Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Happy Birthday

    It is 4 years today since this little man was born. I remember driving to Melbourne to visit on that day, which was also the Grand Final of the AFL footy. 

The years seem to be flying by. Is that because we are so busy, or perhaps getting older??

Have found a few pics in the files and also the ones that DD3 sent this afternoon. It was lovely to see Mr Jett when we travelled over the border 2 weeks ago. I delivered his birthday gift, a farmyard collection of wooden animals, on that trip, and had a video chat with him this morning.

This morning he was excited to tell me he received a fishing rod...

.........and a tackle box for his birthday.

Good to chat to you this morning Jett, and i hope you had a lovely day at the zoo today.

Lots of love 
From Grandma  xx


Monday, 25 September 2023

Another 10 days have disappeared............


................and a lot has been packed into that time, although not too many photos in the files. Therefore it must be time for another newsfromjude update.

I have spent a little time in the garden, and really need to get out there more. I found my banksia rose in bloom one morning............

.......and also my jasmine down the back, that smells absolutely divine.

I managed to find 4 rows of strawberry plants underneath the weeds that needed a good water. These are some new plants that I transplanted from an old patch. The main patch needs some weeding, and have plenty of flowers on them at the moment.

This area has seen plenty of rain this season, although things are drying out now, and some further rain will be needed to finish of the crops that look great at the moment. In the travels of the past couple of weeks have seen many areas that have not been so fortunate.

It was special to have these friends join us for a meal as they travelled home from a holiday interstate. Have had the usual local ladies calling in for a coffee and other friends for meals too. Plenty of Vitamin F is happening!!

         There has been a trip to visit family in Melbourne.........and I must have been too busy to take many photos while there.........the kids playing on the beach in front of their house............

..........and going for a trip on the water with Dad.............

....and colouring in with new pencils.

Instead of travelling home again via Melbourne, a decision was made to drive further down the peninsula to Sorrento and take the ferry across the bay. In this photo the cars were all lining up before driving onto the ferry. This was my first trip on the ferry which took about 45 minutes to cross the water.

You needed your "sea legs" when the ferry got out into the bay. After a couple of days of blue sky and lovely weather, this day was rather overcast and the view towards Queenscliff was hazy.

The car then headed towards Ballarat and onto the main highway back to Bordertown and home after 3 days away and precious time spent with DD3 and family in Melbourne.

There are a few family photos in the files, some that have been sent to me.
DS and family recently had a few days up the river and here is DS proudly holding up Tate's catch.....

Miss Olivia is now 10 months old.............. her first birthday is in sight!!

...and here is Miss Olivia having her first swim in the pool.........

DS and family have been planning the building of their new house for awhile now, and progress has been made from this........... this in what seems like a short time!! The bricks arrived last week, so I look forward to more photos soon.

Have had another trip up the highway last weekend to visit with some friends who I haven't seen for ages. A trip I have been talking about for quite some time, and then decided, just do it!!

First visit was to Yankalilla to visit with Michele and Larry Hill who have recently moved into their new home. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and we shared afternoon tea of savoury scones and caught up on each other's news. Thankyou Michele and Larry for your hospitality.

Later that afternoon it was time to catchup with Robyn, another friend who I had not seen for awhile. 
Robyn has been a visitor to Number 8 in recent years, and it was special to meet up with her again.

Sunday morning it was special to attend the Yilki Uniting Church at Encounter Bay.........

...and then a shared lunch with more friends. This is the view taken from their back pergola at their home. It was perfect weather for outdoor eating, blue sky, sunny and no wind.

Later that day I met up with Claire, who I went to school with, worked with and who was one of my bridesmaids 50 years ago!! I am not sure how many years it is since we have seen each other, but it seemed like only yesterday as we caught up on each other's lives again!! (Note to self - don't wait so long next time to meet up with old friends)

In between the meetings, there was some tourist activity. It has been many years since I have been back to the area, but I had spent many happy times with family holidays here in earlier times.
A few pics of the scenery between Goolwa, Port Elliot and Victor Harbour.

This is the bridge that crosses over to Hindmarsh Island.........

.and the view of the early morning sunshine on the water, from the top of the bridge!!

There have been many family occasions at Port Elliot, and sorry for the view of the bins in the foreground, but it was taken from the car. (Too lazy to get out for the photo).

It was a lovely 2 days touring this area and meeting up with old friends. A visit to mum on the way back to Bordertown ended a special couple of days.
Today is catchup on the blog day, and a visit to a friend for her birthday. Tomorrow it is back to work on Max. I will be back with another post of customer quilts soon. In the leadup to our quilt show in October, I am now pleased to report that I am quilting some of my own quilts !! 

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 15 September 2023

Half way through another month!!.................

 ....................which means it's time for another update of newsfromjude.

My last post was the morning that Pat and I left for the Sunraysia quilt groups exhibition at Redcliffs. We had a fantastic weekend, starting with a show at the Mildura Arts Centre, by the Robertson Bros, featuring 60's music. This was an amazing show with great music and attended by a few hundred people. We met up with friend Jo at the show and here is a pic taken at the venue.


This pic was taken from the facebook page and shows the audience behind the artists. We can even find ourselves in the audience, and I should have circled us before I saved the photo. Thanks for letting us know that the show was on Jo.

This was setting up afternoon for the show, and Jo was helping as our fairy was absent.

Pat and I at our stand, wearing the aprons that were made by the fairy. We had a lot of comments about them!! Thanks Raylene.

Just a few photos of my 4 tables all ready for the show to open.

There were other shops at the quilt show too, and I can't recall them without looking up the flyer.

Here is Jo working on the group members sale table. 

Janome had a great display of machine working to tempt us all.

...................and now a few photos of the quilts and displays.........

Jo proudly standing in front of the quilt that was totally hand quilted!! (Not on my bucket list anytime soon, so well done Jo).

This quilt was made by Maxine when she came to Bordertown in February for the 21st birthday celebrations.

This was the most amazing quilt, made with 1 1/2" squares. You had to see it to appreciate the work in this.

Another Storm at Sea quilt, made by Jo, and I love how she added the stars, boats and fish to the quilt.

We had a great time at the show, and I was very happy with sales for the 2 days.

In between the show times we did some sight seeing and visited Wentworth, just over the border into New South Wales to see where the Murray and Darling rivers meet. The Murray is higher than usual and flowing very fast.

We climbed up this tower where we could easily see the rivers, and the pelicans catching fish in the water. It was rather late in the afternoon when these were taken.

The map showing all the rivers in NSW and QLD that flow into the Murray Darling system was very interesting.

This was home for 3 nights, and wasn't far from the quilt show.

Just across the road from the Motel was the Redcliffs club, where we dined 2 nights.

This was our group on Saturday evening, and it was quite the reunion, as all but one of us, had been at Barradine back in April. It was good to catch up with these friends again while enjoying the food at the club.

On Sunday the Redcliff markets were held on the lawns outside the quilt show venue. I had time to check out the stalls in the hour before the quilt show opened.
There was a display of old vehicles.........

..........this is Big Lizzie, a feature for Redcliffs.........

.................and this explains all the info about Big Lizzie. You might have to click on and enlarge to read it.

Sometime during the weekend I started thinking about the name of the town, Redcliffs and wondered if there were any redcliffs nearby that the town was named after, and sure enough we found the Redcliffs lookout......... 

There were lots of plants at the lookout that were blooming.......and the area was so peaceful except for the birds that were in abundance.

All too soon it was Monday morning and time to pack up and we reluctantly headed for home and reality.

I will be back sometime with another post of recent quilting. Tomorrow there will be another trip over the border. 

Blessings, From Jude