Saturday, 7 April 2018

This and that

I am sitting here in the lounge with the feet up and thinking about another blog post, of the week’s happenings. Also taking the opportunity to have another play with my little gadget. Don’t know why I call it a gadget, as it’s really a little laptop, and can also be a tablet, and has a keyboard. I am used to using a mouse, and it’s a bit tricky using the “whatever” it is called on the keyboard. (Is it a touch pad??)  But after playing for a bit this afternoon, I realise that I can also move things on the screen itself, and have just enlarged it so that i can better see what I am typing. This makes it much easier. Now I have to get used to pressing the keys a bit harder than normal. Hopefully it won’t be long before I get more proficient in using it. And hopefully I will be able to use the hotel internet ok, while I am away to keep you all posted about the trip.

I have crossed some more things from my list, which is getting shorter now. I had been struggling with getting the TSA lock on my suitcase set, but thanks to a video call with a family member during the week, it has now been sorted. On Wednesday I had my last dentist visit, (for now), and the car was serviced. On Friday Pat and I went to Adelaide for the bimonthly Appraisal Panel meeting. (And visited some clothes shops on the way home.) A visit to mum and dad on the way home, and also a catch up with my brother and his wife while I was there. A bit of “jetlag” occurred this afternoon, and I might have closed my eyes for a little while!

This is what I am working on at the moment, and I think it will take me a few more days yet.


This load of straw was delivered to my back yard this afternoon. My garden is sadly neglected, as well as showing the effects of a very dry summer. We have only had about 15mls of rain for the year so far, which is much less than usual. I know we have underground water on tap, but it does not replace that which comes from above. Hopefully I will get to spend some time in my garden when I return from THE TRIP.


And speaking of the trip, I picked this shirt up when I was in Adelaide yesterday. Makes it all a bit more real!  It’s coming up fast now. In 8 more sleeps, we are off to Adelaide ready for an early morning take off.


Julie called in today to show me her finished wallhanging  that was quilted recently, now that it has been bound.She did a great job on this, and it is a gift for a friend who has recently moved to live near the sea.


I think that will do for now, I will come back later with a few quilt photos for you.

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

What a clever little BUNNY you are, managing to make sense of your new gadget, all to keep us with you on your trip. Glad all is falling into place before D.D. That’s Departure Day. ✈️

Jean McGee said...

Have just caught up with your last few blogs, Easter weekend looked very relaxing and I am sure was enjoyed by all. My sewing room "down the back" is being painted and new floor covering put down, so everything had to be moved out. What a job! Will be lively when it's finished.
Getting exciting now Judy, counting sleeps already. Your garden will love the straw and we just need rain everywhere.
Love, Jean 😀😀

Sue SA said...

Have a great trip Judy. We will be away at a similar time, so hope to see pictures of your trip when I get home. Safe travels.

Susan Smith said...

Just on catch up & by the time you read this, I think, there won't be many more sleeps. Have a wonderful trip, enjoy & bring back plenty of memories & photos. Huggles.