Monday, 23 April 2018

Friday report

Time to get another post in tonight before sleep time. If I can manage to report on Friday, I will be happy. We have a busy week ahead, so time might be precious. It is now Sunday evening and we are at Branson, Missouri.

There are not a lot more photos from Friday, as most of the day was spent in and around Paducah seeing what we had not already seen.

The day had an interesting start when I woke at 1am to use the bathroom. Unfortunately there was a problem with the flushing process, and the water did not stop, and kept running until it overflowed!! Thankfully there was someone in reception, who came to the rescue and half an hour later, the mess was cleaned up. I will say that the situation could have been a lot worse!!! And I am surprised that the bathrooms in the US don’t have drainage holes in the floors for a flooding situation.


I managed to snap these 2 when they were chatting to “Mr Quilt"!

And who should have walked by when we were in the convention centre, but Dennis!! (see previous post). What was the odds of seeing him again, in the crowd of thousands?? The day we met Dennis, he was telling us about his “precious”, meaning his wife. He had been bringing her to Paducah for the quilt show every year for a long time. When we met up with him again, he rushed upstairs to find his “precious” and bring her down to introduce her. Photo below with Dennis and his wife 2nd from the right! Lovely to meet you both.
The bus came at 2pm to take us downtown to the Rotary Show, where there was an Antique Quilt Show. This was also where I had to meet up with Nancy, who has a shop called Nancy J’s fabrics. A few years ago I “met” Marilyn online in a Statler Longarm group. We both have the same longarm machines, run a machine quilting business, and we corresponded with other and found we have similar interests, besides quilting. When I said I was coming to America, it was hoped that we could meet each other. But that was not to be, so Marilyn sent a parcel for me with Nancy to Paducah. (Marilyn quilts most of Nancy’s quilts for her, and they were on display at the show, so I could check out her work.) Photo below is Nancy and I at her booth. I took a parcel of Aussie things for her to take to Marilyn.

The fabrics on Nancy’s booth were just the sort that Faye loves.
During the afternoon it was time for a drink and sit down, and we found a seat outside where they were selling drinks, (all iced again!) and there was this funnel cake on the menu. We tried it, and it was quite nice, but more than enough for 4 of us!
The sign outside the building that we were in.
There was a lace making demonstration at the door.

One of the antique quilts.

Mary Kerr gave us a talk about each of the quilts, and the history that went with them.

By the end of the day, we were a bit (lot) footsore and were resting outside, waiting for the bus to pick is up.

That evening some of us went to the Ricky Tims show, which was very entertaining and inspiring. This was held in the Carson centre, pictured below.


Ricky entertained us with his piano playing, and also his amazing flute. He talked about his quilting journey – Joining the Dots. We all have a start date, and an end date. Everything that happens in between is your  life journey, that joins the dots. Our quilting journey tracks our life from our first quilt, to our progression from then on – it maps out our life. We remember the events that happen in our lives as we are making those quilts. He told us the stories of his life, some tragic, but all leading him to where he is on his quilt journey. It was a fantastic night.
Following the show our bus drove around town to see the Dogwood trees, that were lit up at night. And there endeth another day.
Blessings From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

Just showed Val how to read your blog. She is thrilled & reading ALL your blogs out loud to us. Sorry you didn’t pop us onto the Passion Chair ( It May have done some good ) ❤️

valma rigney said...

Enjoying your blogs, feel like I am there with ya /all.

Hellie said...

Great news Jude. Nothing like hot off the press. By the time people get home you often miss hearing about lots. Enjoy your time -all good down under