Sunday, 16 January 2022

Looking into 2022.............................

 I have been mulling over this post for awhile now, in fact for all of January and trying to think about how to put down my thoughts. I better post soon as January is more than half gone.

I have been reading a lot of posts in blog land and note that lots of people are setting goals for each month and some stating a word to live up to for the coming year. I tried the word thing for a few years and went back into my blog to remind myself of what I said. One year it was Balance, and another year it was Organisation. Well I failed on both of those for that year, so have decided not to do that again. I do have a few goals, or should I say plans that I hope to achieve, but not saying them out too loud either, as it is really hard in the current world in which we live to guarantee our plans. One day, or even a week at a time sounds achievable. 

I do like what I read on one blog that she had reached SABLE status in her life!! Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy.... it fits me so well. So one of my plans is to keep on with the packing of fabric packs and Quilt kits ready to do some online selling, in the future somewhere, as well as a couple of markets that are lined up. This is what my cutting table looks like tonight..... and there is lots more where this lot came from. Some will be packed into bundles and some into the kits and a lot will be sewn into donation quilts.

Another site I read talked about squirrels happening.......meaning a distraction that pulls you away from what you are currently working on and sends you in another direction. As we don't have squirrels in Australia, (well I don't think we do??), perhaps it might be more appropriate to talk about going down a rabbit hole?? I have so many different things I want to do now, sometimes I don't know where to go first?? (Photo from online - This pic takes me back to a whole other lifetime in our farming days).

It was always easy to plan my day, as it was mostly just to load the next customer quilt and keep up with the queue. The motivation to get them done was the momentum (and perhaps the push?) I needed. While I am still doing customer quilts, as I head into partial retirement, I have reduced the numbers I take in, and mostly they don't have a deadline. Which means the stress of keeping up is absent. Perhaps that is not such a good thing for me as I struggle to find a new routine and work out what the priority should be??? Which is why it is easy to 'go down the rabbit hole', or even let a whole day go by and wonder what I have achieved? 

Some of my plans for 2022 are, (and I am whispering these, not saying them out loud) - The Windy Hill farm quilt, but it has been put away for now and I will get back to it, sometime...... Cutting and planning for a selling table at a group quilt show, just over the border. I have been told this morning that this has been deferred until later in the year, so I now have breathing space......Learning Power Point programme so that I can go on the roster at the church......... sewing scrappy donation quilts.......finishing all the UFO's that I have in progress and not saying how many....... cleaning out old files in the filing cabinet.

Mostly I spend mornings in the garden and find there is lots to keep me occupied. I did post about that hedge and how progress was very slow. I made a decision this week and have passed the job onto my mowing man, who I decided was better qualified to do the job. Plus he has much better and bigger pruning equipment than I do and he will finish the task in no time at all. And gives me more time to work in other areas.

The computer issues are being sorted and that's another dilemma I have. I have a desktop computer, a laptop that I use when I travel and a computer on my Statler machine. They are all running Windows 7, and I know that is no longer supported by Microsoft. I've been thinking about a new laptop and even though I don't travel with it much at present, it is good to take into other areas of the house when I want to use it. The other dilemma I have is that if I update my laptop, some of the software that I use (including Quickbooks) will not be compatible on a later version of Windows. I don't know why "they" need to update things and give us a new learning curve for it!!?? - I know this is probably a minor problem when many in the world don't even have a computer, and I'm not really complaining, just stating how it is.

I made mention in a December post of a special event and party time for February. I'm not too sure just how it has come around so fast, but in February it will be 20 years since Cornerstone Creations Machine Quilting commenced!! It has been an amazing journey and I have been very blessed. There were plans for a great celebration and a party of some sort, but as I said before plans change easily in current conditions. In the hope that 'things' will ease in time, I have now thought about celebrations in April, from Easter until the end of the month. There will be more details in due course about how and what will happen. I hope to combine this with the BCNA Pink fundraiser that I did not hold last September. 

Reaching 20 years of CCMQ has sent me down another "rabbit hole" and in another unplanned direction!! This cupboard below had been packed with books and papers and stuff! There were lots of magazines that had articles about quilt show results and quilts that I had made published in them. There were newspaper clippings about my business, CCMQ. Brochures, advertising flyers and photos and lots and lots of information and history of my journey over the last 20 years. I know that 'one day' and I don't know when, I will have to make a move from here, and 'stuff' will need to be packed, or even thrown out! So sorting has begun.............

This tub now contains the information that I need from the cupboard above. My plans are to scan the documents and put them into a computer document.

