My quilt gallery

These quilts are in no particular order, and have been posted as I find them in my photo folders. I am trying to compile a record of the quilts I have made.  So today, (15/01/2017) I have gone back over all my digital photos, and then scanned the actual photos I had and they are almost all posted on this blog. I know of about 4 quilts that I need to take photos of that are not in here, and will do that soon.

I did not scan the photos of about 40 cot quilts that I have made and given to "I can't remember now". I hope you enjoy looking at the quilts, (and some small items), that I have made since I started patchwork in 1996, after a lifetime of sewing clothes for myself and my children.


This is the first quilt I ever made. The squares were cut using scissors and  piece of brown paper, for the pattern. Not a good spread of the darker colours, and some fabrics alongside another the same, it was bound before it was quilted, and some of the fabrics are now fraying. I have since learnt a lot about patchwork and quilting!

This star quilt was in a magazine and was only the second quilt I had made, so would have been in 1996. It was quilted in the ditch on my domestic, and still sits on a lounge chair today. I think those stars, and the borders, could do with some quilting inside them, and nowadays I would fill them up with quilting!!

This was made for my son, who is an Essendon supporter, in their black and red colours. It was a Road to St Louis pattern in a magazine. Quilted on my domestic, with straight line quilting. 

The photo is not very clear, but seems to be the only pic I could find. Another red and black "Essendon" quilt, made for my son.

And early quilt, made in a class with my local group. I made 2 like this, and later sold them to a friend who used them in their caravan.

One of the many cot quilts that I made in my early days.

The first wholecloth quilt, made on my Gammill Premier machine.

This was a Bands of Frienship quilt, made as a group project, with each person making one row, in the chosen colours, following the interests of the owner. This was a wall hanging in my kitchen for many years, when my colours were blue and yellow.

This was a challenge for one of our group exhibitions, when we were given a piece of brick fabric and had to make something small.

This is a flannel quilt, made for my granddaughter. I have not made another one of these, due to the cutting involved.

This wall hanging was made quite a few years ago, and hung in my dining area, until the kitchen renovations were done in 2016. My sister said she liked it, and it now hangs in her house.

This Shamrock quilt was a commission quilt, for a friend who loves anything Irish. She still has it. This was possibly made a year or so before 2000, and was quilted on my domestic. (I was still wishing for a longarm!)

This wall hanging was made for my in laws, for their 50th wedding anniversary, and featured 50 hearts about their life and children, and a wedding photo in the centre. It must have been made in 1998, and was quilted on my domestic. 

This teddy bear quilt was made for a grand child, probably in about 2001, and quilted on my domestic machine. Hand blanket stitch applique, back in the days, when I must have had more time!?

Not quilts, but cushions I made to sell at the markets.

This is the first cream heirloom style quilt I ever made. I did classes with Joy Young, which started my on my journey teaching some of these techniques, and going a lot further. Joy gave me her permission to teach this. 
This quilt was sold to a customer who liked it, which is why I made another, and another.

This was made for my parents 45th wedding anniversary, and also features hearts and photos. Each heart has a fabric picture of some aspect of their life, and the centre wedding photo, and 5 family photos of each of their 5 children. I wrote a story about each of the hearts and their life, and laminated it, and made a pocket for it on the back of the quilt.

This is a friendship quilt, made by members of the Gumtree Quilters, in about 1997?? The ladies who made the blocks have signed their names on their blocks. This was quilted in pre longarm days also., and still resides on the lounge in my house.

This was the quilt that I made for DD2 when she turned 25, featuring photos of her life thus far. And I am sad to say that my other 2 children, who are now 28 and 34, have no quilt for their 25th!

This Daisy quilt was another of my earlier works, the pattern was in a magazine. The applique is hand blanket stitched, which is why I know it is early. Although it is quilted after I purchased my first longarm, so must be after 2002. This is still in the cupboard, or on a bed today.

I made this for one of my grandchildren, probably number 3 as it is quilted on my Gammill Premier, so would be about 2004/5.

This is a panel, with borders, and was made into a quillow. Made and quilted pre longarm days, so before 2002, and is still used in the lounge today. You can see it has minimal quilting, mainly in the ditch, which is what I did on my domestic. Nothing fancy then.

