Monday, 30 March 2015

Happy Birthday

to my baby boy, who arrived 27 years ago. It hardly seems like any time since the day he was born. And a belated happy birthday to the other smiling face in this photo, who turned 24 a couple of weeks ago. I snaffled this photo from facebook this morning, so thanks. A family photo with their dog, who is called Rusty?? Now why would you call a black dog Rusty??
This will be their last birthdays without children, because their baby, my number 7 grandchild is due in July. Life will be so different, in a good way. Hope your day is a good one sunshine, love from Mum. (Not sure why I call him sunshine, but it seems to have stuck??)
Blessings, From Jude

Sunday, 29 March 2015

March quilting

Just posting a few more quilt photos as we head into the close of another month. I have had the head down this week working on some custom quilts, which I will post another day. I was intending to spend the afternoon watching the series 5 DVD of Downton Abbey, which a friend has lent me. But, as the day was half gone when I arrived home from church, I decided to leave the DVD until next weekend, which is Easter. I don’t like to travel on the roads then due to the high volume of traffic. I have lots  I want to achieve next weekend, with Paper Bag Mystery’s high on the list. I managed to get one done this afternoon, and then have a big sort out of the “little” piles of fabric I have waiting! Winking smile

First is a quilt from Jennifer Meek’s shop at Nhill, which had a simple edge to edge treatment.  Very pretty quilt, although it looks a bit pale in this photo.


This very striking quilt was made by Lois, and she wanted an edge to edge, and likes lots of quilting. I used a pattern called Sticky Buns, and wonder just why it was named this?? But it gave the quilt a lovely texture.


A simple jelly roll quilt, made by Jean, with appliqued flowers in each corner, and quilted all over with Butterflies and Swirls and will be given to a young girl.


This was made by Helen for some friends who like music. The main fabric has music on it, although bit hard to see in this photo. Helen’s borders resemble piano keys and add a nice touch. Quilted allover with a pattern called Spring Thing.


And this is Marie’s Ring Cycles, started in a Lessa Siegele workshop. Very simply quilted with basic custom. I know Marie is very happy to have finally reached the binding stage of this quilt.IMG_9893

That’s all folks, it’s time for bed. And another week of quilting and all that goes with that to start again tomorrow morning.

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Another update


I know that it is awhile since I have posted any newsfromjude, and today I have had 2 reminders, so before I get a message from darling Faye, I better get busy.

As there is so much to say, I shall do a series of smaller posts tonight. I am trying to get some custom quilting done this week. I have been away 2 weekends in a row, so a tad behind. And I am still working on Paper Bag Mystery quilts also. There are still a couple of places left in this retreat, so would love to hear from you if you might be able to join us.

The weather has been lovely for the past month, with hardly any really hot days. In fact, I must say that the nights have been really cold. Not that I mind, because I don’t much like the heat. But it is almost cold enough for the heater, and it’s still only March. Perhaps we will get another run of hot days yet, who knows?

God is so good!

Last weekend was the annual Christian Women’s Convention which is in March each year. I used to go most years, but the last few years I have missed. Life has been a tad full, and this was put on the back burner. I had thought about going, but it sounded too exhausting so I decided not to go. But, it kept coming into my mind. And I kept saying I couldn’t.
The speakers for the convention were Isabel O’Neill from Queensland, and Emma Stokes, from New Zealand. Beautiful ladies, with great messages. The CWCI Adelaide committee do a fantastic job of organising this weekend each year, and this year is was the 50th year since the first convention in South Australia.
At Bible Study last Wednesday morning, we prayed about the weekend and the ladies who were going. But I still was not going. At the end of the meeting, one of our group stood up, looked at me, and said, that if I would go, she would go too! Now that was a challenge. We had no where to stay, it was only 2 days away, it might be too late. And then another friend said she would go too. Well, I had to say ok, and see if we could get somewhere to stay.20150321_07212220150321_072152
Looking back, I can see that God went before us all the way. We managed to get some fantastic accommodation, at a very reasonable price at the last minute. Lots of other things just fell into place. And then, when we were all booked, I went to the Post office, picked up my mail and there was an unexpected cheque for the exact amount that I would need for the weekend! God had intended for me to be at that weekend. And I have to say, that the speakers were fantastic, and had messages just for me. The singing was a special blessing, with hundreds of voices lifted high in praise.
And all the while our Lord was working on another prayer request that is heavy on my heart. An awesome time, and 4 tired, but revived ladies returned to Bordertown on Sunday afternoon.



