Monday, 30 April 2012

"Biggest Afternoon Tea"

Yesterday our local quilting group, held our annual fundraiser for the Cancer Council's "Biggest Morning Tea" event. We usually have an afternoon tea and a small quilt display in someones garden, or a hall, and invite the locals to come for afternoon tea. We have tables set up, with tablecloths and use cups and saucers, which is unusual in a society where we drink from a mug. This year it was held at "The Sanctuary".
We were blessed in the weather yesterday, a lovely sunny afternoon to sit outside and have a cuppa, so there was a good turnout from members of our district.

Above, some of the members after the setting up and hanging of the quilts.

Inside the back pergola, before people started coming. Notice the lovely floral arrangements on the tables, that were done by our president.

Below the lovely display on lines strung up from tree to tree, up the driveway to the house.
Below, is "Bones", my dog, just fits nicely into the doghouse, which was in the back yard
when I bought the house. He doesn't cost a lot to feed, and makes no noise for the neighbours to complain about!! Jean named him Bones, because she thought he needed a good feed!
Marlene brought her dog to visit, and I am sure that "Lady" was wondering why this other dog would
not talk to her??
Above, the working crew in the kitchen, notice the lovely cups and saucers, many of which belonged to mothers and grandmothers. It's usually a once a year airing for them.
A few shots of the people gathered around for their cuppas. It was a good fundraising effort.

Well, I think its time to get back to the quilting, have a few I want to get done this week.
And then its time to get The Sanctuary ready for another weekend retreat, this time with Michele Hill.
I am looking forward to that. There is still one place left if anyone would like to join us.

Enjoy your week, whatever you are doing.
From Jude 
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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Quilts, the fabric type and another sort

Below are 3 more photos of quilts done this week, quilts made of fabric.I have had a run of edge to edge, which has been good, with the other jobs I have been doing.
Getting ready for this Sunday, for afternoon tea at The Sanctuary.

Well, below is another sort of quilt, not made of fabric, but painted on a board.
I have had this idea for awhile, and wasn't sure how it would work.
I originally wanted someone to paint something on the side of the shed at The Sanctuary, but noone was very keen, mainly because the shed was made of corrugated iron.
Then I had an idea to paint a board, and hang it from the shed. The board has been sitting around for many months, nothing done until a friend asked me if I would have it done before the event thats happening this weekend, The Biggest Afternoon Tea.
There is something about having a deadline coming to motivate us isn't there?
So last Friday afternoon, another friend called in and we set to work in EQ7, after I measured the board, which was 71" x 47". This is the design we came up with. So then we measured it all out, and drew it on the board with a pencil. And each day since, I have worked on it, taping the edges of each piece in the block with painters tape, and doing each separate colour and waiting for that to dry before doing another colour.
And let me tell you that there is a vast difference in painters tapes, so had a few fuzzy lines, which I hope are not too visible from a distance! And it is also much easier to quilt flowers and leaves, than it is to paint them.
An artist I am not. But I was quite pleased with how it turned out. The colour choices could have been better, but I was working with little pots of colour that I had, and limited choices.

This afternoon, the handyman husband of a friend came to the rescue and worked out how to hang
this on the side of the shed. I am very happy, and pleased with how it looks. Certainly makes a difference to the side of the shed, and a good talking point, and very appropriate for the "dyeing" shed at a
quilting retreat. (I think I can see a few more painted creations hanging in strategic places around
the place in good time.) Thankyou to the friends who have helped me with the renovations
at The Sanctuary, I am so blessed, it has been a real community effort.

I have just had my son and his girlfriend here for a meal, they are leaving this town and moving on the coming weekend. They both have new jobs about 3 hours away. They have both lived here all their young lives, so are excited to be starting out in new pastures. That means that all my children have moved away now, and its just me here now. Thats a bit sad, but I am pleased for them to be making their own way.

Well, thats about it for this time, will report in after the weekend, with some photos of Sunday,
hoping for sunny weather, so that we can hang "real" quilts around outside,
with tables out on the lawn for the "afternoon tea".

