Thursday, 24 September 2020

A Quick Checkin................

 I am a bit behind in reading and commenting on blogs, so thought I would do a quick post and catchup with other posts this afternoon. I did load a quilt this morning onto Max, and was about to start and then the rain came down, and I can hear the thunder outside. That was a good enough reason to turn Max off and I will try again tomorrow. I am quite happy to spend some time inside with the warmth of the fire making the house cozy. The weather certainly has been up and down this month, as we had temperatures up to almost 30deg last week, and tomorrow is back to 13deg!!

The Pink fun continues this week, and here is a photo taken by Jo in Mildura, during our Zoom afternoon tea on Sunday. This group represents ladies from the states of Victoria, South Australia and West Australia, and it was lovely to chat. Don't you just love the PINK hair at the bottom left!?? I was very impressed with Pat's afternoon tea platter on top right. Thanks to you all for joining in and supporting the cause.

Tuesday afternoon there was another afternoon tea, this time face to face, and socially distant. That Pink hair seems to have popped up again!! 


And this morning there was another cuppa or two, with more of those scones, and that pink hair again!!

This weekend there are more Zoom meetings planned, and I am looking forward to that.

Last week I purchased a pie maker, and had a little play with it a few days ago. I cooked bacon and eggs in it one day, and then lemon delicious puddings and cinnamon scrolls. Sorry those scrolls don't look so good with the dark pink icing, although they tasted pretty good. I was trying to make them pink for the occasion, but the colouring came out too fast!

This photo is the first ever flowers to come from my Banksia Rose, and are so pretty and delicate.

A customer came to pick up her 2 quilts this week, and surprised me with this beautiful arrangement. Aren't they lovely?

Once again, the days have flown by so fast. The funds raised so far is looking good and I hope to report on that later in the week. The fairy has been busy doing what she is so good at, and sorting and organising. In the background of all that is happening there has also been a few not so pleasant things. I learned this week of the death of one of my cousins, so will be attending his funeral next week. He was only a year or two younger than I, so it makes one stop and think. Last night I also heard of the death of a good friend of my parents, so both of these are a part of my history. And then there are good friends who are going through health issues at present, and the recurrence of one of my own, which laid me low for a day. That's all part of life I guess, the good and the not so good. 

I am so thankful that I can go to God in prayer for peace and comfort and he hears me. And that I can trust Him for all things.

On a better note, I received this photo from Melbourne, of Miss Billie, after she received Matilda in the mail. Looks like Matilda is happy in her new home. (Archibald will be received by Mr Jett on Sunday when he celebrates his 1st birthday!)


Now it's off to the recliner to spend the rest of the day by the fire. 

Blessings, From Jude

Saturday, 19 September 2020

What a week!

 This week has disappeared so fast, it is hard to keep up with what day it is. Since my last post, there has been some quilting with Max, and then I had a trip up the highway to do some jobs at Mum's new place. Sorry I have hardly taken a photo all week.

Mum has a lovely pergola area which needed some nice potted plants. I have a couple of lovely plants at my place, so took some cuttings from these, and bought some pots to plant them in. Sorry not pics, but I do have this one of mine taken today in my pergola.

There is also a community garden behind her house, and she has access to a plot if she wishes. Digging is not on mum's list of things to do, so I have dug the ground over and it's now ready for her to plant some geraniums, and other hardy plants. We had a trip to the garden centre for potting soil, and a few other things, and enjoyed lunch out. My fairy met up with us in MB and has come home with me to spend a couple of weeks while we do Pink things.

While I was in the garden today, I took a few more photos of spring blooms. If I take a closeup pic, you can't see the neglect that I am slowly working on.

This morning I spent time in the kitchen, preparing some meals for the next few days while we are enjoying zoom meetings and some local afternoon teas with friends.

Then it was time to prepare for this week's Zoom meetings, and my decorating expert set to work on an appropriate Pink Lady backdrop.


Out came my pink hat, and my grandmother's cup and saucer, and a plate of scones. (Sorry photo taken prior to the scones).

The first scheduled Zoom meeting for this week was with some of my family for a practice run. This worked well, and while we had all communicated with each other over the last few months, this was the first time we were all chatting at the same time. It was good to link up my mum, with some of my children, my sister, and niece, but especially the family in Melbourne who have been very restricted this year.  It was a lot of fun, so I am looking forward to the next week and more meetings. As I only have the free version of Zoom, the meetings are limited to 40 minutes, and I have planned smaller groups.


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who have supported this cause. I took quite a few parcels to the post office yesterday to make their way to the purchasers of fabric packs and kits. Tomorrow afternoon there is another zoom meeting scheduled with more next weekend, so we are looking forward to quite a social week, (with lots of scones).

Thanks again to all of you, and there is still time for others to join in if you contact me.