This Kaleidescope quilt was made in a workshop with Julie Wallace, probably in 1999. It was quilted on my domestic, and is still in use on the beds today.

This was a commission quilt, made for a ladies' 50th birthday with lots of family photos, in log cabin blocks, in colours the family chose.

I made this round tablecloth for my mother in law in colours to suit her table in the sunroom of their house. This must have been made about 1998 or thereabouts??

A simple rail fence quilt, in bright fabrics, that my sister loved, so it was given to her. It must have been made sometime between 2002 and 2007, as the pattern is definitely not computerized.

This Stained Glass quilt, was made in a group workshop with Gina Burgess, in my early days, and definitely pre longarm. This still hangs in my kitchen.

This is an I Spy quilt that I made for my nephew, who is now 18, so must have been about 1999. I used blue homespun for the triangles, and unfortunately this faded considerably with washing, compared to the feature fabrics. (Sorry that the photo is upside down and I dont know how to change it from the blog). Must have scanned it wrong side up.

This quilt I made for the 45th wedding anniversary of good friends. The quilt features family photos, and 45 hearts of picture fabric that represents their life.

This was a Rounds of Friendship quilt, made by about 8 members of our local group. We each made our own centre and a border was added by the others using fabrics we had placed in the box. We did not see the quilt, until it was finished, when we went out to dinner and swapped the boxes back. Not sure of exactly when, but it was pre longarm days, so before 2002. This quilt was on the couch for many years, and is now living at the home of my cousin Helen and Harold, who liked it. (They took the couch too!)

This quilt was one of my early ones, as I remember sewing this at the table on the farm, so would have been before the year 2000. It was quilted on my domestic machine, and was one reason I really wanted a longarm, as this was a large quilt. Looking at it now, I think that the centre piecing is too much smaller than the outer border, and I don't think it is in proportion??

Our group did a Jeans Jacket workshop with Heather Bartsch in August 1999, using a pair of jeans to make a jacket. I made this one for my sister, and another one using black jeans, for myself. It is still in the cupboard, but I don't seem to have a photo of it.

I made this quilt for my daughter when she turned 25, which is a record of her life until then. I must have finished this in 1999.

This is a wall hanging made in a group workshop, making 3D ribbon flowers to add to the centre.
This is still hanging in my work room.

 This is a small child's quilt, made with the bear panels. I don't know who received this, and it would have been made before 2002, in pre longarm days.

This small quilt was made with the same fabrics as the 50th quilt that I made for my husband, and this was given to his sister after he died, probably in 2005.

The next few photos are not quilts, but sewn articles.
A long time ago, when I must have had more time, I made rag dolls for my 2 grand daughters for Christmas, may be about 2003? The pattern was a Molly Mae doll.

I made a nappy bag before the arrival of one grandchild. Nice bags, but very time consuming.

Once upon a time I used to go to markets, and farm fairs to sell items, and advertise my new quilting business with displays. These are some of the things I used to make to sell.

This is a photo of my stall, Cornerstone Creations Machine Quilting, at the Karoonda Farm Fair,
which I attended for about 3 years, and would have been after 2002?

The next 3 pics are of 3 small wallhangings that I design and made into kits to sell at markets.

This quilt was in magazine, Touch of Blue, and I used my own fabrics for this. It was made on commission for a customer for her daughter, I finished quilting it in April 2006.

I found this I Spy quilt in the photo files, and recognise the fabrics, but have no idea who I made it for. It was finished in January 2006.

This quilt is called Touch of Gold, and is the first in my series of cream Heirloom, or Embellished quilts. No 2 is featured further down, and there are more in my future. I love to play around with my machine, and use it's stitches in creative ways, and add some bling etc. This quilt resides at the home of DD2.

This is a jelly roll quilt, which was made as a raffle quilt for the 2015 Pink Retreat fundraiser for the BCNA.

Not quilts, but these were stockings that I made for the Christmas In July retreaters in 2014, which Santa filled with gifts.

 This is called Crossroads and was made with scraps, with a pattern that was generously given to me by Faye Packham.

Chocolate Squares was made for my son and his partner, in 2015, because she liked brown.

This is a cot quilt that I made many years ago, possibly about 2007, because the patterns were done on the Statler.

This quilt is also an early one, and now lives on the bed of my mum and dad. It would have been made after 2002, but before 2007 sometime??

