Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bargello quilt

This is another quilt that I did last week, Helen was worried about the empty spaces in the lighter areas, and did not want
it to be custom quilted, she thought about some applique, but we are both very happy about the way the feathered pattern,
stitched in a slightly darker thread managed to "fill" the empty space and looks good.
Looking forward to my weekend away this weekend. Will be almost finished the quilts that I need to do for the
Gumtree Quilters Exhibition which is from October 21 - 23rd, at the Mundulla Hall.
Look forward to seeing some of you there if you can make it.
Have almost got hot water again, thanks to a good friend and another element. The washing machine will be going flat out in
the morning.
Enjoy the rest of your week,
and happy quilting or whatever you are doing.

From Jude
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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Jude's news

This is a photo of Merridy's quilt that I quilted an allover baptist fan on.
Hope she is pleased with it, I think it looks good, and is a great alternative to doing custom quilting.
Have done a few edge to edge quilts this week, but the others went out the door
before I managed to get a photo.
Had a few days away to attend a school Musical with 2 of my grandies in it. Was a very entertaining
show, they all did a great job. And then I visited the other grandies and babysat while their parents
went out for dinner to celebrate a wedding anniversary.
And last night was a good friends birthday party which was also a great night.
Today I have laid brick edging at The Sanctuary and put more plants into the garden.
Can't wait for it all to be finished. THe pavers have been laid at the front of the house, and
the painter is doing the last few jobs, so won't be chasing tradesmen any more.
Next weekend I am going on a retreat, with a few friends, (across the road to The Sanctuary)
 and hope to get a bit of sewing done for myself.
 So whatever you are doing this week, have a good one,
From Jude

Friday, 16 September 2011

Another weeks work

This is a quilt for Jills granddaughter, very cute, I hope that Matilda likes it.

This was made by Jo as a challenge with 2 charm packs, 1 metre each of 2 other fabrics and unlimited
background fabric. At least Jo's is a finished challenge, mine is not, (and whose silly idea was it for a challenge??)  Very creative Jo.

This was made by Dianne, started a long time ago, she will be glad to get the binding on, to have it
finished at last and was pleased with her mail delivery today.

This is another quilt made by Jill, for her granddaughter Matilda.
It is Michelle Hills pattern Arabesque, done in different colours.
Jill does an amazing job stitching  the applique, lots of tracing and cutting out.
Thankyou Jill, for being such a good friend, I wish I had met you many years ago.

Well thats my lot for this week, hope to spend time in the garden at THe Sanctuary tomorrow.
The paving should be happening at the front, and the lawns need mowing. Everything is growing
fast now, and things are flowering.

Till next time,
Happy quilting.
Regards Jude
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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

sandy's quilt

This is a photo of Sandy's heirloom quilt done in my class, stay tuned for more photos of the quilted product.
She did an amazing job for it being her FIRST quilt! Good work Sandy.

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Monday, 12 September 2011

leaving comments

I have had people who read my blog, tell me that they are unable to leave comments.
Have spent considerable time this morning on the computer, talking to those who might know, and reading
the help pages, made one change to my settings, and lo and behold i seem to have a comment!!!
Hopefully this has made the difference for you all, let me know if you are still unable to comment.
Thanks for dropping by, I shall try to keep regular postings.

Happy quilting,
From Jude

Sunday, 11 September 2011

More quilting

These photos are of Helens quilt, which she made using some of her hand dyed fabrics, and a lot of Holly Hand Dyes fabrics. If you wish to learn how to do this, contact me for a weekend retreat with Marie to learn how to do the same. The quilt turned out lovely and bright, and she was very pleased.
The appliqued flowers in the centre of the quilt are having suffolk puffs and buttons stitched onto them after the quilting is done.
This quilt will be on display at the Bordertown Quilt Show from October 21 -23.

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In the garden

Bottlebrush about to flower
and Buddlia which was planted about 8 months ago, so I must be doing something right.

I have spent today in the garden at The Sanctuary, putting down more brick edging in the back garden,
and planting more things that I brought back from Adelaide yesterday. My reasoning is that if
I plant lots of plants, the weeds dont stand a chance!!
Spent a couple of days in Adelaide,visiting family, spent some lovely time with 3 of my grandchildren,
went to the nursery and bought plants, (almost as good as a fabric shop!) and visited a friend
who is in hospital. Tomorrow its back to work on the quilts.
Have a good week in whatever you are doing.

From Jude

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