Saturday, 20 January 2018

Happy birthday

A quick phone blog to wish GD1 a very happy 17th birthday lots of love from "granny"

Friday, 19 January 2018

Friday again....

I know that some have been waiting for a post, and even my mum said today that she had been checking. I have been thinking about it all week, but the camera has not been out, no quilts finished and not a lot to show for my time. I mean, who wants to see photos of dust bunnies, and cobwebs? Or washing on the line?

Earlier this week, while the weather was comfortable, I have made progress on the "deep clean" in my house. All the bedding including quilts, has been washed, and all the furniture moved for cleaning. I will admit that the furniture is not moved that often, and a clean usually happens "around" it! But in preparation for retreats, which start again next week, after a 2 month holiday break, it was time. Even some windows have been washed!!

But I have come to a halt, although there is still some to be done. The weather has gone downhill, and today the temperature reached 45deg C!!! I was thinking that was about 108 on the old scale, but did a "google" for a conversion, and suddenly felt hotter when it said 113deg!!!!!!!! I am so very blessed that I can work inside, and don't know how anyone can manage to be outside in those temperatures. I know we are so spoiled these days with our airconditioners. And if you read Michele's blog you will read about the big bike race in our state capital this week, and the heat they are participating in!

There was a visit to town, by DD2 and family, and it was lovely to catch up with them. There has not been much quilting happening, but quite a bit of fabric cutting and instruction writing, ready for the next Mystery retreat in February. I have loaded a large custom quilt, and made some progress today.

And the low of the week is the news from Melbourne of the passing of DD3's mother in law, at the young age of 66 years. It has been a 6 month journey since her diagnosis last July of that horrid "C" word. A lovely lady who will be sadly missed, and sadly, 6 weeks before the arrival of "Bro". Words cannot convey our feelings. I found a photo in the files of DD3 and her 2 mums, which was taken at the engagement party 3 years ago.

That's it for now, it's time to finish off and tidy the desk, ready for another day tomorrow.

Blessings, From Jude

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Another week has gone!

Here it is and another weekend is here. I thought 2017 sped by, but 2018 seems to be going in the same direction. I can't imagine ever being bored in this lifetime. My time this week has been shared with Max, and those piles of fabric. I think I am making progress, but still a way to go yet. I woke early this morning, so have done a few jobs, and now decided to do a blog post, before I spend a few hours in the chair at the hair salon, having a long overdue cut and colour.

And I see there are a few quilt photos in the files, some from before Christmas.

First is a quilt made by Jenny, and quilted allover with a pattern called Sassy.

This Christmas quilt was made by Veronica, and I did manage to get it finished before Christmas!

Helen made this quilt, and it is her first quilt! Very pretty colours and she did a good job for a first time. This was quilted allover with "Floppy Daisy", with custom in the applique strip.

Here is another Christmas one, made by Jenny, who is going to use it as a table runner.

Sherrel made this churn dash quilt, called China Blue, in a Pick a Case Retreat, and this was quilted allover with a pattern called Luna.

A lovely purple quilt, made by Marion, with simple custom quilting.

Julie made this quilt for her bedroom, to match her curtains, which are the burgundy fabric around the centre square. The centre was her project in a Gloria Loughman, "Playing on the Surface" workshop. Julie then designed the rest of the quilt around this. (Julie is a quilter, who won't start another project until she has finished one, so now she can start something new!! I am not too sure that I could do this, in fact I know I couldn't, and don't!)

That's it for now. Time to open EQ7 and start work, until I leave for my appointment. I will be back soon, (?), well sometime, with another update.

This weather is very strange, as last Saturday reached a high of 43 deg, and today is forecast to be 21deg!!! Less than half, and so very changeable. But I won't complain, because I know that a lot of areas are having a week of 40 deg temperatures, and we are only getting the occasional day in amongst lovely living weather.

Have a good weekend, whatever you may be doing.

Blessings, From Jude

Sunday, 7 January 2018


In my last post I mentioned the sorting of lots of scraps, so will continue the story tonight.