In another box, back behind Max where noone can see 'stuff' was this collection of work diaries going back to 2002 when I started CCMQ!! Oh, what a collection of memories and information is in these!! I have spent most of this week going back and taking notes. 

They are now sitting in this pile, until I have finished with them. My plan now is to write a book of my Cornerstone Creations journey. I have many photos on hard drives to add to this story and I can see much time being spent at the computer. About 3 years ago I started writing my life story book and had worked my way through my first 18 years. This has remained dormant since then, but in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to get back to this and hopefully this is one of my goals for this year. 

Some people might say I am a hoarder for having kept a lot of this information, but I did have a reason. When it's all recorded in book format it can be discarded. Not too sure if anyone will want to read it at all, hopefully some of my family might be interested, but it's something I feel led to do. 
I found this entry from 2008 and sent the photo to my DIL!! It says Carly to sew! She sent a message back, with a laughing face emoji, saying "Back when I was trying to impress my boyfriends mother!!" (She must have given up trying to impress me, as there is no sewing happening these days!)

I got this far with this post and had a phone call. During the call I received a message from Raylene. I looked at it and saw this message with the photo.

                                                   " Do you have this sky at your place?"

 By the time I went outside to look it was almost dark, but did manage to get this photo! I almost missed it!

Time to finish off and head to bed ready for another day tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be much cooler, so time in the garden will be a good start, to see if I can get some strawberries before the birds get them.

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

This and that.............

 Here we are almost at the mid point of the first month of January 2022, so perhaps it's time to check in with newsfromjude? I have a few thoughts about what's ahead for 2022 but before I talk about that, perhaps I'll report on the last 12 days. 

Once again this year we started with a bloggers Zoom day which is always a lot of fun. We all feel free to check in and out during the allotted time which varies from an early morning start for us Aussies to an afternoon or evening for those on the other side of our world. Some of us are just getting up for the day while others are heading for bed and might come back in the morning of our afternoon!! Bloggers joined in from Canada, USA, England, Norway, Germany and New Zealand as well as most states of Aust. The most we had online at one time was about 23! We all have lots in common such as quilting, stitching, families and of course the covid situation for us all. There are differences such as climate, temperatures, traditions and food that are discussed. Thanks to Chooky for organising these catchups throughout the year. I guess this is one of the positives that has come out of the covid situation as we have all spent time in isolation with lockdowns. Go to Chooky's blog or Denice's to read their reports of our day.

A lot of the girls are hand sewers and have "quiet" projects to do while we chat but you all know that there is no hand piecing in my life. I took the time to sew a binding on one of the donation quilts, and that was enough for my finger. Don't know how the others stitch all day!!?? The bindings had been sewn onto all 5 of the donation quilts and this was the first. My usual binding fairy has not been able to visit for awhile, but I have been very fortunate to have found another fairy to help with this task and there are 3 done now. (I have heard a rumour that the first fairy might soon be able to return for a visit!)

When that was done, I got out another project that I have just started. (I probably don't need to start another one when I have so many UFO's to do, but I have 2 little boys that I haven't made a quilt for yet). It feels like going back to kindergarten with tracing, and glueing and cutting out! This is what my bin looked like, and you would think I could have  managed to get it all IN the bin when it was just by my chair!!??

I am working on another pattern by Red Boot Quilt Co, called Windy Hill.

By Sunday evening I had managed to get this far, and now need to start some machine sewing of the applique.  Before anyone tells me that the blocks are not "balanced" I will say they are not laid out in their final positions as I just wanted to see how many more blocks I might need to make. I will now change the pattern and add borders to each block and probably fill in between some with pieced sections to make it larger and then add borders. As I have 2 of these to do, I will need to start the tracing and fusing process again some time.

I have spent some time in the garden most mornings. I  posted awhile ago about the honeysuckle hedge that was growing over the path.

Here you can see what has happened with the fence support coming down and the 'little' bit of progress I have made so far. I could be working on this for a loooong time yet as there is a LOT of hedge that needs to be cut back.

I have had some computer issues this week, which was enough to scare me into doing some backups on files. This is a job that I have not kept up with, but all is good now. A big reminder on how reliant we are these days on computers for all sorts of things. It's all good when it works, but when things crash it leaves us vulnerable. 

I have done some customer quilts as well as a bit of sorting and tidying and had some appointments to keep. I had an appointment in the city for today with the blood specialist and that has now been changed to a phone appointment. Mostly I am staying close to home and praying that this "wave" will pass by quickly. "It" seems to be spreading fast, but thankfully most are able to manage at home without hospitalisation. 
Stay safe everyone and do not fear.

