Sunday, 31 December 2017

Number 800!!!

This post is a milestone one, as it is Number 800. I was rather surprised to notice that the last one was 799, and I don't often check how many there have been. It is very timely then that this is also the last day of the year, and time for a few musings. I have to wonder just where the year 2017 has gone? It seems to have disappeared so fast, and it seems no time since the last new year's day.

So I have been looking back in the photo files, and I think I can see why it went so fast, and I shall briefly outline some of the reasons.

Quilting customer quilts has taken a fair amount of time, and I see that I quilted 153 quilts for others in 2017. This number is a bit lower than normal, but a lot of them were custom quilts. And in between the quilting, there were 11 retreats here at Number 8. These weekends have been an amazing time of sewing, laughing, sharing, eating, some drinking, and making friendships. And as some of these retreats were "Pick a case Mystery" ones, we ( must not forget my helpers,) must have designed, and cut and wrote instructions for about 30 quilts!! That accounts for a fair chunk of time!

I have attended 3 family weddings, one of which was my son. And some time also was spent with other family members. I had 2 trips to Melbourne, one to family and one for educational purposes. And there always seems to be something to travel up the highway to the city for, either Quilt Appraisal days, or quilt shows etc.

Lots of bloggers look back at how many UFO's they finished for the year, and even keep lists on their blog!! As we had our exhibition this year, I did find some finishes (is that a word??) in the photos, and I shall post these here. And thank you to the binding fairy, without who I would not have got them done! And I must confess that there are still a "few" UFO's hiding around here, and more still in the quilting queue. Maybe I should find another quilter??

Around the garden, a quilt made many years ago, that I had intended to custom quilt, but it got an allover instead, and now it's finished!!

 My Antelope Canyon quilt, called Garden Delight, which also managed to be Viewers Choice at the quilt show.

A workshop with Heather Ford, using the HexnMore Ruler, to make Hexagons, and made a table runner, and some place mats.

A workshop with Michele Hill, many years ago, that was to be a cushion, and is a wall hanging instead.

This was an applique workshop back in the late 1990's, and is now a cushion.

A Gloria Loughman, Contoured Landscape workshop, finally finished.

Another Antelope Canyon quilt, with some changes in the colour placement, that I have called Illusions.

My quick curve ruler bed runner, which was going to be a quilt, but did not make the cut!

Noughts and crosses, my quilt made in a Fractured Circles workshop with Lessa Siegele.

A wall hanging using Ricky Tims Convergence method, with applique flowers on it.

Another Antelope Canyon quilt, made with the Texture Graphics fabrics. This quilt has been very popular, and sold well. (I still have limited kits for this quilt, already cut into wof to save cutting time.) This quilt has not been quilted yet, so technically I probably shouldn't say its a finish for 2017??

And another project I have been working on, and not finished either, are the blocks for my Dear William quilt, designed by Michele Hill. I have managed to trace, and cut and fuse all the blocks in 2017, so we will see what happens in 2018??

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who visit my blog and read what I write. And thank you to those who leave a comment, either here or by email, or text. Thank you for checking up on me, if I am tardy in posting. I have several printed books now, of the years of my blogs, and it is interesting to look back and see what happened, or how often I say the same thing?! I think I started in July, 2011, so fairly recent.

And as I mentioned my binding fairy earlier, I would like to wish her a very happy birthday for today. (I can't imagine having a birthday, Christmas and new year, all in the same week!) Just as well it's not Mothers Day this week too! Happy Birthday Raylene, hope your day has been a good one. (found a nice little snap of you taken earlier this year)!

I wonder what the year 2018 will bring? My calendar seems to be filling up fast and there is lots to happen. As it is in life, there will be happy times and sad times, exciting and mundane happenings. Whatever it brings, either on a personal, local, or global level, I must remember to keep trusting, and hope in God, who has led me thus far, and will faithfully continue to.There is a Bible verse that keeps coming back to me, time and again over the years. It is Jeremiah 29, verse 11. 

My day has been spent trying to clear the clutter and sort "stuff" in my bedroom. Still a long way to go yet, but I feel much better having started this job. My New Year's Eve will not be spent out celebrating, or partying. I will be having an early night, and looking forward to the early morning arrival of Miss Bridie.