This was made with a pack of Charm squares that I purchased from Stitch in Time, possibly about 2003, as I "line danced" in the quilting after I attended a class in Sydney with a USA teacher.

This quilt is a rail fence quilt, made in all white fabrics, and quilted allover with a square dance pattern. This was a commission quilt, finished in 2016.

In 2004 I attended Quilt Encounter at Roseworthy and did a curved piecing class with USA teacher Virginia Walton. I can't say I am a fan of curved piecing, but I am proud to say it is finished, and hanging on the wall in a bedroom at my house.

This is also a Quilt Encounter class with Gloria Loughman, in July 2006.

This quilt is a kit I purchased in my early years of quilting, and even the applique is hand blanket stitch! Quilted somewhere between 2002 and 2006, it now hangs on a wall in my entry room.

A Mariner's Compass quilt, made in a class at Quilt Encounter, with Lessa Siegele, June 2006, and finished a year or so later.

This was a simple allover butterfly pattern, quilted on plain fabric, and then some of the butterflies were coloured in with fabric paints.

A bag I made as an exercise in playing around with the stitches on the machine, and using different threads and cords etc, and finished in 2016.

This cot quilt was made for Miss Bridie in July 2015, and quilted allover with a monkey pattern.

In July 2016, I made this pram quilt, with the remaining fabrics for the new pram for Miss Bridie's first birthday.

Grey and white were the chosen colours for DD3 and hubbies wedding quilt. Very simply quilted allover with Modern Curves. Finished in 2016, less that one year after the wedding!!

This is my Willy Wag Tail quilt, made in a workshop with Heather Ridley at Bordertown, and now lives with my cousin, who chose it.

This Cross Quilt, was started in a Colourwash workshop with Jan Miles at Bordertown in 1998. I can't say I enjoy the colourwash process and it languished as a WIP or more probably a UFO, until Easter 2016, when I was motivated by my sister to finish it, FINALLY. Only 18 years and it is so small. Now hangs on the wall in the sewing room.

This cushion was made for the 60th birthday of my second cousin. The photo is her as a baby.

This is Grandma's Garden, and was a quilt I made, using a jelly roll and other fabrics, and the pattern was published in the APQ magazine, about 2009.

I made this quilt for my neighbour, using the leftover fabrics from Plates on Point, in 2009.

This is a pattern designed by Kaye Hoffman, and I purchased the pattern and used my own fabrics. This was made early in my machine quilting days, as a freehand sample of my work, maybe around 2003??

Another quilt made for my neighbour, about 2009.

This photo shows 2 quilts. The one on the left was one of 2 I made for 2 grand daughters, called Little Girls in Red Shoes with Cats.  The pattern had 9 blocks, but I made them smaller and added another 3 blocks for 2 quilts. The second photo is a close up of some of the quilting.
The one on the right was a quilt I made for my husband for his 50th birthday, featuring photos of his life and family. It was draped over his coffin a few years later at his funeral.

 This quilt was made to demonstrate freehand quilting as a sample and a friend coloured in the flowers. This is still in the cupboard.

This was a pattern purchased from Stitch in Time, and finished in December, 2004, and now hangs on the wall in our church.

This is another Bedford Mystery quilt, not sure which year, but it has been finished and gifted to my brother for his 60th birthday. I am not sure what he thought about a quilt, and someone jokingly said that it could end up out in the ute??

And another, not a quilt, but a mixer cover, which hopefully will soon be followed by a set of matching placemats and table runner??

This quilt was made for my mother in law for her 80th birthday and features family photos.

This is one of the Bedford Mystery quilts, that I put together in a different way, maybe it was 2010?? This quilt has been given to some good friends, to use in their caravan. The border print has cats on it.

This Pretty in Pink quilt was a Block of the Month that I purchased and made for my eldest granddaughter and gave it to her for her 9th birthday, in 2008.

 This is a wholecloth quilt that I made back in 2008 and our local group used it for a raffle quilt.

This quilt was made for my second eldest grand daughter for her 9th birthday in 2008.

Using a daisy panel as the centre, I made this quilt in 2008, and gave it to my mother when she was recovering from surgery some time later.

I made this quilt for a challenge that the AMQA held in 2008. Due to circumstances it was not actually entered into the challenge, and I gave it to a friend some time later when she going through cancer treatment.

