Saturday, 24 December 2011

Mary's quilt

This is a photo of Mary's quilt on the machine, it was 110 inches long and then the pillow sham was 32", so at 142" it is the longest quilting job I have had. Both articles combined together on the same backing totalled 99 sq ft! Sure was heavy to lift off the machine.
That is the last quilting job before Christmas.
Have had a couple of days off, to clean my house, do some shopping, wrap some presents up, start packing my overnight bag to spend Christmas night with family, and I even read a book.
It is expected to be 36 degrees here today, and so have been watering the garden, both here and at The Sanctuary. Next week I need to prune back the spring flowering daisys and plants and tidy things ready for people to stay.

I wish you and your family a time of peace, love and joy, as we reflect on the real meaning for Christmas.

From Jude
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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Update on Mum

Thanks to all those who enquired about my mum, latest is that she went home this morning, and is so
excited to be "out". She is still very tired and will take it easy in between the walking that she has to do.
Mum and dad will have a quiet day on Christmas day and not join in the family gathering.
Thankfully we have just had celebrations for her 80th, and lots of photo opportunities that day.
The photo below is of mum and dad and their grandchildren, except for 2. It was
a good effort to get that many altogether in the one place, as there is a 12 hour distance between 2 of the families.

Today I started my Christmas shopping, and only have 2 to buy for now. Try again tomorrow.
I started some cleaning (!!) in my kitchen this morning, trying to declutter a bit, and tomorrow I may
even attempt some Christmas baking? Am giving myself a few days from quilting, back to it next Tuesday.

Enjoy your day
Blessings from Jude
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Di's quilts

Here are a few photos of Di's quilts done this week, a nice change to do a few edge to edge ones.
First is the Black and white, where I used a block pattern in each square and a separate border pattern.
(I know its not edge to edge,but was quick)

Next is the Grinch Christmas quilt, which has a tree and star pattern on.

And I loved this quilt with the quilting lady blocks, so very appropriate! This was quilted with a needle and
cotton reel pattern.

And the bottom photo is her oneblock wonder quilt, which I used
a swirly pattern allover.

Am still working on another quilt yet, although will be taking time today, to
start doing some pressie shopping and try to clean my house. The weather is warming up
and its going to be hot for Christmas.

Enjoy your day
Blessings from Jude
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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Stars in your heart

Just a couple of photos of Rosies quilt that she made for her mothers 90th birthday. All the family contributed with blocks
that that they made or gave Rosie the idea to make. Its called Stars in your heart. The birthday is early in January.

Have done a few more quilts also this week, will put them in a separate post, as am trying to finish a large edge to edge, with a separate
border, and a pillow sham to match. These combined have a total of just over 140" in length, so the roll on my machine is quite large!
When this is finished, I shall finally be ready to think about CHristmas shopping, although my usual customer Christmas card mail out will take place in the New Year.
So better get back to the machine.
From Jude
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Sunday, 18 December 2011


No photos tonight, just a quick update on the last few days. Went to Adelaide
on Friday and saw Mum, she was going really good, but since then has developed more complications.
Anxiously waiting for more news tomorrow, hard being 3 hours away.
Have been doing edge to edge quilts since finishing the Mariners Compass, a few more to do yet, before
I can start to think about Christmas! My Christmas cards this year, look like being a New Year Greeting
Might get some photos up later in the week of what I am working on at the moment.

From Jude

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Mariners Compass quilt

Photos of the marathon quilt, finally off the machine and ready for delivery tomorrow. Looking forward to some smaller quilts
and then to get organised for Christmas, thankfully I am not to be home, so dont need to worry about the housework that I haven't done lately!

Blessings from
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I have finally finished the monster quilt, will take photos tomorrow, it was 76 sq ft, and has 43 stitches per sq inch! Can get on with other quilts now, have a small custom and then a few edge to edge that Santa has brought me!

News on my mum is good so far, surgery went well, now waiting on a good recovery and to get
the system working again. Will have another trip to Adelaide on Friday, to take my Dad down and
to deliver this quilt to its owner.

Time for bed, been another long day with a 5am start.

Blessings from

Monday, 12 December 2011

80th Birthday

This is a photo of my mum and dad, taken last week for mum's 80th birthday celebrations. Had a great family time with nearly all
of the family there. A few days later and mum is now in the QEH in Adelaide awaiting surgery tomorrow for a problem that has developed. 2 years ago she had surgery for Bowel cancer with a followup complication and time in Intensive Care.
All prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated. I have been to Adelaide today and back again, will have to keep very busy tomorrow, and the days following.
Still working on that large quilt, it seems like it is never going to end.
I think an early night is due, with only about 5 hours sleeplast night and a 5am get up to leave at 6.

So goodnight,
Blessings from Jude
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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Another custom

This is the quilt that I am working my way through this week, it's not small is it?
It's taking me awhile, lots of SID and some feathers, CC, straight lines and some I'm not sure
just what I will do yet, (it's still talking to me!) The points are amazing, the seams are all pressed
how they should be (except for 2!!) and the lady that made this is 79!! Lovely mitred corners on the navy border print
that was used in most of the borders. I will be very pleased when i have finished this, as most of the recent quilts I have done have
been very large intense custom jobs. I have a few smaller ones coming up and then another couple large ones waiting for January, and then hoping for Father Christmas to send me a few edge to edge jobs.
Well, better get back to the machine, the flying geese are waiting for me.