Blessings, From
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Trying to post again

Sorry for my absence in blogland. But, I did try a few days ago, and spent ages adding photos and writing a report, only to have everything freeze up, and then I lost the lot. Was so disgusted I went to bed, and only trying again now. Instead of trying to add photos from different folders, this time I have put them into one folder, and worked from there. Modern technology is great when you know the short cuts. It seems that a computer is a neccesity in todays world, especially for a business.
I use it for lots of tasks which would be so much slower if I didnt have it. Can't imagine doing the accounting without a program that adds all the columns at the click of a button!! It helps me to stay in touch with whats happening in the quilting world here and overseas, at the click of a button. We can send emails and get a reply almost instantly these days, and not wait for snail mail.
If I want to see how a quilt would look before I make it, I can use a program like EQ7, layout my ideas and even see how different colours will look. So much quicker than drawing on graph paper etc. And I can type up my notes for a class and make alterations so easily, and print copies quickly.
All my photos are downloaded onto the computer, and I can share them with others
with another click and press send!
Even my quilting machine can run on a computer, and patterns can be sewn much easier than when we use to have to mark up the pattern onto the quilt etc.
But all this modern tech stuff takes a lot of keeping up with, as each programme keeps updating.
I even read my books now, on a Kindle and just click to turn the page!
Well enough waffle about all that, below are a few of the recent quilts I have done.
Hope you enjoy.


Another day, I might tell you about something else I have been working on this week, provided it turns out as I hope. Just a few more days and I will know if I shall make it public or throw it where noone can see it!!!!

Anyhow thats enough for tonight, I have the heater going, as the weather has turned very cold in the last couple of days. Had some rain, which the country really needs.
Am hoping for some sunshine on Sunday, for our "Biggest Afternoon Tea" event.

More to come,
From Jude
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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Imperial Diamonds


A couple of photos of the latest quilt, Imperial Diamonds by Val H. Well pieced and seams all pressed the right way by this lady. Thankyou Val. Quilting was all diagonal lines, so lots of SID.
Managed to get it finished in time to take to Adelaide last Friday, when I went for Quilt Valuation Day, which happens every 2 months. Always a good day, and we get to see lots of lovely quilts.

Then I went to the beach to visit family that are holidaying there, and then out north to see more family and then on the way home I caught up with my mum and dad. Hadnt seen them for awhile, so was good. Mum is going really well now, recovered from December's scare.
(Also had quite a shop up in the garden shops on the way home, lots of potted colour to brighten up a few spots in my garden). So it was a rather long day, and took me awhile to get out of bed next morning.

The weekend has been mostly spent at The Sanctuary, planting, weeding, potting, laying brick edges and generally trying to get organised for an event in 2 weeks.
Our local patchwork group are holding a Biggest Morning Tea event at The Sanctuary on April 29th.
(Except we are having it in the afternoon!!)
Will have tables and chairs set up in the back yard, for people to come and have afternoon tea and look at a few quilts hanging around the place. A lovely sunny afternoon would be good. Look forward to seeing lots of people, money raised goes to the Cancer Council SA.

Well better get busy, lots happening, quilts to do too.
Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing,
From Jude
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Monday, 9 April 2012

Another update

Sorry for the long gap between blogs, and thankyou to all those who check in to see what I am up to. The blog count tells me there are just over 4,000 page views now, I can't quite get my head around that many, but thanks for your interest.
It has been awhile since I "reported in", went away for a few days, my youngest GS was one so had to celebrate that, and then spent a few more days with family, and returned home just before Easter.
Traffic on the roads was getting busy, so am glad to be not travelling now.
Did take a photo of all 6 grandies, but it is not so good, hard to get them all still at the same time.
Below is a couple of quilts done recently, have another to photograph today, and yesterday I loaded another biggie, 97 x 108", so that will take me awhile.


Well, I better get to the shower, and start my day, although rather late. I have been a bit slack lately and not getting up so early. Have always been up and going by about 6am, so this is a change for me.
Then I need to put a load of washing on, and sweep some floors and tidy up a bit. Sometimes it just gets ignored while I am finishing quilts and then I need to "get my house in order" before I can concentrate on the next quilt.
I hope you all have had a lovely Easter, and taken time out to reflect on the real meaning of the cross and resurrection of Jesus.

Blessings, From Jude
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