Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tricia's quilt

Almost another week has gone, and its awhile since I posted any quilt photos, and I have a backlog to show you over time. Gotta get back to some serious work now that the Pink weekend is only a memory. (But what a memory!)

These are photos of Tricia's dresden quilt, all needleturned applique. Must say that's NOT in my immediate future. Maybe one day when I am old and looking for something to do. At the moment I am a machine girl! But I admire anyone who does needlework. My fingers are all thumbs when I have needle and thread, and bindings are as far as I go (and they are not tiny stitches either!)

Am looking forward to a trip to the AMQF this weekend, to do some classes and check out the vendors and the quilts. Only doing a day trip, so it's a lot to fit in one day. But its all I could manage this year. Will be good to catch up with other machine quilters as well.
Am doing 2 Statler classes and 1 Background fills with Renae Haddadin, which should be great.
Better go and finish the last 2 sides of the binding of the Candlewicked quilt, which I shall tell you about in another blog.
Have done quite a few jobs today that I have ignored for ages, but comes the time when you need to do them before you can concentrate on whats next. Mundane stuff like sweeping up leaves, folding up washing, vacuuming, washing the car and putting things away. And sewing binding.
Tomorrow is another day, and another quilt to load.
Hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you are planning. In South Australia it is a long weekend, with a holiday on Monday, which I think is for Labour Day (??) And also the middle weekend of the school holidays. Spring is here, the weather is lovely, grass is growing (and the weeds), the flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing.

Enough waffle from me,
From Jude
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Monday, 24 September 2012

“IN THE PINK” weekend


Well, what a weekend we have had. Fantastic company, lots of laughs and great fun.


Spring has turned on lots of pink in the garden and looked fabulous.


Pink ladies and balloons sent from the BCNA, added a festive touch.


Pats pink floral arrangements of flowers from the farm arranged in my late grandmothers pink vase, a memory from my childhood.


The sewing tables all set up, with pink goodie bags and our hats for the weekend. And  the pink quilt that I made, which was the raffle prize won by a lady who supported the weekend from a few thousand kilometres away. Thankyou Helen, hope you enjoy the PINK quilt.


The back garden with a few pink flowers. The weather for the weekend alternated from sunny on Friday, windy and warm Saturday, to rather cold and intermittent showers on Sunday.


The arrivals from the city, checking out their goody bags and settling in with their sewing machines. Thankyou girls for coming and being such great fun and all your help. One of these ladies just “slithers” around, and likes to just tidy things up!!!! (And she calls on her “understudies” when there is a need somewhere!!!) Just delightful.


These are all the goodies that were donated by lots of lovely people for the weekend. So after lots of thought about what to do with them all, I made pink money (by printing on the computer and laminating and then cutting them out). And then put there “money” into little pink purses. And we had lots of auctions, where they bid for the items with their “money”. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed this. And when they ran out of the play money, they put in real money if they wanted something else!


Teacher Lois, showing Raelene how to do something to her bag. Not sure where Raelene’s pink fabric was, but she did put a pink flower on later.


Saturday evening I asked the girls to “dress” for dinner, and this is their photo, ( Pat was absent). Just notice Bev’s pink check shoes, Lois’s pink sox, Dame Edna’s (aka Pauline!) glasses, which had to go soon as she couldn’t see a thing! And of course Val’s pink gloves from the Op shop. Raelene chose to stitch pink ribbons onto her shirt.All very fashionable, weren’t they? So thankyou girls for the effort you went to. It added to the fun.


And this is Sunday afternoon in the back veranda for afternoon tea. The wind played havoc with the cloths, so Raelene came to the rescue and tied the cloths on each corner.


Above and below, Raelene’s creative touch with the plastic pink bows and flowers.




The helpers in the kitchen preparing afternoon tea for about 25 guests.


Some of the pink food, thankyou to all who cooked and helped.


Our sewing efforts for the weekend, pink (well mostly) bags. And below all the bags hanging on the lattice, which had to be rescued soon after from the rain that came.



Guests having afternoon tea and being entertained by my neighbour who played his guitar and sang.


