Monday, 18 June 2018

Weekend Report

Another week is already underway, so I better report on the weekend, before another one gets here. The days and weeks are flying by so quickly, and nearly half a year has gone.

It was a great weekend to be inside by the fire, and except for picking the paper up from the front lawn, I did not poke my nose outside all weekend. The girls arrived very soon after I arrived home from the trip to Murray Bridge for the funeral, and before I knew it, Sunday afternoon had arrived and they had all gone home. The beds were stripped and washing done, and things put away, and I sat by the heater for awhile, before heading to bed for an early night.

 I knew that time was limited as the girls were leaving just after lunch on Sunday, so we did not play bingo for the allocation process this time. It was a roll of 10 dice, to see who could score the highest, and have the first pick. That high pile of cases, now looks like this, so you know what I shall be doing for the next 2 weeks, until the next mystery retreat!

Then it was time to read the instructions, and check out the fabric in the cases.

Not sure exactly what Kathy was showing off here, but it had their attention!??

 Karen had to pair her layer cake squares........

 ............and Kathy had lots and lots of half square triangles to started ruling diagonal lines....... in fact the whole quilt was half square triangles!!

And Lynda opened the first couple of bags, and started laying out the pieces for her block, but.............. can you see those squares on the top? They should be rectangles!!!!XXAA#!@##

I sure am glad they were too big, and not too small, because it was easily rectified. Just a pity those 1/2" pieces are too small for anything, and yes they went in the bin.

I left the girls busily sewing and went to bed earlier than they did, (it had been a busy week!), but was up early in the morning, and I snapped pics of their progress which showed they did not talk all night. I must admit that after I went to bed, I heard nothing, even though they were sewing right next to my room.

I loaded an Angels quilt that needed to be quilted, and managed to get 2 done during Saturday. In between that and getting meals, I managed a few more photos.

It was late afternoon when Kathy had made all her half square triangles, and as you might expect, she decided not to use the layout that was in the quilt pattern. She had other ideas, and laid them all out on my bed. Then I began to wonder whether I would be able to get into my bed that evening.

But it was not long before she had it all under control, and had sewn the rows, and numbered them, and placed them on the table by her machine. 

And don't these rectangle units all look lovely? Well they did until I realised that they were supposed to be 2 patterned fabrics, and not with white!! Thus I did a bit of reverse stitching, and cut more rectangles to correct MY mistake. Oopsie!

Now it all looks correct.

Ready for a piano key border, which was stitched on when Karen was at home. And she sent me a photo today, which is still on my phone.

Here is the photo from my phone.

This quilt has a striped border to go on it too, so I hope to get a photo of that soon.

Kathy's quilt, all ready for a border.

Still a row to go on the side of Lyn's quilt yet, and then a few borders, but very striking in the blues.

This was the only finish for the weekend, and she was very happy. Sewing time at home is very limited, so it was all systems go for the weekend to get it done.

The photo of the Rendlesham Threads and Thimbles group, who said they would be back next year. Thankyou for coming girls, and lovely to get to know you all.

This morning I headed up the highway AGAIN, and my car registered the outside temperature to be down to 0 deg! It was time for my yearly mammogram checkup. Everything was all clear, and I have now reached the 10 year milestone. I always hold my breath until I hear those words, " all is good". I also had a few other stops to make, including finding backing fabrics for quilts, and other supplies, including a new iron. And of course a stop in Murray Bridge to see mum and dad is part of the trip as well.

My bed should be nice and warm now, so time to head there, as I was up at 4.30 am this morning.
Tomorrow I need to get back to working on some customer quilts, and hopefully I can work out the new software as I go.

Blessings, From Jude

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Quilt show at last........

In today's quilt show, first up is a little quilt made up of "leftovers' by Jenny. This was custom quilted, with a simple pattern in each block in the centre of the quilt, and CC's or lines in the outer borders.

Maria made this large quilt, and it was quilted allover with a pattern called Vanilla Orchid.

This was made by Jean, using oriental fabrics and quilted with an allover pattern called Oriental Fans Simple.

The pattern has a similar fan design to the fabric.

This was also made by Jenny, and called Story Time. I used an assortment of different patterns in the blocks, such as robots, aliens, fish, trains and things relevant to the applique blocks in the quilt.

Sherrel made this pretty pink quilt and it was quilted allover with a pattern called Faster Posies.

This friendship quilt was made by Erica, using the Album block. Each member of her group signed their names, and these were embroidered in the centre of each block. I quilted this with a simple pattern in each block, avoiding the names.

"In the Wild" is the name of this quilt, made by Kaye. Rather a fun quilt for a child. It was custom quilted.

Since those, I have pieced and quilted 2 of my own, that I bought in the US. (Photos will come). It was been a learning curve using the new software.

I arrived home from Murray Bridge yesterday afternoon, just in time to welcome a lovely group of quilters, from Rendlesham, in the South East of SA. They are in the midst of a Pick a Case Mystery retreat, and while the girls are sewing, I have quilted some of the angels quilts, in between the meal preparation. And I have to confess that I had to correct a couple of errors in the quilts this weekend.

It has been the perfect weekend to be inside sewing, with the heater going, and listening to the rain. There has been much progress by the ladies, and I will post about this soon. There is a quilt with all the blocks laid out on my bed, so not sure what time I might be able to retire tonight?? Suffice to say, that not everyone sews their quilts together as the pattern shows!!

Be back another day, as I might head to the lounge and put my feet up while I finish sewing the binding on one of my quilts. I should have finished this last weekend, but the power went out, didn't it!?

Blessings, From Jude