Saturday, 12 October 2019

Out and about in the sunshine............

Today was the day to take off one of those "hats" that I have been wearing and posted about earlier this week. I finally finished that quilt that I had been working on for tooo long. (Well, it's finished except for taking out the basting stitching that I did before I unzipped it from Max, to do other quilts. I love having the zippers on my leaders, so that I can take a quilt off and put it back on quickly if necessary.)

For the last couple of days, I have been inside working and looking out the glass window at the blue sky and sunshine. Except to pick the daily paper up from my front porch, I have not been out of the house for days. So I decided that I needed to be "out" in that spring sunshine for just one day, and it was well past time to visit with family. I phoned my mum to see if she would like a day out, and drove up the highway early this morning. 

It was just the best feeling to be out and about, and enjoying the signs of spring. The wattle flowers are out in full bloom in our district, and I would have loved to stop and take a picture, but borrowed one from the internet instead. I love the smell of the flowers, although I know some people think they are too strong. The wattle is Australia's national flower, and there are many varieties.

Our district is still lovely and green, and the natives are flowering, and I noticed a few bottlebrushes coming out. I should have one of these in my own garden very soon. There were paddocks of hay being cut, which has a lovely smell as well. As I drove further north, the countryside was drier and golden, until I arrived in the Barossa, where it was still quite green. Tis a land of many contrasts, and there is still much I have not seen. DD1 and family have recently journeyed to the centre of our country and here is a photo of them in front of a very Aussie landmark, Uluru, or Ayer's Rock as it was formerly known.

We enjoyed a lovely chat outside in the garden, listening to the local birds, and enjoying the many scents of spring flowers in the local gardens.

A visit here with DS and family and hasn't Mister Tate grown so quickly. 

A few months ago Miss Bridie entered a colouring competition for the Adelaide Zoo, and I posted some photos of her drawings back then. She was fortunate to win a Family Pass to the Zoo for her efforts, and this colouring book arrived in the post this week.

......... and what should appear on the top of the next page??...........

............but the picture that she drew! Perhaps we have an artist in the making?

So it was a lovely spring day out, and great to catch up with some of the family, and spend some car time with my mum. She is still adjusting to being on her own, now that Dad is in full time care. From being one of 10 children, to being married for 66 years, it is quite a change. Fortunately there are lots of family still living close, but it's not quite the same as someone always being there.

While I still have that loooong list of preparation to do before the quilt show, which is only days away now, a day out was just what was needed I think. And I am even managing to fit in another treat tomorrow, which I will tell you about another day.

Blessings, From Jude

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Wearing too many hats??

I know that certain people have been checking my blog for another post, and am conscious that it is 8 days now, so this morning I will catch up, so that I can cross that off from my LOOOOOOONG list of "to do's". And then I will stand with Max and continue with this quilt that I started a "sometime" ago, but had to baste and unzip to get exhibition quilts done. (I can tell you there are lots of triangles in this quilt!!) I thank this customer for being so understanding and patient.

As I reported not so long ago, my mind has been whirling in a lot of directions, and things have not calmed down yet. You think that after this, or that, life will settle, but then something else comes along to take it's turn in the queue, so I wonder if things will change? Perhaps I am wearing too many hats, or is it this "getting older" thing, and slowing down, that we don't fit as much into each day?

Some of the "hats" I have been wearing, and what has occupied my time recently..... being a new grandma and a quick Melbourne trip to visit,.....being a longarm quilter and finishing customer quilts.......finishing local girls quilts ready for our exhibition.......squeezing a couple of my own quilts into the queue.....being on the committee and attending meetings to plan the quilt show.......also being Publicity Officer for the group and getting the word out about our show......being on the SAQG Appraisal Panel and attending a day in the city, followed by a visit to mum and dad.......planning and some cutting for the next Mystery retreat that is coming up in 4 weeks time.....spending some time in my very neglected garden, and pulling weeds that have grown so high!........general household duties (which is a long way down on my priority list, and looks like it too!)........ planning next term's KYB meetings which start next week..........and fitting in other general things like shopping, doctors appointment, car service and a funeral.

