Thursday, 26 April 2018

Monday–part 2

Lunch today was at Lambert’s Cafe Home of the Throwed Rolls! No children’s serves, or shared plates at this place. And the heaped plates of food, well what can I say?

And what are Hubcaps??? And Pass Arounds?? A whole new experience. Pass Arounds are where the waiters/ waitresses come around with bowls of various foods for you to add to your already full plates. These include fried okra, molasses for your rolls, beans, or fried tomatoes!

And note the size of the cups again, and with ice!
These are hubcaps! Look a lot like a cinnamon bun, but we did not taste, in fact most of us did not even finish our meals.

The guy who comes around with the rolls, to throw at you, and you need to catch!  I don’t know the reason they throw them, but perhaps because they are hot??

Following lunch at Lamberts, it was back on the bus again, and off to another quilt shop.

And I felt quite at home when I found these at the back of the shop, even though they were a different brand to what I have.

that's all for this post, be back soon with our evening excursion.

Blessings, From Jude

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