All in all, it was a great weekend. We all made new friends and laughed lots. And at the same time raised over $1,000 for the Breast Cancer Network Australia. This will go to support those who are affected with Breast Cancer, and help provide Breast Care Nurses in the hospitals. It has been 4 years since my diagnosis and treatment, and I was helped by the BCNA. Remember to always have mammograms, as they really do pick up very small lumps, and don’t ignore any symptoms.


From Jude.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lyn’s quilt

Below is another quilt which I finished last week. Pretty in Pink, but not for the pink weekend. Been busy in the kitchen today, setting up tomorrow. Be back next week.


Enjoy your day,

From Jude

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What’s happening this week




This is what I am working on this week, a candlewicking quilt, which I will tell you more about in a later posting, and as I’m not sure just how to put the photos in the order I want, the bottom one is the outside border of this quilt. I still have to anchor the block centre, and do the centre large on point block of the quilt, hopefully today.


Above is the PINK quilt that I made which will go to some lucky person this weekend.       IN THE PINK weekend is fast approaching. Below are some of the goodies that have been donated. After much thinking, I have decided that we will have mini auctions so that the retreat attendees can “bid” on them, will some play money that I have made, and put into little pink purses for them. Not sure what sort of auctioneer I shall be, but should be some fun. And can you see the pink bags, they are for the ladies who are coming for the weekend.

And on Sunday afternoon, there will be an afternoon tea out the back for a few extra guests, to join us. So if you would like something to do on Sunday afternoon, let me know and come and join in. Proceeds to the Breast Cancer Network and a chance to win the quilt. (Would love to hear from you, virtual quilter, if you are reading this!!)

So this week has been rather busy, had a tidy up in the garden yesterday and am now waiting for the mowing man to come and trim the lawn, and Friday we shall put up the PINK decorations and wait for everyone to arrive “in the Pink”!




Enjoy your week, whatever you are doing, and I shall report back next week.


From Jude

Thursday, 13 September 2012

“Angels” sewing day



Today was our monthly “angels” sewing day where we make quilts for those in need, from donated fabrics. Always a good day, lots of sewing and lots of laughs. Photo is of 4 of todays angels hard at work. There were more, who missed the camera. Thanks girls.

Over and out till next time


From Jude

This week’s update

Thought is was time for another blog posting before I get a message that its a week since I did, and was I ok? The time is just flying by so fast this year.
Below are photos of Jenny’s quilts, the first the fabric was so busy its hard to see the quilting, so the back shows up better.
And this is another from Jenny, and photo of the back as well.
And below is what I have been working on in between quilts. “In the Pink” retreat is coming up fast, and I have made journal covers for the girls coming. Quilted a large piece of pink fabric on the quilting machine, then cut the covers and appliqued the pink lady on the front. This photo is for the lady who looked at my blog last week, thinking she might see something about the pink weekend and was disappointed. Hope you’re looking this week Jocelyn! Am so looking forward to next weekend, will tell you more about it next time.

On another subject, I made a quick trip to the city (which is 3 hours away) this week for an appointment, which was south of the city. So after checking the map I decided to take a “short cut” and turn off the freeway and go through the hills directly to the south and dodge the city traffic. I knew that the road would be very narrow and windy. Of all the trips I have made to Adelaide, I had never gone this way before. It was a beautiful spring day, the weather was calm, the trip was lovely, blue sky, green crops in the paddocks, yellow wattle blossoms on the trees, yellow canola crops, a perfect spring day. I wound the window down and enjoyed the spring smells. Was wishing I had taken the camera. After my exit from the freeway I enjoyed my drive through the hills, and it was just as well I had plenty of time, as I took a wrong turn and did not quite end up where I thought I should. And then on the way back, I thought I was going back the same way, but some how I was on the road I thought I had been on in the morning, and then did not take the right turn back to the highway and had a lovely long drive through country I had never been on before. ( And I have lived in this state for all of my years). But because I had plenty of time and it was a lovely spring day I just kept driving and had a great day. Perhaps the message here is that maybe I should get off the beaten track more often!
Hope you are enjoying your week, whatever you are doing,
From Jude

Friday, 7 September 2012

More quilting


A few more photos of recent customer quilts. Below is Marcia’s quilt,

she has only recently “found” patchwork and is doing a great job.