There are other things that I am conscious of that I should be doing and haven't, but hopefully people will understand. There are emails that i have not replied to, and phone calls I need to make. I know that I have missed a few birthdays and need to catch up with those.

My back yard, and you can see I have done half of the vegie patch so far, .....

..... and even found some sweet peas just starting to bloom.

Thanks to our Assistant Secretary for these great signs, which appear at the entrances to our town. We would love to see you visit our show, and I will remind you in a few days time again!

A couple of photos from the Melbourne family!

Some pics of quilts that my quilter managed to fit in on the weekend. Bindings and hanging sleeves are in the process of being done. Our nights are still very cold, but I have not lit the fire in the lounge, as I would be very tempted sit in front of it each evening. My plan has been to use the small heater in the front sewing room, and watch TV sitting at the tables there, while hand stitching the bindings, until bed time.

This is Cabin Fever, which is one of the Pick a Case Mystery quilts that I cut a few of. When I need a piecing "fix" therapy weekend, I can grab one of these to sew. One friend asked me who it was for, and I told her that I don't need a reason to make a quilt. I just do it because I enjoy making them. 

There was a certain amount of "reverse" stitching on this quilt. As you can see the backing is made up of 3 different fabrics to use up what I had. (Thankyou Jean for sewing this for me!) When the quilt was trimmed, there was enough of the dark blue to make the sleeve, which I duly stitched on before the binding was machine sewn. Then I started hand sewing to the back, and part way around, I realised that I had sewn the hanging sleeve to the matching fabric, but this was the bottom of the quilt!! As you can see from the photo above, I wanted the smaller on point square to be at the top left! So after my unpicking and redoing the sleeve it is now where I need it to be. The sleeve fabric does not match the backing now, but does it really matter, as it is my quilt, isn't it??

 This is my Dream Big panel that I purchased in Paducah last year. (Did I say last year?? It seems like years ago now.)

This is a small scrappy quilt that finishes at 48" square without borders. Little cases of these kits will be for sale at the exhibition, with the pattern, and this is my sample. The binding is on, and will be sewn down while we are spending time at the show.

This is my Celtic Knot quilt, that is 15 years old, and almost finished! (Just the binding and sleeve to do!) I started this in a workshop with Gina Burgess, and we were to design our own celtic pattern. (Note, one pattern!!) I enjoyed doing this and decided that I would do 9 of them and make a large quilt!! I made 3 blocks, as shown, and stored them away in a box, with the fabrics and notes, and I might have started a few other projects over time as well?? A few years went by, and not sure how many, and I pulled out the box and decided I had been a bit lot ambitious initially, and that finished would be good! So I put the blocks on point with setting triangles, and added side borders to make it a more useful size and added it to the pile of tops waiting for my quilter!!!?? I even had the backing and wadding prepared. And of course I had some starry quilting planned "in my head"! That starry quilting turned out to be much less than was originally planned, as once again, finished was good.

In the class we had to design our own pattern and also make our own bias tape. This is the fabric that I purchased, and we used the Clover bias maker to make our tape, and added strips of vliesofix to the underside.

I found the box this morning with all the notes and patterns etc from that class. (And of course, it was the LAST box I looked in wasn't it?)  This is my sample of stitching down the bias strips. We used a twin needle and monofilament thread. While this is great because you can't see the stitches, it was my first and last time using this. It is so fine you can't see it, and I had a lot of machine troubles after that, where it would "bind" up, and I am sure some of this "plastic" stuff got down into my machine?? Might be wrong, but that's my story and I 'm sticking to it.

The pattern I made for one of the blocks!

And my binding is all prepared ready to sew on, one evening this week.

Some strips cut ready for another mystery kit.

A bundle of fabrics that arrived recently.

Well, this has turned out to be more of a marathon post than I thought, and now it's time to get back to those triangles. Bye for now,

Blessings, From Jude

Monday, 30 September 2019

It's a Boy!!

I received the call that we have been waiting for on Friday, September 27th. My 10th grandchild, Jett Daniel, a little brother for Miss Billie, was born. I left home about 6am Saturday morning for the 6 hour drive to Melbourne, and spent a couple of days having grandma cuddles with Jett and Billie. Of course, we think he is gorgeous, and so is his big sister. They grow up so fast, into "little people", but nothing can beat the newborn baby cuddles. It has been very special that I have managed to have newborn cuddles with all 10 of the grandies, in the first 24 hours of their lives.

