Saturday, 30 June 2012

A few more

Below are a few more quilts that have gone out the door recently. Have been too busy this week to post, have been busy with a some cutom quilting, which I shall photograph tomorrow.

Shell shocked

This week we received the sad news that the great grandfather of one my grand daughters died, at the great age of 95. While this was sad, he had lived in good health and in his own home until only recently. But the news this morning that his son, my GD's poppa has also died today,                         has us all in shock.
I am finding this hard to come to terms with, so can only imagine how that family is feeling. 2 family members, only days apart! It really puts things into perspective and makes you realise how fragile life really is and how we take so many things and people for granted.
Well enough of the deep stuff for tonight, might get back to the bookwork, am on the home run towards the June figures, and its the last day of the financial year today!
Remember, tell your family you love them, speak kindly to all and make every minute count.
Blessings From

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Family and Pink things

This is the photo I nearly did not post. My 4 children taken at last weeks birthday celebration.
This is what sent me to the hairdresser this week, and the grey hair is gone. Pity we couldn't do makeovers in other areas as easy!!

Has been a busy week with quilts and trying to get my bookwork in order. I have never been so up to date at this time of the financial year before, and it feels so good. Then I shall be able to work on other projects with a clear mind. Planning is happening for the "Christmas in July" weekend coming up at The Sanctuary with Faye Packham. Have worked out a menu including Christmas puddings and lots of goodies. Then to find the Christmas decorations and dust them off! Looking forward to a good weekend.


And I have plans for another weekend, to raise some funds for a cause thats close to my heart.
It is 4 years in July since my routine mammogram found a lump. Surgery was followed by  6 weeks of radiotherapy and now yearly checkups. Tomorrow is the day, so always just a tad apprehensive.
You learn a whole new language and I benefitted by the help that is "out there".
(I meant to add this last night when I posted but forgot... Remember girls to always go for a mammogram, they really do work. They picked up a very small, but aggressive little "lump" that I  could not feel and did not know was there! In Australia we are very fortunate to have the Breastscreen vans attend country towns every 2 years, as I am sure a lot of people would not make the effort to get to the city and have it done.)
So to give back I want to have an "In the Pink" retreat at The Sanctuary, do lots of pink things and so give back to help others. Still lots in the planning stage, but since I have mentioned this idea, lots of friends have come forth with things that are "pink", and I am just going with it now. Just not sure how it will all come together yet, am open to ideas and suggestions. And would love to hear from anyone interested in 3 days of "pink" fun.
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And a big thankyou to those friends who have given pink stuff.

Have more quilt photos to put up in a few days,
In the meantime, enjoy whatever you are doing
From Jude

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I am back!

Well last night I posted an update for you all, and when I clicked the button to publish it sent all my photos to the blog and somehow all my words just  disappearred! And I was just so tired by then I thought I would edit in the morning. Now its morning and I see that I have had lots of visitors overnight. Now I need to remember what I posted about.
I have been away from home since last Tuesday, spending time with family over 3 hours away.
Also my youngest daughter turned 30, and we had a family party in the Barossa on Saturday afternoon, after which I drove home. After church on Sunday morning, I spent the rest of the day at my desk, catching up on admin stuff, which seems to build up.
So after a few later than normal (for me) nights, last night I played catch up and slept for 11 hours!
Below are photos of quilts I did before my trip.

This is a quilt made by Jean for their caravan. The green square on bottom right corner, has now been cut out, and stitched up so that the quilt fits neatly on the bed.

This is Lona's 2010 Bedford Mystery quilt.

And this is Di's Little Macca's Farm quilt.

Have some more photos to post later, and do have one taken of my children and I from the party on Saturday, but need to decide if I will show you or not. I know that after looking at it, I shall be phoning the hairdresser this morning and booking an appointement for a colour. My hair is too grey!
I remember many years ago when my grandmother used to get her hair coloured, and I asked my mum why grandma did not just go grey gracefully?? Funny, but I see things in a different light now, and I have no intention of being grey yet. At that time, my grandma was probably about the same age as I am now!
Well thats enough chatter for this morning, I better get too and phone the hairdresser, and need to pay some bills and then put a quilt onto "Max" (name of my Gammill Optimum quilting machine) and play catch up once again.
Enjoy your day, whatever you are up to,
From Jude 
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Thursday, 7 June 2012

More quilting

Posted by PicasaOnce again I spent awhile writing my spiel and then lost it! Not sure what blogger is doing to me, so here goes again!
Above are a few photos of recent quilting, edge to edge. mostly smaller quilts, which is great in between the custom jobs. Below is a photo of what I am working on at the moment. Hope to be finished this tomorrow or soon after. Have done the borders, ditched all the applique and finished the pieced blocks, so just the background to go.

 This weekend is long weekend, with the holiday on Monday for the Queen's Birthday.
I hope to get the final border on my Bedford quilt, so that I can finally say it is done, well almost, except for the quilting, which might be awhile yet. But there will be no photos of that as its still a mystery to some.
The weather here is very cold this week, but I guess we have to expect that in June because
it is winter. So that means I don't need to water the garden at The Sanctuary, except for the garden bed in the pergola and the potted plants. Probably should pull out a few weeds that seem to pop there heads up where they shouldn't.
Have been working on the programme for the next 6 months at The Sanctuary and hope to update the retreat page on the blog soon.
Still a couple of spots left for the Christmas in July weekend with Faye Packham, join us for a weekend of fun. Look forward to hearing from you.

So until next time, I shall put the feet up in a warm spot for the rest of the evening.
And welcome to any visitors from
that are visiting. Thankyou Marilyn.

Blessings, From

Monday, 4 June 2012

2010 Bedford quilt and Jill's quilt

Above is a photo of Jill's quilt recently quilted. This is to go on one of the beds at The Sanctuary.

And this is my 2010 Bedford quilt. I cut extra scraps from my stash and made 3 more blocks, added a dark sashing to each block and then another sashing again, which brought it to a single bed size by the time I added a border. A friend made another scrap quilt using a different block pattern, and used the same border fabric, which I seemed to have a lot of in my stash, and when I finally get around to quilting that, it will match up with this one, both to go on beds at The Sanctuary also.

I think its time to get up from this computer and get back to finishing the Little Macca's Farm quilt that is on my machine. The weather is quite drizzly today, and rather cold. I am glad I have a wood heater in my house, makes it so cozy. I hate the cold, but am grateful that we dont have the snow and ice some countries do.

Enjoy your week, whatever you have in store,
From Jude

Christina's quilt

For some reason, the words I wrote for this post seem to have got lost in blogland?!
This is Christina's quilt, and they are usually quite large. I just love the texture that this feather allover pattern gave to the quilt. It's always a great feeling when they are finished and you can feel the quilting texture on the quilt. Gone from being flat pieces of fabric to being dimensional. (Not sure if thats a word really). Maybe I shall say the quilt now has a soul. Another dimension.

Bye for now,
Blessings From Jude