Blessings, From Jude

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Happy Birthday

 It is 3 years ago that Mr Tate was born, back when the world was 'normal'! So back into the photo files I went to find a few. While I was there is was a good chance to sort some as well. It is lovely to be reminded how they have grown and watch their characters develop.  First up we have Miss Bridie checking her new little brother.........

............and it wasn't long before he was almost one................

               ....and then last year when he turned 2, and those little eyes loved the candles!

............and then just before Christmas he got to spend time with his "a bit younger" cousin when they came over the border at last!!

Hope you've had a special day little man, and it was good to chat with you this morning. Enjoy that cake that Dad has made for you.

Edited later..... just received a photo of the cake ceremony...........

Luv Margar

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 31 December 2021

The 2021 Summary.........

 It only seems like a little while ago that we were all waiting for 2020 to finish and 2021 to be "more normal". Now, 12 months later, it seems that nothing has changed, and in fact, for us here in South Australia it's getting worse. While the borders were closed to other states, we lived in relative safety. But since the borders opened on November 23, and as we head to the end of 2021, daily cases are going up fast. Yesterday there were almost 1500 cases and today just over 2,000 and seems to be going upwards daily. We will soon forget just what that other normal was like as we head for another year of "different".

Looking back at my blog posts for 2021, I see that I started the year with the usual "clearing the decks" at the desk and filing "stuff" away. It seems to be an ongoing task and probably clears the mind for a new year as well. I say that one can't be creative and tidy at the same time, so that must mean there is lots of creative things happening in this house! 

                           The before and after early in 2021............ and another job to do this week.

The garden also seems to be an ongoing project. That's possibly because I am not consistent 'out there'. Life seems to get busy and the weeds take over, until I get the motivation to clear it again. Hopefully I can be more consistent going into 2022??

            The before above, and the after below, (and you probably don't need to see it as it is now!)


2021 started with a zooming session organised by Chookyblue and there were several during the year including a Christmas one this week. 2022 will be off to a great start with another linkup this weekend. Thankyou Chooky for organising these and linking up bloggers from all over the world. It's a great way to have a sewing day when you can't meet in person and great to learn about what's happening on the other side of the world.

There seems to have been a few family catchups....... my sister's special birthday in February.......

.................lunch with mum and 2 brothers and SIL in Murray Bridge..............

..........and an early morning breakfast meeting as well.

There was a brief opportunity in July to 'go over the border'.............

.............and meet up with DD3 and DS and families at Halls Gap.

                                  There were a few family visits to Bordertown..............

A lot of time was taken up during the year cutting and packing fabric for a couple of market days, ably assisted by my fairy, who puts the finer touches on it all.............

A tree in my back yard decided it would fall onto the fence and the road early in the year.........and involved quite a cleanup to remove the remainder of that tree and a few more.

Thanks to the arrival of Covid in 2020, retreats at Number Eight have been few and far between, but we did sneak in a few little gatherings during 2021. I do miss the busy weekends of years gone by, and am patiently waiting for that part of normality to return??

A lot of time was taken up in 2021 finishing the 25 year history of Gum Tree Quilters. This book was launched at the celebration sewing day in April.

We said farewell to a special member of our group in September.

I have been very fortunate to have some great customers that make amazing quilts for me to quilt. Some of those have won ribbons at shows this year....... including Festival of Quilts in Adelaide..............

.........and the Bordertown quilt show in October.........

and 3 more from the Vic Quilters Showcase in Melbourne in December. Thankyou to all of my customers for trusting me with your creations. It is the best job, to be able to work from home and go to a quilt show every day! A newsletter will be sent out in the new year about plans for 2022.

A new car found it's way into my carport in July and it's taking some time to learn about all the things it can do.............

2021 has been a good year for me to get some quilts finished, with the added motivation of our local exhibition in October.......either getting them out of the queue and quilting them, and even some piecing time!

In case you think it's been a very busy year, the last part of it has been much easier. I seem to have finally found some of that balance I have been striving for. Time has been spent "smelling the roses", feet up in the recliner and reading lots of books. I am still nursing my knee following that fall, and have an appointment early in January to have it looked at. I am also dealing with other health issues. Regular checkups for my eyes, blood and annual mammograms all seem to be part of life now.

If you have read this far, I thank you. I continue to trust and know that God is leading me on his path and He has a plan for my life.

I wish you all many blessings and His peace as we go into the next year, 2022.

Blessings, From Jude 

P.S. Sending birthday wishes as well today to Raylene, who is currently caring for her hubby following his knee replacement.