Monday, 30 July 2012

More quilts

More photos of recent quilting, sometime in July.
Seem to be running out of blog titles and different ways to say more quilts! Maybe I shall title the blog just by the date instead. Seems like a good idea that I shall have to try.

This quilt was given to me by Lois, to be used on the beds at The Sanctuary, and has sat in the quilting
pile for almost a year. Thankyou Lois, I have got to the bottom of that pile at last.
Still more quilt photos to show another day. And hopefully soon I shall be allowed to show that latest Bedford quilts, as the mystery is coming to a close.
Better get back to the machine, am on a mission to finish some custom quilting this week.
I had a slack attack on the weekend, spent time with my daughter, home briefly from Melbourne,
and spent a fair amount of time sitting in front of the fire and reading! I know I shouldn't start
a book, as I will ignore the world until I have finished. But the weather is so cold at the moment, that I shall make the most of sitting by the fire in the warm. I just love the heat from a slow combustion heater, and it just warms the whole house.

Have a good week, whatever you are doing.
From Jude
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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Christmas In July

Have been a bit slack this week, and I know Faye is waiting for a blog update, so
as I can't disappoint her, here it is!
We had such a lovely weekend at The Sanctuary.
A few photos of our weekend.....

The Show and Tell on the front verandah on Sunday morning, lots of smiles, was
good to do small projects and feel like you finished something and not have another UFO
in the cupboard. 

One lady came in late Sunday morning and we said we had saved brekkie for her,
so she ate it straight from the frypan!

After lunch on Sunday, the cook said she was on strike and they could fend for themselves from
then on, so I sat by the fire and read my kindle, and just listened to the chatter in the next room.
Was just lovely.

The cozy fire and Pats decorations on the mantlepiece.
It was so different to our usual Christmas time when the weather
is rather hot.

Made some reindeer biscuits for morning tea one day, they were yummy, and looked
pretty good too!
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More Christmas in July

This is Faye, trying to look industrious! She was such a lovely teacher,
thankyou Faye for coming.

My 83 year old neighbour is a very good singer, and came to play his guitar
and sing some Christmas songs to us. Not sure what Faye was trying to tell him
by holding up the rotary cutter??

Vickie and Valda.
For our Christmas dinner on Saturday evening, most of us dressed
in red or green, and wore the red hats with tinsel. Made it more fun.

Heather, Faye, Mignon, Linda and Sylvia

The table all set for dinner, roast turkey and pork,
roast vegetables and vege bake, followed by Christmas pudding!
With a few drinks of course, and then Santa gave out the Christmas stockings, and one
lucky lady got an extra pressie too! (But what happens at retreat, stays at retreat, so better not tell about that one!)

Faye and Mignon

Judy, Heather, Vicki and Val

Mignon, Pat and Pauline
relaxing after dinner, doing some handwork.

It is great to see ladies from different areas come to The Sanctuary,
and watch them get to know each other. The common interest of quilting starts the conversation, and this is usually followed by more sharing of personal stories.
And there's usually someone that understands where you are "at" or has been there too.
It is my hope for The Sanctuary to continue to be a place to come and relax, take time out, to share,
to relate to each other, and lets not forget a place to create as well.
Thankyou all for a great weekend.

From Jude
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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Getting ready

Have had a busy week, getting organised for this weekends retreat at The Sanctuary.
The lovely Faye Packham is coming to Bordertown and we are doing "Christmas in July".
The quilting is finished for the week, the stockings are made, ready for hanging, the presents are wrapped and the decorations are out to be hung tomorrow. Beds are made and the house all ready, even the weeds in the garden have been banished (well most of them!) The menu is planned and some cooking is happening tomorrow.
I must admit that the last few years, the lead up to Christmas has been so busy, that the decorations
have not been put up, as I was away for Christmas anyway. The commercialisation of Christmas is a concern, and here I am taking Christmas for a business purpose, but I have not forgotten just why we have Christmas and hope that those coming will be blessed and go home refreshed.
And the weather in Australia is usually rather hot, so this "Christmas in July" is a change.
Am looking forward to sitting by the fire and relaxing with good company, (well, in between providing the food that is!) So safe travel to those on the road to Bordertown tomorrow.

From Jude
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Friday, 13 July 2012

An update

I have just realised that it is 2 weeks since I have posted an update, so better get back to it.
It has been a very busy 2 weeks.
I have spent some time away with family, and had family here as well, which is always lovely.
I have attended 2 funerals, which was very sad. I estimate close to 1,000 people at one of those,
and blue balloons were released into the sky which was pretty awesome to watch.
I have also attended a birthday lunch with friends, and another coffee treat for a friends birthday.
And  yesterday I had a day surgery procedure, the results of which are yet to be decided.
And in between all of that, not much quilting has happened, although I do have a custom on the machine in the process of being done. Hopefully today will get closer to the end of that.
And then I need to start thinking about Christmas, because next weekend it is
"Christmas in July" at The Sanctuary. Have been finding the Christmas decorations, and the Christmas puddings are all ready, just hope that Santa finds his way ok, I probably should let him know that he won't be able to come down the chimney, because we will have a fire burning to warm up the house!

Below are photos of 3 quilts done recently (not in the last 2 weeks thats for sure!)

Well I think I better get to the shower and make like I am going to do some work today.
Could get used to sitting around in my dressing gown all day in front of the heater.
The weather has been very wintery, with abundant rain. We are very blessed.
I know its very cold, but our homes are warm and so many have much less.

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