Blessings, From Jude

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

BCNA update

 Just a quick post tonight, in response to a comment that I had about not being able to get into the For Sale Page. I did have a link in the previous post, and also any emails I sent out, but that did not work as it was for the previous "For sale" page that I had. I set up a new page of BCNA items, and forgot to change the link, so sorry about that.

The best way to access the page is to click on the link on top left of the home page, on your computer or Ipad. (phones are different). Thanks to those who have already purchased items. I shall endeavour to keep the page current, as items are sold, but please be advised that I am away from home tomorrow. There are more than one of some items available, and if there is more orders than what I have, I will work on the time of the order.  I shall update it all on Thursday. 

Looking forward to some Zoom time with friends, some virtual and some physical. I am spending time with my mum tomorrow, and also picking up a friend, (my fairy), who is coming to spend time with me again.

I will close with a photo of my recent sewing, of Matilda and Archibald. This pattern is from the Red Boot Quilt Company, who also designed the Paper Dolls and Little Piggy quilts that I have made for Bridie and Billie.

Archibald and Matilda have gone to live in Melbourne with a couple of special little people there

Once again, thanks for the support so far, and I look forward to hearing from some more of you soon.

Blessings, From Jude

Monday, 14 September 2020

20/20 Fundraiser - "In the Pink"



20/20 FUNDRAISING – “In the Pink”

If you have read my last 2 blog posts, then you would knowthat for the last 8 years I have held an “In the Pink” retreat as a fundraiser for the BCNA, (Breast Cancer Network Australia). A lot of things have changed this year, 2020, and I am conscious that many fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed while the need for funds has not changed. Everyday 50 Australians will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and the BCNA provides support during treatment to those affected. I personally benefited from those services in 2008 during my treatment for BC, which is why I support this cause. I have a good friend just commencing a long road of treatment for breast cancer, and I am sure you don’t need to look far to also know someone with BC. The restrictions in place this year, due to the Covid19 virus has made us all think of new ways to do things. After consultation with the BCNA I have come up with a couple of ideas to replace the usual “In the Pink” retreat, and have their permission to hold these events as fundraisers


Register your interest in joining me for afternoon tea on Zoom! This will be held over the last 2 weekends of September. (September 19/20 or 26/27).  Of course it might suit you better for a morning cuppa, or anytime just for a chat.

Send me your email address, and preferred date, so that I can email you with an invitation and time to join with a group for a cuppa (or bubbles if you prefer!) and a chat. I intend to keep the groups smaller and informal. As this is a virtual cuppa, I am sorry but you will need to supply your own! It would be great and a bit of fun if you could dress in pink or even wear a special hat? For the “privilege” of supplying your own goodies I ask that you make a donation of $20 to this cause, and I will let you know bank account details for this.

I look forward to hearing from you by emailing me on and I will contact you with further details.


On my blog I have a “For Sale” page with fabric packs and “Ready, Set Sew” quilt kits. For 2 weeks commencing on Thursday September 17, until Wednesday September 30, I will donate 20% of all sales from this page to the BCNA.

This page is being updated as items are added or sold, and is available by going to my blog, and clicking on the link BCNA fundraiser at the top of the page.

The cost of postage for these items will be added to your invoice if you are not local and able to pick them up. Please email me on to register your interest in purchasing from this page.


Looking forward to hearing from you sometime soon. Of course if the above ideas don't work for you I am happy to accept donations and can advise you of account details by email.

I have some local ladies who are unable to Zoom, and have scheduled some "real" socially distanced afternoon teas with them.

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 11 September 2020

"IN THE PINK" - 2016 - 2019

 Thanks to those who have read their way through my last post, and apologies in advance for another long photo heavy post. I am thankful that I have had my blog books printed as the photos from those earlier posts in the archives are no longer visible. It seems that the next few years the photos are still online, so I will include a link to them in case you wish to read the whole post.

A bit more background info for newer readers to my blog. For many reasons, I had decided to sell The Sanctuary and get some "balance" into my life. Trying to keep 2 houses going, holding retreats (which I needed to do to pay the mortgage) and still machine quilting for customers was taking it's toll. When I walked back across the road to my house, it looked like no one lived here. Add a few health issues and I decided to ease back on life somewhat?? What I hadn't counted on was the fact that those who had been coming to retreats still wanted to come and stay on my side of the road instead! So I went with the flow, moved out of Number 7 and started renovations at Number 8. The kitchen and bathroom was upgraded, the house painted, garden tidied, beds moved in and all was set up for retreats on this side of the road commencing a few months later!! I have to say it was a good decision for me as it was much less stress to look after one house properly, still have fun weekends with those who had become special friends, and I had no more debt! 


 The 2016 pink retreat was another fun weekend, this time being held at Number 8 and not The Sanctuary. The Sanctuary had been able to sleep up to 10 people, and have 10 seated for sewing, but on this side of the road 6 were able to sleep and 2 local ladies could sleep at home and attend for days.

