Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Saturday report - Part 1

I found a few more photos of quilts at the show, that I had not posted, so here they are before we start on Saturdays post, which will be in 2 parts.

On the bus again, and the first stop was the Finkel building. You could be forgiven for thinking this was an unused shop, but inside were more treasures waiting to be found by us. I managed a bit of damage in here too. I have not posted many photos of what I have purchased, but there is enough that I have purchased an extra bag to come home, and may even need to resort to the the posting option too!!

Another group photo taken near the river wall. And I think there may have been a couple of girls ready to climb on the train, except for the sign that said NO!

This is a carving of Chief Paducah, the Indian chief who the town was named after.

It was back on the bus again, and we are doing a lot of this, to head to Marion, and Amish/Mennonite Country. The road followed what the call the Trail of Tears, which the route they went when they marched all the Cherokee Indians out of the area, and up to Oklahoma. Our bus driver is telling us a lot of the history of the area. The town of Marion was named after a revolutionary war hero, and was settled in 1842.
The Amish settled in the area in 1977.
Marion was holding a quilt festival, and we visited a few displays before driving out into Amish country.

There was amazing display in the Methodist church, as you can see in these photos. A lady was playing hymns on the piano, which really added to the atmosphere.

Not a quilt, but the ceiling of the church.

This was the Post Office.

Another sign, and of course we had to go in, didn't we?

There was more than vintage quilts, and I hope you can read the tags on these.

Another display, with more quilts.

There were a few booths selling items outside of the Visitor Centre, and here 
Delma is looking at the Dogwood blossom which will soon be in bloom. 

An Amish couple explained the religious significance of the colours of this flower.

After this, it was time for lunch, which we had at Anna Mae's. Our bus driver was determined that we should try some real American food, so he bought us these Fried Pickles, which you eat with ranch dressings.

Here is Pat getting into the American way, with the Pickles, the dressing, and even the Iced Tea.

This was my crispy chicken salad, and even though it was nice, it was far too much on the plate. The packets in the bowl, are Salad biscuits (?).

After lunch it was back on the bus, for a drive through the countryside, and this will be in part 2 of Saturday.

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

Your photo snapping finger must be worn down to the first joint. You’ve done a fantastic job of recording & photographing your trip. Loving every minute 🌹

Sue SA said...

Truely are experiencing all aspects of America, including the food!

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Such lovely, lovely quilts! So much to see! Thanks for bringing us along! xx