I have had the Go cutter for quite awhile and used it on a few occasions. I like the 2 1/2" strip cutter for a quick way to make strips, which are always useful, but have not used it for 2 1/2" squares until now. I marked lines at right angles across the board............

.............and lay the short strips of already cut 2 1/2" short strips across the die..........

...................and up to 5 layers thick........turned the handle, and rolled it through the cutter.........

...............and, voila, lots of lovely 2 1/2" squares!!!!

We only did this with the shorter lengths, as for a quicker project I like to strip piece, but these will be good for a scrappy quilt, and at least they are no longer sitting in the corner, not used.

Below are all the empty containers, that previously held the leftover scraps! Boy, did we feel good when we got this far!

BUT...... there was more!!!!!!...... I was walking behind Max, and noticed these containers, that I had totally forgotten about, that contained more scraps, and many from a long time ago.

I was a undecided about whether to look in these bags this weekend, as I did want to get to the quilt designing. But late on Saturday evening, I did open one bag!...... and Sunday morning we kept going again. But we did quit with one bag not touched. This will keep for "one day".

2 overflowing bins full later. We were getting quite ruthless by now, and anything less than 2 1/2" was out. Some was poly cotton. For 2 people who always kept scraps, "for one day", it was hard to look at the bin, and see a piece that might make a 2" square. I think Val did bring some back. We don't like waste, but I don't think I shall run out of fabric anytime soon. (Maybe the kindy would like these scraps!??) I know there are all sorts of creative, arty things that could be done with all this, but at the moment I don't have the time.

We kept cutting until we got this far. And then I decided that these would be sorted, but not cut.

The top drawer contains smaller pieces that will be cut into squares. The second drawer contains width of fabric strips of varying widths, that can be put through the strip cutter. These have all been pressed ready for use, and are no longer screwed up in a bag. Starting to feel good again. 

In my sort out, I found fat quarters all over the place, and they are all now in a drawer, where I can see them easily.

In bags, all over the place, were also partly pieced blocks, that were left over from quilts, or were made as a test block to check measurements for the quilt packs. These are all now with their "friends" in a bag together. It would be a good jigsaw puzzle for someone. If you are interested, contact me PLEASE. Once again, I hate waste, and just cannot throw them away.

This is my collection of precuts, (and I did have some of them from years ago, when I must have had lots more time), and the result of a few days work from 2 of us. The 2 little boxes on the right were cut years ago, and are 2" and 1 1/2" squares. Seeing it all laid out like this, it doesn't look that much, but there are a lot of squares in those piles. (But I am not going to count them!!)

Val left at lunch time today, and we thought we were finished. As I was cleaning up, I found this bag.
The leftover brights from 3 projects that I have done. One was my Mariners Compass, another my New York Beauty quilt, both of these with Lessa Siegele, and the other a Celtic Knot workshop with Gina Burgess. A lot can be squashed into a plastic bag, and I tipped it all out........

...... a few useable bits to cut squares out of.............

some precut curved units, (and I think I have loudly stated that I will not be doing anymore curved piecing in my future???).................

and lots of 4 patch units, maybe enough to start something small????

But can you tell me just why I had hung onto all these tiny, odd shaped pieces, for all these years???? They are now in the bin, with the other scraps.

All neat, and back in the bag now, and not put with the others as these are such a bright contrast to all the other scraps. Once again, I would be happy to hear from anyone interested in making use of these.

Now that I have cleared a lot of stuff from my room, and my mind, I am now ready to move onto the next project. It's time to work on designing and cutting the next lot of Pick a Case Mystery quilts, that need to be ready for mid February.There are groups of fabrics on the the cases.......

..........and in each of these bags, under the table. Some I have plans for, and others still need to talk to me!!

Quilting starts again tomorrow morning, and I plan on edge to edge quilts in the mornings, and designing and cutting in the afternoons.

