Sunday, 22 September 2013

And a good time was had by all


Another great time was enjoyed by those who attended the Pink Retreat.

Once again it was a time of friendship, much laughter, some sewing, lots of sharing, eating pink food and some time out.      I love to watch the interaction between everybody, and how quickly we all get to know each other. The mini auctions which occurred throughout the weekend were keenly anticipated by all. Such fun to watch, especially when more than one person wanted the item offered. One occasion Lois was bidding on a bag of goodies, (made by the lovely Faye Packham), and it was up to $20, going once, going twice, and she turned around to get her “purse” of money, as I was about to say gone, and before the words came out, Val jumped in and bid $21! Needless to say, Lois said she could have it!!

A group of quilters from Renmark were staying nearby, and after visiting the local patchwork shops, called in to see us. We had another great time of sharing with each other, all with a common interest of quilting.It was great to meet them, thanks for coming girls.  They bought some tickets in the quilt raffle, and generously donated to the BCNA as well. So we were very happy when one of their girls won the raffle quilt!

Below the Renmark girls visiting.


Below, the usual group photo, and it’s hard to get them all looking good, bit like taking a family photo with your children!! Always someone who doesn’t want to be in it!! Don’t they all look lovely in their PINK?Smile



Above, relaxing after a good day’s sewing, and below the stayers still at it.



Vicki’s bag that she made.


Lyn made a mug bag and started sewing her pink snail’s trail blocks.


A few of the girls made journal covers, some were very decorative!                                  And below a few of the mug bags.


We finished the weekend with “High Tea”. Served on my grandmothers lovely china cups and plates. It’s not often the cups and saucers get used these days, but it was lovely to pretend of a bygone era.


The girls trying to look the part, with the little pinky finger out! Sorry for cutting you off the photo Vicki.


And this was the end of the afternoon, and pack up time, the worst part of the weekend. Packing everything up, and wondering why you brought so much “stuff”, (that you thought you might need), or others glad they brought it all, and pleased with what they achieved.


The house is now quiet, beds all remade for next weekend, floors swept, fridge cleaned out, and the fire has gone out. Sad smile

It was a fully catered weekend, and as it was a PINK retreat, I tried to do PINK food!  Think I managed reasonably well, should have taken more photos. One night I did the shepherds pie, and mashed potato looks very pink when mixed with beetroot and feta dip! We had lots of beetroot in the salads, and grated raw beetroot does a good job of making coleslaw pink! Pink jellies in trifles work well, and berry yoghurt is pink. I won’t bore you with any more food details, but will say that I am glad it was not a blue retreat!

Thankyou to all those who helped in any way, either buying raffle tickets, or giving a donation, to all those who donated pink items for the auction, those who made the quilt, Lois for teaching, Lyn for supplying the goodies for afternoon tea, and to the girls who came. Thankyou! I am pleased to say that it was a good fundraiser for BCNA.

After all that, think it’s time for bed, have a big quilting job to get back to this week.

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 20 September 2013

Another week has gone


I can’t believe just how fast time is going by. Seems no time at all since last weekend.

Have had a quick trip to the city this week, and was thoroughly entertained by The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White, a musical put on by my granddaughters school. It was very funny, and they did a great job. Sorry, no photos were allowed to be taken.

On my way home, I saw a double rainbow just before Tailem Bend, and stopped to take a photo. It was raining, and just before dark.


It is the Pink Weekend Retreat, starting tonight, and below are a few photos.                   First is one of all the donated goodies which will be auctioned for the girls to buy with there pink money! They have been eyeing all the goods and deciding which items they would like. Thank you to all the generous people who have donated these. I won’t mention names, in case I forget someone, but THANKYOU. The proceeds of this will go to the Breast Cancer Network, along with the proceeds of the raffle quilt.


The early birds start sewing this afternoon.


Hard at work this evening, the table is a bit more cluttered, and still a couple of girls to come tomorrow.


And these are my 2 babies, with there feathers on now, and taking up most of the space in the nest. Just as well there are only 2!


Well it’s time for bed, another day tomorrow.

From Jude

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Stars and more stars

Just a quick peek at the quilt that I have just loaded onto the machine.
Its a beauty, measuring 102" x 110". It could be on for quite a long time.
Had a bit of a play around with different patterns last night, and think I have finally worked out what I will quilt. Tried a couple different patterns, and have 2 blocks to unpick as I wasn't happy.
I do know that there are 90 stars in this quilt! (And I am not going to count the alternating plain blocks).

Hope you have a  great day, whatever you may be doing.
Our little burst of spring was shortlived, as the weather has turned cold and a bit wet again.

Looking forward to this weekend, the In the Pink Retreat.
The "pink" stuff has been coming in, received another little parcel in the post yesterday. Thankyou to all the people who have donated "pink" stuff for the weekend, I am blessed to have such good friends.

Time to finish off, it's bible study morning, and time to prepare for that.

Blessings, From Jude
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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Catching up on the quilts


Once again I have fallen behind in blogging the latest quilts that I have done for customers, as there seems to be lots of other happenings to blog about too.

First 2 quilts are made by Lois W, who loves cats.In the black and white quilt,I quilted cats around the white border, and paws in the black around the stitchery blocks. The other quilt is of some rather mischievous cats getting into the Christmas decorations.




And this is Kath’s quilt made using a Michele Hill design and the Adelaide Collection Fabrics. Kath wanted minimal quilting, so just some frames around each block and SID the applique, and a border pattern.


This is made by Lyn for a friend who is having treatment, and she called it his “Positive Thinking” Quilt. He was amazed that someone would make a quilt for him, and was very thankful.


This is made by Jill, a trip to Paris quilt.


And some butterfly’s made by Cathy, which I quilted with “flutterbyes”.