I made 3 quilts like this in my early machine quilting days, possible about 2003. I quilted them in 3 different ways, to show my customers  the difference between allover, custom and freehand quilting designs. They are all still in the cupboard.

And this is my quilting room showing those 3 quilts hanging on the wall.

 This is my "Laugh, Kookaburra, Laugh" quilt that I made in a workshop at Quilt Encounter with Heather Ridlley, in July 2006. It was not finished though until 2009, when these photos were taken. I love this quilt and it attracts a lot of attention. It is still on a wall in my house.

Dresden Stars is another class sample for my Embellished Quilt classes. I made this with the same techniques as in Touch of Gold, to show people that the quilts did not always have to be cream. One day this quilt will belong to my sister, who loves purple.

This was a quick quilt to make, and given to a good friend for his birthday.

I made this wholecloth quilt for a customer back in 2010, with very simple quilting.

This quilt was made as part of a challenge by a few in our group. When we went to the Kaniva exhibition one year, we threw out a challenge to each other to make a quilt using 2 charm packs, and I forget the actual amounts of the other fabrics. This is mine, and it now resides on a bed at my cousin's house.

This is not actually a real quilt, but you cannot tell in this photo. It is painted on a piece of hardiplank, and was then mounted the side wall of the shed at The Sanctuary.

This is one of the Bedford Mystery quilts, done with Lessa Siegele and Faye Packham in 2012. I put my blocks together with sashing, and a star at the cornerstones.

These are not actually quilts, but a couple of bags I made back in 2012.

Again, not quilts, but journal covers I made for attendees at one of the retreats at The Sanctuary, in 2013.

 This quilt I made for grand daughter number 3, in 2013, when she was turning 9. The applique hearts were cut with the Go cutter, which made it quick and easy.

This quilt was a Block of the Month with the Quilt Basket of Victor Harbour. I commenced this in 2003, and started the applique with blanket stitch by hand. As the years went on, and I had not done more than half the blocks, I had run out of time to do any work by hand. A friend who came to live in Bordertown wanted some hand work to do, and I offered this job to her, and we would share the finished blocks. She did a lovely job to finish them, but unfortunately a year later she died, and the blocks were returned to me. I finished this quilt in 2013 and called it "Ann's Garden" 
in memory of her.

This is called "My way to New York", and made in a New York Beauty workshop with Lessa Siegele at Bordertown. This is one quilt that I actually started and finished in the same year, 2013.

This strippy quilt was made to showcase machine quilting, and I am not so sure I am in love with the colours. Made in 2013.

This is one of my very early quilts, and is a curved log cabin, made in a workshop with the Gumtree quilters, and taught by Chris Osman from Naracooorte. Probably about 1998?? I was talking to a friend, and she laughed when she saw this photo, because she recognised it as the quilt that she had "wrapped" around herself in a group skit! (And I might add she wore little else!)

I made this quilt in a workshop with Kaye England, who visited Australia from the USA in November 2006. The workshop demonstrated the use of the Nifty Notions Rulers, and I enjoyed this, and still use the rulers today. This is the Gretchen Block in made in the range of fabric called Kaye's Cottage. I finally finished the quilt, which I called Kaye's Roses, in February, 2009. (It is really handy when you put labels on quilts so that you have this information, but I have to confess it is not something I often do!!)

This quilt was started in 2004 as a group project making different blocks each month. I made the quilt larger to fit a queen bed, and added the plain blocks in between so that I could practice my feather quilting. This was back in the days before I had a computerized machine, so was all freehand quilting. It was finished in April 2005. I gave this quilt to my cousin in 2016.

The quilting on this took me right out of my comfort zone, doing the feathers freehand, and also using a darker thread, which showed up more than a cream one would have! They say it takes practice and it certainly helps.

This feathered star quilt was made from a purchased kit, and was used as a sample of my quilting in my early machine quilting days. This was quilted in about July 2005. This is a large quilt, and still taking up space in my cupboard. I love the blue colours, and would have it on my bed, if I had not made the wholecloth quilt, in the photo below.

This is my wholecloth quilt, made in 2006 of cream sateen, and entered into the SA Quilters Guild Festival of Quilts, where it won Best of Show, and Excellence in Longarm Quilting Award!  This quilt is on my bed and used every day. When I think back, I must have been brave or foolish, as I entered this quilt into the show with only a diagram, and had not even started the quilting by the time entries closed in June 06.