Below is Pauline’s bargello. which is a present for family.



Above and below are a couple of Di’s quilts.



Above made by Beth for a present.


IMG_4709Had to take a photo of the back of this quilt made by Di, as I just love the circles pattern I used. It is one of my new favourites. Called Asti by Keryn Emmerson.

As I have been sitting at this computer for an hour, going through emails and replying to some, and deleting others, and now update on the blog, maybe I should go and get ready for another day of quilting. Don’t think the pink dressing gown would be a good look for my day.

Have been busy this week, doing another custom quilt, and planning for the Pink weekend. It is only 2 weeks away now, and there is so much pink ‘stuff’ sitting around.

The Breast Cancer Network have sent me a pink pack, with brochures and pink balloons and pink ladies for decorations. Should be a fun weekend.

Well, over and out, enjoy your day, whatever you are doing.

Blessings, From Jude

Monday, 3 September 2012

Bedford quilts Mystery revealed

IMG_4679I think this is Jocelyns, I quilted black cats in rows across the quilt, will try and post a photo in another blog so that you can see this, sometimes the back of the quilt is striking also.
Below is the photo of the black cats walking across Jocelyns quilt. (She loves cats and often brings a special treat for the cat that lives here, which my daughter left when she moved away.) I suppose I should call Gypsy my cat now, as Susanne left quite a few years ago!

Marie made her quilt much larger and fits nicely on a queen bed. Quilted with butterflies.

This is Linda’s quilt, made longer to fit a bed she has.
And someone changed the layout and did her own thing!! No names of course.
This is Helens, and the blues and reds came out in hers.
Jeans was more blue also.

These are photos of completed Bedford Mystery quilts that have been quilted recently. I have been waiting for permission to reveal them and finally you can see how each person has made them just a bit different.
Thankyou to Michele for your help today, in trying to work out the best way to publish to blogspot. Hopefully I have found a quicker method now and don’t have to wait ages for the photos to upload.
Better go and get ready for a meeting tonight, have a couple of reports to do.
Enjoy your week,
Blessings, From Jude

Just another test

This is just testing to see if another way to blog will work??  Thanks to Michele.
blessings from Jude

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Statler Gathering report

Sorry for the delay in getting this update on the Statler Users Gathering. The week has just flown by, and just been reminded by a text message that I need to blog!
We had a great weekend, there was some sewing happening, Alison was on a mission to get some more of her Dear Jane quilt completed, as she has given herself a deadline to have it finished. She did get more done than expected. A couple of girls had some hand sewing happening, whilst we talked Statler, watched videos, talked about threads, favourite patterns, wheels, pricing, work order forms and lots of other stuff.
 The girls visited our 2 local patchwork shops, and received an impromptu lesson from Val at Maneys of Mundulla on how to make a Cathedral Windows cushion, and they all made one before they went home.
Above is Alison working on her DJ and Sue busy on the laptop.
Visit Sue's blog and leave her a comment and say I sent you. She gave a lovely report on her weekend at The Sanctuary. Thankyou Sue.

 Elaine was on a mission to learn and also to finish a suit for her daughter. We teased her about all the space she took up, with her sewing machine, her overlocker, and her laptop!
 Naomi is pictured here, helping Cris on her laptop. Cris is relatively new and learnt heaps and was keen to go home and start doing some custom quilting.
Naomi showed us a demo of ArtnStitch, which was amazing. She then designed a pattern for us, and called it Sanctuary Hearts, great to have a pattern named after The Sanctuary. Thankyou Naomi. If you want any pattern designing done, email Naomi, The Elegant Stitch Quilting and Design (
Some of us lined up for a group photo. Our 3 days went far too quickly, we missed Gayle who was down with the flu. Looking forward to the next gathering in March.
Have had a busy week since they left on Monday, finished 3 e-e and 2 custom quilts, washed all the linen from the weekend and today I quilted the "pink" quilt for the In the Pink weekend.
Tomorrow  is Fathers Day and I shall probably catch up with my dad, who lives 2 hours away, after I have been to church in the morning. And then the week starts all over again.
Sometime I really need to give some serious attention to some housework, but for now, I am not looking.

Hope you have a good week, whatever you have in store,
Blessings, From Jude