It has been a very busy weekend, with a day in the garden yesterday, and after church this morning I went shopping and have had the afternoon in the kitchen, making a start on the baking for “in the Pink” retreat next weekend.

I will be having a very early night tonight, and back to the quilting in the morning. Have a lot to do this week, and a trip to Adelaide in the middle of it, for a school musical. It is a lovely time of the year for driving around the country, the wattle trees are flowering, the canola crops look glorious in their yellow flowers, and the paddocks are all green.

Be back another day,

Blessings, From Jude

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Proud mother of 2

A couple of photos taken today on my way over to do some weeding at
The Sanctuary, some ranaculi (sp?), and the pink flowers which come up all by themselves each year, in time for a lovely pink display for the
In the Pink retreat.


And now some further news on the nest, we have babies, only 2, which have hatched in the last couple of days. Mother was a bit upset with me trying to take a photo. Had to stretch the arms and shoot, hoping I could get them. Now I shall leave her in peace, although this coming weekend will see much more activity near her nest, when girls arrive for the retreat.
It is hard to tell how many are in the photo, but there were only 2 eggs.

I had a quick trip to the city yesterday, had a training day, and then caught up briefly with family, and was home by 10.30pm, after a 6am start.

Have been weeding in the garden, and planting out pots that I bought a "little" while ago and which are really grateful to be out of the pot!

And I am now sorting pink things for the mini auctions next weekend, and printing some more pink play money.

Will be back soon with another update, hope you are having a great weekend, whatever you are doing.

 From Jude
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Monday, 9 September 2013

Wow, More exciting news!


One month ago I shared the engagement of my son, and this time it’s the engagement of daughter number 3! Must be something about holidays, as these 2 are holidaying also.

I received a phone call yesterday, it was a bit hard to hear, as she was calling from Champagne in France! So 2 engaged in a month, and both guys had aready bought the ring.

Looks as though there will be busy times ahead, with parties to celebrate, and then 2 weddings to plan for! It will be another month before this couple are back in Australia. Their holiday continues across Europe.


Time to get into the shower, and start my day. Have a quilt on the machine I need to finish today. Be back soon with more quilt photos.

Have a great day,

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

In the Pink Retreat

It's almost that time of the year again, when we have the "In the Pink" Retreat at The Sanctuary. Last year was a great success, and lots of fun.

Below is the quilt that was made by some fantastic friends, which is to be raffled. Thankyou so much to the 6 lovely ladies who planned a sewing day, and made the quilt without me knowing a thing! (I almost upset the plot, when I called into my friend's house on my way home from shopping, as they were all inside, sewing in secret, and had hidden their vehicles
 where I would not see them! Thought it was a bit strange when I was met at the door and not invited in.)

Proceeds of the raffle go to the Breast Cancer Network Australia. This is my way of giving back, as I benefited by the support of BCNA when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2008. I had surgery and follow-up treatment, and have just passed the milestone of 5 years!

The retreat is on from September 20 - 22, so not long to go now.
 I have a lovely group of ladies, and a couple spaces left in the house still. Would love to hear from anyone who is interested.
We are going to wear pink, eat pink, drink pink, and sew pink.

Thanks also must go to those who have donated pink items for the goodie box. All those attending the retreat will be given pink purses, with pink play money, which they will use to bid on these items in mini auctions, which are lots of fun. And we will finish the weekend on the Sunday afternoon with a Pink High Tea, served on my grandmothers best tea set!

I would love to hear from anyone interested in buying
 raffle tickets, at $2 each.
This will be drawn on the Sunday afternoon.

This was the sewing area before the girls arrived last year, and the raffle quilt in the background.
And these were all the goodies that were auctioned last year.

And the pink ladies from last year, (minus a couple). Don't they look beautiful in their pink?
Would love to hear from you,
From Jude
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Catching up


Time for a few more quilt photos, seem to have blogged about a lot of “other stuff” recently and the quilts that are not shown are building up again.

Below a quilt made by Lona for a relative, who wanted black, white, grey and “another colour”.



These are 2 made by Suzie, one for a little boy who loves John Deere tractors, and the other a floral quilt.



These 2 made by Di, above, just simple squares showcasing the fabrics, and heavily quilted with a feather pattern, and below, a touch of pink with black and white, which looks very striking.


And this made by Marion, a quilt (I think), called Everyday Angels, which was around in my early days of quilting. I know I have some quilts coming into my own queue which have been around from years ago. I know one that I started in 1993, that is all finished except for the quilting part. If only the quilter would move them up in the queue!!


I have been having a bit of a sort out and getting some order (?) into my work space, and my desk and machine space look much better, but in the process, I have moved things into the next room, and am now working on that. A bit at a time, while “Max” is busy on all over quilting jobs. Pity I have some big custom jobs soon, so that will mean staying close to “Max”.

We have had weather up to 30deg this week, but going back into the teens for the next few days. And I have put the heater away too.

Hope you are having a good week, whatever you are doing,

Blessings, From Jude

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Spring is here

The weather has changed dramatically in a week, as last Thursday we had thunder, lightening and hail and rain and temps still low teens, and this week it is sunshine,  and temps in high twenties! It is beautiful out, no wind, the birds are singing, plants are flowering, and the weeds are growing. Pity I am not out in the garden today. But I have made a start on the jobs outside.

Today I need to clean up my work space, I can't think properly until I get things back into there right place and clean out the clutter.
So this is just a short posting with a few photos from the garden, and an update on my bird nest. There are still 2 eggs in the nest, so looks as though she has finished, so will wait for some babies now. 

So that's all for now, hope you have a great day, whatever you are doing,
and I shall now proceed to tidy up my room. Might take me awhile!

Blessings, From Jude