Enjoy your day,
Blessings from Jude
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Jan's Kelmscott

Photos of Jans quilt above. As it was finished after dark, and I left the house before daylight the next day, I did not have a chance to
put the quilt on my bed for a photo with the "right" light. The top photo was taken draped over the machine, and the other photos were taken by Jan's husband (he calls himself the Quilt Widower!), but he could not turn his flash off for the photo, so it's harder to see the quilting, but you get the idea. Fits the bed nicely and can't wait to see the binding done (hint, hint, Jan!)
Am working on another large quilt this week, 105" square custom job. So the blogging has been quiet. And lots of other end of year things happening too, I can't believe just how quickly 2011 has gone.
ALso keeping busy with watering at The Sanctuary, and organising weekends for 2012, and taking some bookings which is great.
Well better go and shift the sprinkler, and then get on with work. Today is also the day when some of our quilting group girls get together here and make quilts for those in need.

Enjoy your day,
From Jude
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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Almost finished

This is Jan's Kelmscott, I can finally see the end of the quilt, just doing the paisley background fill, ready for a delivery tomorrow.
Best get back to it,
Blessings From Jude

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jan's Kelmscott

Just a couple of photos of Jan's Kelmscott quilt that i am working on at the moment,
Jan wanted feathers in her border, still to work out what I will do in the small red border around the outside.
And the second photo shows the stitching that Jan has done down the centre of the stems, just adds that bit extra and looks good.
More photos when I have finished, just about finished the SID and then to do all the background, and by then the outer red border might have "spoken to me"! After quilting lots of quilts that have been designed by Michele Hill, have almost decided that I need to make one of my own. Maybe in my spare time!!
Well best get back to the quilt,
Blessings from Jude
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Fiona's Kelmscott quilt

      This is Fiona's Kelmscott quilt, she did not want it heavily quilted, so I did SID on all the applique and just added a few leaves, swirls and the circles to anchor where it was needed. The black background gives this quilt a different look to Michele Hill's original, and I like the colours that Fiona and her friend Jill chose to contrast with the black.

Enjoy your day,
Blessings from Jude

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Time together

Its not often that we are all together at the same time, all living hours from each other, so this was a good
opportunity to have photos taken. I feel a bit overshadowed by my 6footplus son, and am even shorter than the girls now. (Pity the loss in height did not work for the width also!) We celebrated the baptism of my youngest grandson today, followed by a lovely lunch out. Beautiful weather after a few days of rain.
More family time next weekend for my mothers 80th birthday.
Back home to get some quilting done this week, another Kelmscott quilt on the machine, this time for Jan.

Enjoy your week, whatever you are doing,
Blessings from Jude

Thursday, 24 November 2011

More Family

Just a quick note tonight, this is a photo of my 3 beautiful daughters, taken this week, not often they all get together, just one son missing, maybe will take a photo on Sunday when we will all be together for a family event. Will be away for 3 days, so catch ya'll when I return and post some more quilting photos of what I have done this week.
Have a good weekend whatever you are doing,

Blessings from Jude
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Friday, 18 November 2011

Recent quilting

This is Sylvias quilt, i was pleased with how this turned out. She wanted a custom job and
not edge to edge.

This is Jennifer's first quilt and she did a great job with the stitchery blocks.
I look forward to seeing her next quilt.

2 of Jennys quilts, one edge t0 edge quilting and the other a small
custom job.

I have a Kelsmcott quilt on the machine at the moment, done on a black background which looks really great, just a bit different to
the cream used in Michele Hill's quilt published in her first book. I have 2 more Kelmscott quilts waiting to be done, so that will keep
me busy for quite awhile.

It seems like summer has arrived today, rather a hot one, thankfully cars are airconditioned now, as I travelled 3 hours up and 3 hours back to attend my aunties funeral. Saw lots of cousins and was a day to look back and remember childhood times. My mother is one of 10 children and we had lots of good times with all our cousins. It was a sad time, but a day of thanks for a life well lived with lots of great memories.

So I think an early night is called for, tomorrow is another day.

Blessings from Jude
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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Quilt show news

At the recent Adelaide Festival of Quilts a customer quilt won a prize, she was very excited and I was pleased for her. To see this quilt, and more of Dianne's work go to
 Dianne's patterns are being featured in Creating Country THreads magazines and are for sale on her website. Read about the Gladys Muriel quilt. This had the most amazing embroidery around the lace in some of the blocks.
Will post some more quilt photos on the weekend of work I have been doing lately.
Time for bed, i have a day away tomorrow.
From Jude

Monday, 14 November 2011


Thought I would share this lovely photo of my 2 youngest grandsons. They could be brothers,
but they are cousins. Aren't they gorgeous?

Blessings from Jude
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More of the weekend

A few more photos from the weekend as promised.

A few of the girls hard at work

One of Val's quilts, she has now made 4.

Pauline and Jude, who were the cooks for the weekend, and Lois, no, we are not about to eat the pie!!

Rosemarie, with her quilt, which we named "Licorice Allsorts" for her

And this is Linda's first quilt, she learnt a lot and was pleased with the result.

Some of the girls, Sandy, Susanne, Rosemarie, Linda, Lyn and Helen, on the front verandah, with the teacher Lois on the right.

After a day of sewing, good food and a nice glass of ??? and time to relax.

Thats all folks, Enjoy your day,
From Jude
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