       Items for the Pink auctions continued to be donated.............

 The little purses and their money came out for the auctions, and the fluffies made an appearance again.

                     Tables were set up in my front room for 8 ladies to sit and sew. ..........

........... and there was still had a pergola to spend time in............

                          .............................and the comfy beds were the same to sleep in.

Much laughter and sharing still filled the house. The only difference was which the side of the road!

I have worked out it is not safe to put my camera down, as "someone" picks it up and uses it!!

"Someone" ?? organised a "pass the parcel" game for the weekend, and each person received a pink chocolate as they unwrapped the paper! But the "lucky lady??" who opened the last round received this???? Really?? 

Jean was the winner of this year's pink raffle quilt.

We invited some local ladies to join us for High Tea.

                         And we helped this lady celebrate her birthday that year. 


This link, 2017 blog post will give you a more detailed report for the year 2017. This year we were one less in numbers due to one of "us" losing her elderly mother that week. This is where the sharing and caring for each other comes into play as many friendships have been formed over the years.

Once again we had lots of pink auction items, a lot of which had been donated by generous people..........

Take notice of those 2 pink boxes, which are marked Mystery Parcel. 

The retreat stayers were joined by some local ladies for the auction items.

This bottle came appropriately dressed for the weekend!

                          Pink was the the colour for a lot of the treats......................

................................and also appeared on the menu in many of the dishes.

Bidding was very intense for those Mystery parcels! It is surprising what some will pay for a good cause, and hopeful of finding some treasures........................Marie was very happy when she opened her mystery box.................

Michelle had put in a bid for one of the boxes, but was unable to be present on that day, so called in the next day for a cuppa and to collect her "treasures"...........

Not too sure what she thought about her mystery box now? (It seems that what goes around, keeps going around, and as of now, we are still waiting to see where this "treasure" will pop up next?)

Once again we shared High Tea with each other and were joined by some local ladies.

                               And another "official" group photo.


2018 blog post - This link will get you to the original story for 2018 Pink retreat.

Once again, the decorating queen set to work to add pink touches all around the house. Anyone driving along the road would definitely know that something Pink was happening here.

Those pink hats made another appearance and the goody bags contained some treasures.

Even the night attire was colour coordinated!

This year the amount of auction items increased to such an extent that they had to move from the front hallway to the piano in the lounge. 

Which meant that I needed to call in the extra troops to help with the bidding!!

                                 Sewing in the PJ's is a good idea!

Of course we had to have some pink food, and what other colour icing could you put on vanilla slice?

Another chance to play ladies while partaking of afternoon tea........

                   ...............................using my grandma's pretty cups and saucers and plates.

                                  And another group photo of very pink ladies.

              Marie of Holly Hand Dyes brought her fabric around for us to drool over, I mean purchase.

Then it was time to depart after another successful retreat.........and Lynda needed to collect her purchases, and note she made a few!!...........

and as the "new" girl at retreat Lynda received a "royal" send off! (They had to make sure she would come back another time!!)


You will find this link will get you to the more detailed 2019 blog post

Looking back into the files for this post and I can't believe that a year has gone by. And when I really stop and think about it, it almost seems like we are living in another time as nothing is like it was "then". Who would have believed that there would be a world where we are restricted in the things we can do and where we can go?? A world of no hand shake greetings, or hugs to say we care?? Moving on and back to the last Pink retreat that we had.......wonder where we will all be next year?

The royal farewell must have worked because Lynda came back, all dressed in Pink, even to the footwear.

Another bounty of pink auction items was arranged on the piano again......

............and the bidders are waiting for some bargains???

   Lots of laughing, sharing and chatter with a cuppa or two......and again we welcomed some newbies.

.......................and there is always lots of advice if you ask, and sometimes more ideas than you need?

New friendships are formed. 

             Note to self, don't take a photo with everyone looking into the sun!!

The newbies from the city had to leave early on Sunday, and probably had more luggage to leave with when you add in their auction purchases.

It was unfortunate that they missed this afternoon tea which was enjoyed by all.

        Those pink hats were stacked and put away, and now I wonder for how long?? They have done their duty for 8 years of pink retreats now, and were purchased from the Cheap shop, so perhaps it is time to pension them off? But they have so many memories, I would find it hard to throw them out.

            And it was feet up at the end of another successful, fun weekend with friends.


I thank you if you have read the whole way through the last 2 posts about all the Pink Retreats. They have been very successful weekends with friends, as well as raising funds for the BCNA. 
Even though restrictions mean there is no Pink retreat this year I still hope that I will be able to send some much needed funds.  I will post the details of my ideas, (that have been approved by the BCNA), sometime over the weekend.

Blessings, From Jude