Thursday, 26 April 2018

Monday - part 3

Well, we are still on the bus (on Wednesday), have just had a lunch and loo stop, and back on the bus, on the way to Cameron. I am still in my "office" up the back and working on blog posts. I lost internet for awhile before the lunch stop, am back online now.

Monday evening we attended the Presley Country Jubilee Show. (This has no connection to that other famous Presley name.) All along this stretch of highway are many establishments where they hold shows of some kind, and I saw one named Dolly Parton).
The whole show was just amazing, and we had a great evening. Before the show commenced, there was a time of gospel singing upstairs, where many people gathered to sing along, and the piano playing was fantastic.
A lot of places we have been on this trip have mentioned God and faith, and I find that surprising, but very pleasing. It seems that a lot of shops have signs up, and our bus has a Bible verse (John 3.16) written on the back. There is not a lot of mention of such things in Australia, well not that I have noticed.
The gospel singing could be heard throughout the building, and greeted people as they entered. And for me this just added to the whole evening experience. It was a wonderful show, (or did I already say this?) and I especially loved the gospel singing and that they included hymns such as Amazing Grace in their show.
They also acknowledged their veterans and their service for their country, and all stood for the anthem.

It was time to be seated, and we had a good vantage point in the theatre.

One of the Presley family came onto the bus to speak with us after the show.There have been 4 generations of the Presley family entertaining people over 50 years, They used to entertain people in the theatre in the Fantastic Caverns.

That's about all for Monday, be back soon with Tuesday news. (Not sure how long before we get to our destination, Cameron, so better get busy while I have internet, as it went out for awhile.)

Blessings, From Jude

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Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

We also noticed lots of Bible verses around.. very different from Oz...xx