Thursday, 26 April 2018

Monday - Part 1

Today (which is in fact Wednesday morning), is a day on the bus, and I have set my "office" up in the back seat of the bus, to catch up on downloading photos and posting some blogs, I hope. We have been so busy going here and there, and our trip heading fast to a close. We have 3 more nights, and then back over the ocean, and it will be all over! Going so fast. 

Monday mornings first stop was this patchwork shop, which was just amazing. Could have spent a lot more time in here. Although I managed to do some damage to the card in a short time.

I have not told you about Raylene and Margaret yet, but they are travelling America with is, well their photos are. They were both booked to come on the tour, but unfortunately life events meant they had to cancel. They were both very disappointed, and we are sad that they could not come. So I decided to print a photo of them, and bring them along. I have been very remiss, in not bringing them out much before now, but when I remembered, they were in the other bag!! Here they are shopping with us. I did have them held up in our first group photo in Paducah. And hopefully they will enjoy a coffee with us in Hamilton this week.

This kit was just a part of my purchases at this shop.

We had been instructed to be back on the bus by 10am, but it does take awhile for 21 ladies to spend money in a quilt shop, and it was after 10.15 before we were off again.


Next stop was The Fantastic Caverns at Springfield. It was a 45 minute drive down in the hills. If you click on the link you will find lots of information. The caves were discovered by a farmer in1862. A group of 12 women were the first to explore the caves, and left there names inscribed on a cave wall. There have been a few owners of the property over the years, and it has been opened to the public off and on in that time. For a few years shows were held in one of the caves, with a dance floor and a stage area, and I think a bit of illegal activity. This was shut down in 1922. The property was resold a few more times over the years, and reopened later with the name of Fantastic Caverns.
They have jeeps that pull trailers loaded with people through the caves and I have a few photos, although some are not real clear.
This is America's only ride through cave, that follows an ancient underground riverbed filled with massive formations.

I had to hold my practice my deep breathing, and say a few prayers while going through here, due to a slight claustrophobia issue from my childhood. We were underground for almost an hour.

And of course, what is the first thing you gotta do when you get off the bus??

Heading into the cave. We had to duck out heads in lots of place, where the space was limited.

The women's signatures on the cave wall.

This is a bit blurry, but is a photo of a photo.

Then it was back on the bus again, this time for lunch at Lamberts, which I will do in another post. Will publish little blogs, in case I "lose" my pages while on the bus.

Be back
Blessings, From Jude

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