At least the weather has cooled a bit after yesterday's maximum of 43deg. Early mornings in the garden, keeping the plants watered is usually the best time of the day, and then I am inside to work.

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 5 January 2018

Checking in

Here we are and it is Friday evening, almost the end of the first week of January, 2018. I thought I better report on my week, and once again, had to look back at the photos, to refresh my memory.

There has not been a lot of quilting this week, but there has been lots of sorting, and decluttering, and organising happening here, in between other things. Not lots of photos, but a few.

My week, and the new year started on Monday with the arrival before 7am of Miss Bridie. I got to spend a few hours with her, before her mum and dad collected her to go home. She is growing up so fast, and is a real little chatterbox now. I have a lovely video of her playing the piano, and singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, but I don't know how to get the video onto the blog. I was very impressed that she knew all the words, at 2 1/2 years old. (Notice the "hair do". She arrived straight out of her bed that morning, and the hair was everywhere!! I did try to tame it, but it is so slippery, and did not stay in very well. (And maybe I am not real good with little girl's hair also!??) I think she will look back at photos when she is older, and notice a lot of "bad hair days!"

Over time, there has been a LOT of STUFF, put into my bedroom, where it is out of sight of others, and this has weighed heavily on my mind. This week, I commenced to sort it out. There is still a long road ahead, but I did clear out a bit, and packed some away for later. There was a bag of paperwork, left over from farming days, (and that is 18 years ago now!!) I was going to throw it out, but decided that there was some history in there, that I need to look at closer. It is my intention, ONE DAY, to make a book of our farming days, and I might need some of the info in this bag. I was surprised when I tipped the contents out to be sorted, to find a few samples of wool from our sheep. Glad I looked in the bag!

The next sorting job, was in my office, and I threw a lot of papers out, and filed others. The admin jobs are the ones that get ignored, when I am busy with quilting. It might not look like it, but this is my cleared work area, with the files waiting on the front desk, to start working on the Pick a Case Mystery quilts. That is what I am aiming for sometime this month. But I had to clear everything else (physically and mentally!), before I could get started. A lot of people pick a word in the new year, to aim for, and a few years ago, I decided on Balance. I haven't succeeded in that yet, so am reluctant to pick a work this time. Although, maybe organisation would be a good one!??

And this is the same desk today, which looks anything but organised, doesn't it?? But this is another job, that has been "in the corner", and needed doing. At the end of each Mystery Quilt cutting exercise, there are always trays of leftovers. And they have been building up for a few years now. I have a special friend staying here at the moment, who is helping me do a lot of this sorting, and we have been getting some organisation into the scraps. I even dug out my Accuquilt Go cutter, which has been gathering dust under Max for a few years too. It certainly makes quick work of cutting strips, and squares. Hopefully these will be put to good use soon, when I start designing for the February retreat. 

My "assistant" hard at work, and you might notice that we have spread over 2 rooms with the sorting. She does love to watch the cricket, which is on the tele.

So you can see that there has been no holiday here, but it sure feels great to be getting some of these jobs done at last.

I showed you a photo of the birdhouse that my SIL made for me for Christmas, and it is now hanging in the garden just outside my studio door. It certainly looks pretty, even if the birds don't want to use it. She has made a lot of mosaic items over the years, and I expect to see some more creations, now that she has retired.

(Sorry it is not crooked, but the camera was !)

This is a photo of another of her works. This is a traymobile, that belonged to my grandmother, and I have lots of memories of her using this when we visited. It had been sitting in the shed until recently, when SIL salvaged it, and added the mosaic work to it. Grandma would be very pleased to see it in use now, as it has been gifted to my niece. (Although it won't be used for afternoon teas, but as a drinks trolley instead!)

I think that is enough newsfromjude for now, and I will be back soon, with a report on what else we have been doing. Quilting will start again next week.

It is time for bed, although might be hard to sleep, as there is no cool air yet, and tomorrow is forecast to be 43deg!!!!!! I hope the power stays on!

Blessings, From Jude