kath made this quilt, called One Day at A Time and it was custom quilted.

This quilt was made by Maxine, using a great collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. It was quilted allover with a pattern called Along the Way, by Ann Bright.

Val made this string quilt, using lots of assorted strips from the string bin, and it was quilted allover with a Paisley pattern.

Val also made this in a Mystery quilt class with Lois, which was started a few years ago, so she is happy to call it done. The allover pattern on this is called Inside Out.

Sandy made this quilt, and it was quilted with Modern Waves.

Sue made the next 2 quilts, and both were quilted edge to edge with Tapestry.

Jill finished this quilt for a friend, and it was very simply custom quilted.

Pat's granddaughter Yasmin made her a jelly roll quilt, and it was quilted with Baroque Hearts.

That is all for tonight, although there are many more in the files, so I am sure to be back soon one day!

We are in the midst of another very cold week, although the mornings are not frosty. We have had very strong winds, and rain, and I am reminded how fortunate I am to have a comfortable, warm house, a wood fire, and lots of quilts to keep warm. I travelled up the highway on Friday, and on the way home had to stop for a photo of the rainbow I saw. Sorry it's not that good, but I had to be quick, as the cars all whizzed past me, it was about to rain, and the window was down. The colours were much more vibrant than the photo shows.

I mentioned family time, and had DD2 here Monday night with 2 of her children, and 2 of DD1's girls. They travelled to Melbourne to spend time with DD3 and family.

This photo is of 8 of my grandies, taken at the recent birthday celebration for GD3.

After my appointment on Friday I visited Dad, and then had lunch at Mum's and enjoyed a visit by Miss Bridie and Mr Tate, and their mum. Mr Tate is growing up so fast, as he is almost sitting up now. Miss Bridie is excited that she is about to have her 4th birthday.

That's all the newsfromjude for now. There will be much more to report on next week, as preparations are under way for next weekend's Christmas in July retreat. Perhaps I better get the Christmas box out and find the small tree and decorations. Santa has been booked, and the pudding organised. Hopefully there will be more quilts completed, and there is another trip up the highway planned this week too.

Blessings, From Jude

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Festival of Quilts in Adelaide

It is Quilt show week in South Australia so I have been in the city for a few days. Wednesday was Judging Day, and as one of the 3 judges I saw some amazing quilts "up close". I know we are all "quilt judges" when we walk around a quilt show, and people often wonder why a quilt did not win a prize when another one did. I did spend some time during the day out of the judging room when quilts that I had worked on came up in that category, so it was a surprise when ribbons came my way.

The Festival of Quilts was opened on Friday morning by Greg Alexander, General Manager of Bernina and Mrs Lan Le, the Governor of SA's wife, who is Patron of the SA Quilters Guild. The opening was followed by the presentation of awards to the winners. There were many amazing quilts, and they don't all receive a ribbon, but just to see your quilt hanging in a state show makes everyone a winner. The Guild committee are to be congratulated on a great display.

Rachelle Denneny won Best of Show with her quilt, Green Eyed Monster.

Runner up to Best of Show is Annette McRae with her quilt, The Tide is Out.

Mrs Lan Le gave her Patron's award to Glenys Elliot for her quilt "My Bed of Roses".
(This is one of the show quilts that I have recently quilted, and not posted photos of, but a catch up quilt show will happen soon.)

There was one really excited lady this week after she received a phonecall from the committee to attend the presentation because she had won something. Kerryn said she had never won a ribbon before so couldn't believe it, and when a first prize ribbon was announced she was over the moon!
Her quilt, called "Autumn Breeze" is a Rachelle Denneny design called Summerfield. This is another quilt that I shall post more photos of soon.

There were many fantastic quilts that I have photographed, but am unable to post on the blog, unless I have the permission of the owner. Here is a few, and I have posted the label details, followed by the quilt photo.

I took this picture just to show you how a quilter demonstrates a new technique that she has just learnt, when you don't have any fabric on hand!

The Quilt show theme was Tropical, and this lady was dressed to demonstrate this!

Each of the judges displayed one of their quilts, and here is their work.

The little quilt on the far left belongs to this lady, and I asked her to stand along side her younger face for a new picture.

Fleur Maddern, from Little Desert Quilts is very involved in "Art Quilts Around the World" and had a display along one wall of her work.

Sorry this picture is a bit blurry, but is the only one I have of Rachelle's display. Rachelle Denneny was the "Quilter in Residence" at the show and had an amazing display of many of her quilts. (Rachelle will be opening the Bordertown Quilt Show in October, and will have some of her quilts on display there also.)

The Orange Tree Quilters are a very busy group and had a table selling what they make, and I loved that they wore orange check aprons!

It was a great day of looking at the quilts, and catching up with many people, and seeing what the shops have to sell. I wandered around the show all of Friday before heading home, and realised on the way home that there was a lot that I had not looked at. I was so tempted to go back again today, but decided that some "time out" at home was probably a good idea.

I have been following the updates all weekend on the Guild's facebook page, which has included photos and videos of what's happening there. Pat and hubby Alan went down today, and I was surprised when I found this video of Alan at the show. I have to say that he is rarely lost for words as he seemed to be in this interview!!!  (This is only a screen shot, not a link to the video.)

Tomorrow it is back to work on Max, and a few other catch up jobs after a few days away. And there will be more family time tomorrow evening to look forward to. As mentioned before I need to do a quilt show update of recent quilting, and there is some preparation to do for Christmas in July which is only 2 weeks away.

Be back soon,

Blessings, From Jude