As it is an almost white quilt, it has been tricky to photograph this quilt, so I have a couple of closeup photos to follow.

This is Scrap Lattice, and made in a workshop with Susan Murphy in Bordertown about 2004. I enjoyed this class, and finished my quilt soon after class, which is unusual for me.

A mystery quilt, made at a retreat at Robe in 2004 with the Gumtree Quilters.

A trip around the World quilt, made in a workshop with Lessa Siegele many years ago??

Made with mainly batik fabrics as one of the quilts for the beds at The Sanctuary, using a pattern that I had published in a magazine, which was called Grandma's Garden.

Feathered Roses, finished in 2015. This quilt was started in a workshop with Lessa Siegele in 2005, who taught Peppermint Rose at our Gumtree Quilters retreat at Pendeleton. After making 4 of the rose blocks, I decided I was not keen to make more, and purchased matching fabric to add some borders and call it done! Our group had a Head to the Border project in 2014 and I used the centre 4 roses as my starting point and added borders to it. The first border we had to do was square in a square. The second was flying geese, third was applique, fourth was hourglass, fifth was braid, and the last was a choice of seminole or rectangles!! This is the result, and I finished quilting and binding  it the night before our 2015 exhibition! Took 10 years to finish, but it is done.

This is called Coral Surprise and was my practice piece before I made my wholecloth quilt. I had some cream sateen and asked Marie Holly to dye it for me, and when she asked what colour, I said, surprise me! Well, she surprised herself, as she thought it would be pale pink, but came out much brighter than expected. This was a learning curve for me with the quilting, and in using sateen.This was quilted in July 2006, after the close of entries for the show.

This is my Creative Woman quilt. My sister gave me the centre panel, and then I "found" a range of matching fabrics, so purchased some more. One of the fabrics was labels, and I cut them out and added borders for the blocks. Each label has a good saying written on it with pigma pen. I quilted this with all free motion quilting and had a lot of fun with variegated thread, and quilting scissors and more sayings in the red border strips.

A Mystery class taught at The Sanctuary by Lois King, and this was my quilt. 

My quilt, called Garden Stars, which was published in Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine a few years ago. Made in January 2006, and quilted in April of that year.

 Copies of the pages from the magazine.

A Touch of Gold 2, which was made as a class sample for the Embellished Quilt classes I teach. The photo was taken when it was hanging up in  Bordertown Exhibition in 2007.

This quilt, Squares all Round, was also entered into Festival of Quilts in 2006, and won 1st in Professional Traditional. I must be Queen of the last minute as this quilt was also entered by end of June, and unquilted until October, for the show which was in November!! I don't like to do that anymore, it's too stressful.

This quilt, Roses for Lois, was published in Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine in 2006. I donated this quilt in 2008 to the Cancer Council when I was having treatment for Breast Cancer.

This quilt used up a lot of blue scraps, and was used as a practice for machine quilting. Date unknown, but probably before 2007, as it is freehand quilted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Made of Pink and cream scraps, date unknown, and not sure where it is now?? Also a demo for freehand quilting.

Plates on Point, and entered into Adelaide in 2007, and won the Excellence in Long arm quilting award. This was started in a workshop with Kaye England, in 2006, using her dresden ruler, and is the same range of fabrics as Squares All Round.

 This is another quilt made in  Lessa Siegele workshop, called Two for One. It is using the 60degree ruler. I still have leftover blocks from this, for another quilt, one day!


Susan Smith said...

Wow, love this page & have seen some of them in the magazines, which I don't get anymore & have actually saved one of them when I had a clear out. Some of your freehand quilting is amazing. I was never very good with my non stitch regulated machine (APQS), but had a better time when I got my Gammill. Where did you do your Kaye England classes? I did one in Sydney back in 1997 with her and another in Loch at Julie Wallace's old shop & that was with her Nifty Notions ruler. I just gave one of the quilts I started there away for our Xmas raffle at the Car club last year. She's a good teacher. Thanks for doing this, I enjoyed.

Pauline Clark said...

What a fantstic journey. Thankyou Judy.xx

Sue said...

Loved looking back with you 😀