Blessings, From Jude

Saturday, 30 December 2017

The day after Christmas.....

This post should have happened a couple of days ago, but I have been working on a large quilt, and had hoped it would be finished by now. But not yet, so may as well have a "short" break and report on our "day after Christmas."

A tradition in my extended family is to gather on Boxing day, and this year it was hosted by my sister and her family. 

My 12 year old niece is very clever, and made this chocolate reindeer and sleigh, filled with all these "low cal" goodies! 

We don't buy presents for everyone, but do have a list, and buy for one person, so there is still excitement and anticipation waiting to see what is in the parcels.

 There were 40 of us attending, so a good crowd, even though 2 couples were overseas on honeymoons, and another 2 couples absent due to distance. Here we are all waiting for the gifts to be handed out. Note one table is just outside the door.

I was very fortunate to receive this lovely gift, made by my clever SIL. It is now hanging in my garden, and I will take a photo of it soon, and also show something else that she has made.

And the aftermath of lunch and presents.

Of course there is cleanup to happen, and here is DD1, DD2, and my sister. 

They have recently had a new pool installed at their place, and it was put to good use that day, as the temperature reached 35deg. It is not finished yet, though, as the fence is only temporary.

 Another group outside in the pergola, and if you look close, behind the people, there is a pizza oven, built by my sister's husband. He has used stone that is from our family farm. He is very handy, and I should have taken a closeup photo. Lunch included make your own pizzas.

 I am sorry, but can't tell you what the name of this game is called, but you have to throw the "stick??" and hit the numbered pegs. Another of his homemade creations, and it was a popular activity in the shade of some trees, for those who did not swim.

 My sister lives about 2 hours from me, and I travelled up the highway that morning. I had a passenger with me, as GD1 had been with her father for Christmas and was meeting up with her mum at the gathering. I left for home about 5pm, and had travelled about halfway home, and looked at the clock, noted it was 6pm and thought to myself that I would be home by about 7pm. At that moment, the phone rang, in my car. Fortunately it comes through the bluetooth in the car, so I answered it. It was DD2, who lives about 1 1/2 hours north of my sister, and was almost home. Mum, she said, in your boot is the luggage, of GD1!!! Whoopsey, we forgot to unpack her bags!! So, I turned around, drove back to my sister's, and DD2 did the same. We met up again, and transferred her "stuff". I did stay and eat before I left, and had a caffeine "fix", before settling off again. I arrived home just before 10pm, and slept in next morning.

That's about all the newsfromjude for now, and i need to get back to this quilt. I want it finished this year!!

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Another quilt show.............

(I scheduled this post a few days ago, but it did not happen. Must have clicked something wrong. So I shall hit publish this time, and come back soon with photos and a report of our Christmas Day and Boxing Day.)

As promised here are the latest photos of recent quilts.

First on the list is a quilt made by Faye called Fruit Tingles, and designed by Sue Daley. This was custom quilted, and Faye did not want heavy quilting, so that it was still soft. Faye's paper piecing and needleturn applique work is always well done.

This is a simple jelly roll quilt made by Mandy for a friend's birthday and simply quilted with an allover pattern called Dandy.

Marion made this Holly Hobbie quilt for her sister, and it was custom quilted.

 This quilt, made by Robyn for Lola, was quilted allover with a pattern called Summer Buzz.

This quilt was a panel for a child's nursery rhyme book, but Di left it as a panel and added borders. This was quilted allover with Stars and Loops.

Also made by Di, for grandson Archer, who is into planets. This was quilted allover with Exploding Stars.

This quilt was made Sherrel and quilted allover with a pattern called Floppy Daisy.

And another one made by Sherrell and quilted allover with Doves.

These 2 bed runners were made by Ann, who wanted them Custom quilted. The centre of each block has been machine embroidered.

This bright quilt, made by Suzie, using her collection of scraps, has been quilted allover with Modern Waves.

Joan made this I Spy quilt for a friends child, and this was quilted allover with Clouds

Cheryl hand pieced this hexagon quilt, and used some of her mother's (and her own), embroidered doiley's in the blocks. This is a great way to use them, and it was quilted allover with butterflies and swirls.

That's all for now, although there are still more photos in the files. Hope you have enjoyed the show.

Blessings, From Jude