Miss Billie was very gentle with him, and did oblige us for a few photos, but mostly she was quite happy to play with Lego and draw with her crayons. This little man evens up my grandies, as I now have 5 granddaughters, and 5 grandsons. Jett is the 16th great grandchild for my mum and dad, and number 17 is due in January....( Edited - Just received a message from my mum that tells me I am the 10th grandchild born in my generation!! Although I was 10th out of 45, and I certainly won't have that many grandies!!)

I drove home Sunday afternoon and arrived about 7pm. I was hoping to finish the custom quilt that is on the machine today, but for some reason I feel a bit lethargic?? I heard the early morning birdsong at 5am this morning, but the eyes didn't open properly until 7am!! I will be heading back to Melbourne to help DD3 after the exhibition is over.

Time to put my feet up in the recliner by the fire, and bed won't be too far away tonight. The weather is giving us some sunshine during the days lately, but the nights are still very cold.

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 27 September 2019

Come to Bordertown for the Quilt Show!

present their

Friday to Sunday, October 18th to 20th, 2019

             BORDERTOWN               BASKETBALL STADIUM
Friday and Saturday 10.00am to 5.00pm
Sunday 10am to 4.00pm.
 Adults      $5.00                  Students     $3.00
accompanied children under 12 free

Official Opening Friday at 1.00pm by     
 Rachelle Denneny
A selection of Rachelle’s wonderful quilts
will be on display  

Catering available
Traders from South Australia and Victoria

Quilt Raffle
 Proceeds to Bordertown Memorial Hospital Ladies Auxiliary
Further details Pat 03-53939543 or Michelle 0427799436


We look forward to seeing many of you at our show, when members have about 140 quilts on show. The Tatiara is always a great place to visit in October. See you there.

Blessings, From Jude

Catching up, again!

Once again the days of the week have flown by and here it is Friday already!! I had someone say to me recently that I have not been posting as often, and that's probably very true. Life has been so busy this year, it is hard to keep up. My mind is going in a million directions and it is quite tiring exhausting. I do think I can see "light at the end of the tunnel" though, as our quilt show is coming up in 3 weeks. I am on the last quilt (I think) that I need to do for others for the show, and then hope to fit in a couple of mine, before getting back to "other" customer quilts.

Before I start my day with Max, I thought I would catch up on life with a blog post. I reported last on being a tourist in my own back yard, and since then I had another trip up the highway for a family celebration. It was the combined 70th birthdays and 50th wedding anniversary of my BIL and SIL. I could have also said my cousin and her husband, so I saw rellies from both sides of the family that day. (Are you confused??) Wow, 70 candles to blow out! It hardly seems anytime at all since I went to their 21st birthday celebrations.

Every day this week has been spent with Max working on a large custom quilt, which I hope to get finished in the next day or so. There is not a lot of it left to "talk to me" now.

I still have a lot of quilts in the files to show, so will finish this post with some of those.

First up is a quilt made by Marie, and quilted allover with Birdseye.

Pat made this quilt, called Atomic Garden in a mystery retreat weekend. It is quilted allover with a pattern called Tigris, and has given the quilt great texture.

 Kath made this quilt, called Harmony for her granddaughter, and it is quilted with Dancing Hearts.

Helen made this quilt, and it is quilted allover with Cotton Seed.

Another quilt, and very large, made by Kath, and quilted allover with Botanical Blossoms.

Another of the row by row challenge quilts, made by Heather, and quilted allover with Calm Waters.

This quilt, called Lime Surprise was made by Val in a mystery retreat, and custom quilted.

Prue made this row by row and it was quilted allover with Evergreen.

Linda made this large Ocean theme quilt for her daughter, and it is quilted with Random Bubbles.

An attic windows quilt that Prue started many years ago, and she is pleased to say it is finished. This was quilted allover with Starlight.

I think that might be enough for today, although there are still more photos in the files.It is time I got to the shower and started my day, and now that I have checked the time, it is well and truly past time, as it is almost 8am!!

I will be back soon with another post.

Blessings, From Jude