Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Grand Ole Opry House - Tuesday

Grand Ole Opry House was the first call on our list today. This is the where all the country music greats have been made famous.

This is where all the guests walk in when they come to perform.

We got to stand on the circle on centre stage for a photo opportunity. The circle is made of wood from the original stage in the first building used for the Opry House.

After our backstage tour of the Opry House, we went shopping at the mall nearby.

Being the country music capital I guess it is fitting to find lots of shops selling boots. Should I have bought a pair do you think??

This shop was very 60's.

 There is sweet stuff everywhere, and whole shops just selling sugar foods.

Michelle took the time for a manicure.

Time to leave Nashville, and this is the skyline, and the building with the 2 spires, is the Batman building. (I think it has something to do with the movie??)

Now out into the countryside on the way to Paducah, and Pat and I felt right at home looking at the countryside, and crops of canola. Some in the bus just might have had a little shut eye on the drive.

The Tennessee river.

Paducah is getting close. ( I thought I had something on my camera lens when I saw this photo, and was trying to clean it off, when we realised it was a dirty mark on the windscreen of the bus!?)


Our first stop in Paducah was Whitehaven. 

I hope you can read the story of this house. Amazing foresight from the govt of the state, to restore this house, and use it for rest rooms.

The bus we are travelling in, ably driven by Gary,

Our next stop was the American Quilt Museum, and I will include this in a separate post sometime.

And just before we went to the hotel, a visit to Wallmart was planned. What a huge place.

And then it was checkin time, and I am very blessed that our room was on the ground floor, and not up the stairs that some have to negotiate!

After check in we went to a Pizza place for a meal, before turning in. Although I did not manage much sleep, hence my message this morning for limited blog posts. (This one had been partly written and now finished, while the others have gone for Chinese.)

Time for a shower now, and an early night and a sleep catchup before another full day tomorrow. Today (Wednesday) we have been at the quilt show.

Blessings, From Jude


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I should have taken pictures at all the toilet breaks we visited... none as fancy as that place though! You've certainly got a full on schedule! Hope they give you at least one day of rest!!!! Enjoy every moment xx

Chookyblue...... said...

catching up...........looks like you got there and your having a great time............