Monday, 14 August 2017

My weekend

Just a quick post this morning before I get busy with my day. There is to be a bit, lot of cleaning happening soon as this has been ignored while I have been working through the queue. And some cooking is also on the agenda for this week, in preparation for next weekend's Mystery retreat, when 10 ladies arrive. Can't wait to see what quilts they pick to make.

As I showed in the last post, I had chosen backings for my quilts that need quilting. Saturday morning I measured the quilts, and took the quantity of backing needed to place with the tops. All was good until I was folding up the grey swirl backing and look what I found, right in the centre!! Not ideal is it? It is in the laundry, and being sprayed with stain remover, and I am hoping it will wash out. I have my doubts, as it does not look to be disappearing yet. As it is my own quilt, I will still use it, and maybe it will be covered with a label?? Maybe I could cut that section out, and have a join in the centre?? We will see. If it was a customer quilt, I would not use it. 

I decided to load my Fractured Circles quilt first, and planned a simple custom. And this is how it looked loaded onto Max. I know you all remove the threads from your tops, before you take it to the quilter don't you? This is one job I confess to leaving to my quilter!

And this is how it looked very late Sunday afternoon, after I had trimmed the edges. I had planned on making binding with all the leftover fabrics, but that did not happen, yet. I am not all that happy with the curved piecing on this, but it is almost finished and will keep some one warm. I started this in 2008 when Lessa Siegele came to Bordertown to do a workshop. It was November and I remember this because it was the day I arrived home after finishing 6 weeks of radiotherapy.

I have decided to call it Noughts and Crosses, unless someone has a better idea? I always struggle with names for the quilts. 

I went to church on Sunday morning, and then went shopping, to buy supplies for next weekend's retreat.I have hardly been outside all week, and was pleasantly surprised yesterday to see some blue sky and sunshine. It even felt warm out, the birds were singing, and I saw a couple of daffodils in bloom. Maybe spring is on it's way?? I spent some time out, pulling some weeds and tidying up in the front yard.

 And after lunch I was visited by Miss Bridie and her mum. I have not seen them recently, so still had a birthday gift here for Bridie. Here you can see her mum putting it together, while Bridie helps to hold the bag with the screws in it.

Now it' time to try out the blackboard side. The other side is a white board, and also has a roll of paper for drawing.

 Bridie's mum is in Bordertown working for the next 4 weeks, and the 2 grandma's are doing Bridie minding duty. I have her this week for some of the time, so there might be lots of drawing, playing, cooking, and maybe some outside time, on the agenda. And not a lot of quilting. At 2 years old, she is probably a bit young to show her sewing yet??

Have a good week, whatever you are doing, and wherever you are.

Blessings, From Jude

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Catching up on quilt photos

Here we are and it's the weekend again! Where do the weeks go? It has been a very productive week, and after a few longs days, I have managed to finish a lot of allover quilting jobs. Although the queue has not gone down by much, because almost as many have come in the door this week. My "understudy" and helper, Raylene, returned by train to the city on Tuesday after a great few days. I even managed to quilt one of her quilts that had been in the queue, and the binding was attached, and the hand sewing was finished before the train journey ended.

It must be time for another update of quilting photos from the files. I took some time last night to work out the ones not shown, and apologise in advance if you have seen any of them. Some of these go back 2 months. Once again I am reminded of how blessed I am to have the occupation I do, where I see such a variety of quilts, every day.

The first one is made by Pat, and is a great use of scrap fabrics. This is custom quilted with a simple block in each square, as she had one of those peeper borders around each block.

The back showing the pattern, that is hard to see on the front with the busy fabrics.

This is made by Kim, for someone who loves the Minecraft game, and was quilted allover with a pattern called City Windows.

This is the back, where a dragon has been pieced.

This quilt uses a lot of scrap fabrics as made into half square triangle units, and has been quilted allover with a pattern called Pirouette.

An I Spy quilt, made by Joan, which looks great with the striped sashings.

And is a dual purpose quilt, with this panel on the back.

Very striking colours in this quilt made by Kerryn. The colours are much more vibrant than the photos show. It must have been a dull day outside.

This very large, starry quilt was made by Christina, and quilted allover with a pattern called Vanilla Orchid.

Another large quilt, made by Kim, and quilted allover with Baptist Fan.

This perfectly pieced basket quilt, made by Sherrel, was custom quilted. This was a BOM pattern from the Quilters Harvest store at Warracknabeal, which I am sad to say has closed its doors now.

A simple quilt, made by Marion, and custom quilted.

This quilt, called Fairy Floss, was the mystery quilt made by Val at the last Pick a Case retreat back in June, and has now been quilted allover with a circle pattern called Asti.

The next 4 quilts, are all made by Jenny, who has been having a clear out in her sewing room and finishing things off, and all quilted with edge to edge patterns.

I hope you enjoyed the quilt show this morning. That clears the back log slightly.

As it is the weekend again, it must be time to do some of my "stuff", and last night I got out some of the things in my pile, that are waiting to be quilted, and sorted backing fabrics for each one. There are 6 quilts, but I can't say that they will all get done??

Next weekend it is another Pick a Case Mystery retreat, which should be a lot of fun. And this week I am expecting a little visitor, called Miss Bridie, who will be spending some time each day with me. So there might not be much quilting happening until after all that.

 So maybe I better get out of the dressing gown, and into the shower, and make the most of the next 2 days, and see what I can get out of the quilting pile, and into the "ready for binding" pile?? Our exhibition is just over 2 months away now!

Have a great weekend,

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


While I was in Melbourne recently I received the news from home that Gypsey had passed away. Unfortunately it happened when neighbours were caring for her, but she lived a good 16 years. She was actually DD3's cat, and came to live with me when DD3 moved to the far north and then to the far west of Australia. 

In Gypsey's memory I have searched the files for photos of her. She has received lots of attention from many people over the years, as you can see in the following pictures. 

First up is one of DD3 with Gypsey.

Gypsey is missed by many visitors that call in, and especially by Jocelyn who often brought her treats, and by Nic, my neighbor. He tells me that he doesn't like cats, but he loved Gypsey, and made it easy for me to go away and know that he would feed her. Thanks to all those who loved her.

Blessings, from Jude