Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Almost mid week!

Practicing again with my laptop, and posting a few more quilt photos, trying to catch up with those in the files.

First is Summer Soliel, a mystery quilt made by Di. This was quilted allover with a pattern called Funky Flowers. 

Another quilt made by Di, and this time quilted with an allover pattern called Starsaswirl.

This quilt was made by Helen, and an edge to edge Maple leaf pattern was quilted in the strips, and the circles were all stitched in the ditch.

Next is a quilt made by Jenny, called Sweet Birds. I found an appropriate edge to edge pattern called Chicks and Flowers, which was almost made for the fabric in the quilt.

Another quilt made by Jenny, and called Time for a Beer.

Another lucky find while I was searching online for patterns, was this one called Cheers, which fitted the fabrics also.


I was discussing how I was going to pack all of my cords, chargers etc that I needed to take for my laptop, phone and camera, and searching my room for something suitable. Lo and behold, a few days later I was presented with this bag, by the darling Helen. Thankyou, it is just what I need. This morning I stitched a couple of pockets to the inside, to hold my USB's and SD cards.

Everything looks very cosy in there now.

I found a bag that was a good size for the laptop, and the darling Raylene stitched some extra bag wadding on the inside, and now that is cosy in there too. And of course I need a plastic bag for my medications, (inside the original boxes!), with the scripts, and a letter from the doctor. They would take up lots less room, if I didn't need to take the large boxes! And the other bag holds my camera. I am very blessed to have such good friends.

I am gradually packing "stuff" into my shoulder bag, and trying to remember just which pocket it is when I need to find it. I have the money all sorted now, and US$ loaded onto my cards.

And this is in the spare room, an empty suitcase, and clothes waiting to be packed in.

I still have 5 sleeps until we leave town, and feel that I am fairly organised with the packing. My list was shrinking as I ticked things off, but then I keep adding other things as I think of them!
My carryon bag is still waiting for "stuff" yet, and I think I can fit what I want to take in that. NOTE, I said what I want to take, and not what I need to take!? I know "they" say to travel light, you don't need much, but my dilemma is the weather, and what will the temperature be? I am a cold frog and hate being cold.

I have finished the custom quilt, and it's off Max, and ready for collection. I had intended to do another one, but have decided to be kind to myself, and leave it until I return home. I still have quite a few things to do, getting "my house in order" before I go. My house sitter is coming in, and preparing for 2 week retreat in residence.

(I don't know just what button I pressed just now, but this laptop just started talking to me, and quoting things on this page!!!????? Bit eerie when someone starts talking and I am the only person in the house!!)

That's all folks,

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

Poor Max will be glad you are away for 2 weeks, a much needed rest for him! I’m very happy to see you have a place for everything & everything in its place for your trip. Now write a list so you know where everything is!! It’s almost ready, set, go! ✈️

Sue SA said...

Yikes, a talking laptop, not my idea of fun!
If your a cold frog, pack for the plane/carry on, a zip up jacket/polar fleece and some socks, in case your cold. Polar fleece is good because you can screw it up and it doesn't crinkle and weighs very little. But any favorite jacket would be fine.
Did you buy a converter plug so you can use all those cords in US electrical sockets?
I just converted my pile of things I might like to take, into the suitcase last night....and then decided to get a bigger suitcase down!
Honestly I am a loss packing my bag, as it has been such a long time since I flew anywhere! I can see me taking too much.
Have a great trip, looking forward to seeing some of the photos on facebook.

Dot said...

The decision-making’s always hard. Remember, what you pack you have to carry, so focus on what you need. A spencer or two is light weight and doesn’t take up much space and can be an extra layer if it’s cold. Have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jude thankyou for visiting my blog,i am now your newest follower and i hope you will follow me too.
Lots of lovely quilts the ladies are very clever.
Isnt Brenda such a lovely lady we have so much fun together ,hope you have a lovely day xx

Jean McGee said...

You are really getting organised now, must be getting excited with only a few sleeps left. I am glad you gave yourself a rest from Max, he will still be there when you get back. Some more beautiful quilts on show again. I love the bags you have with all the bits and pieces, will pack better in your bag,
Have a wonderful time and bring back lots of goodies for yourself.
Love , Jean 😀😀😀😀

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Looking good!!!!!!! So exciting!! xx

Chookyblue...... said...

just found this saved post.........lovely quilting once again..........