I have been waiting for a specialist appointment since before Christmas, and 2 weeks ago I finally had one. Just before Christmas my GP did blood tests and an ECG and decided there could be problem with my heart. As a result of the specialist visit I am to have some further tests, and he is looking into lots of reasons, but hopefully it is not as serious as first thought.

I was supposed to have the first of these tests last week, but the machine did not work properly, so scheduled it for today instead. But again there was a problem, so will wait for a phone call when it is finally going to work.

In the meantime, I am trying to “de-stress” a few things in my life. Not real sure about how to do this, but am trying to sort a few things out. My lifestyle has been rather full, and much too busy in the last few years. And there are a few family issues, happening in the background of all this, which could be a contributing factor as well. I will see how this all comes together. Medication, blood pressure, lifestyle, stress, and even the radiotherapy that I had is all being considered.

Country Forum

Every 2 years the Quilters Guild of SA hold a day in the city for country groups, and this year the theme was “Celebration”, as the QGSA was celebrating 30 years.

I had debated whether I would go or not, as I have been trying to cut back “life” a bit, but when it also coincided with a party for Mr 5 year old, I decided to make the combined trip. It was a great day out with other quilters, and 2 lovely ladies were guest speakers. The darling Faye Packham spoke of her Bedford journey and how the birth of her twin Lauren led her to raising funds so that others could benefit from the facilities of Bedford like Lauren had. What an inspiring story Faye. I know it brought tears to quite a few eyes in the audience.


Another speaker was Michele Hill, who spoke about William Morris, of course, and took us on a photographic journey of her England tours. Our Bordertown group are looking forward to our exhibition in October when Michele is coming to open our show and display some of her quilts.

Both of these ladies also won special awards at the Australian Quilt Convention last year, (the Rajah and the LutDa award), and we were shown their awards, and given a special commentary of the night as it happened last year!

A lovely lunch was supplied to us, and there were shops to tempt us and demonstrations to watch.

All in all, a great day out with like minded people.

More quilts

These a a few recent customer quilts that have been quilted with edge to edge patterns. I have a slight back log not yet shown, so will catch up eventually.

First are 2 from Ann, made for her grandchildren, and you can see the first is tractors for a boy, and the next one a row by row for her granddaughter, which is simply customed.



The next two are made by Suzie, and both quilted with modern edge to edge patterns.



And this was made by Pauline, for her grand daughter in Perth. Very cute, with the birds and their eggs.


Angels Day

It is almost 2 weeks since the last Angels sewing day. It was a good day, and much was achieved. Even the quilter got her act together and the photo below shows my new apprentice,keen to learn what I was doing. She passed the test with flying colours, and between us we managed to quilt 4 small quilts that day. I do hope that Val will be joining us at our monthly sewing days now that she no longer has to open the shop.

The brown quilt

This is a quilt that I made for a special couple and I have finally finished and delivered it. It should look good in their renovated bedroom with new carpet. This photo was taken on my bed. It has a hanging sleeve attached, and I told them I want it back to hang in our local exhibition in October!
Blessings, From Jude

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Cats, flowers and the birthday boy


Just a quick posting tonight now that I am home from my little trip, although I have a lot more on my mind to blog about, but will probably post that one to a draft and read it again in the morning after I have slept.

This is the cat that lives at my house, called Gypsey. I “inherited”  Gypsey when daughter number 3 left home and moved interstate. I was rather surprised to look out the window last week and saw her up the tree. We have lived in this house since 2000 and it is the first time I have ever seen her climb a tree!


A couple of flower photos from The Sanctuary. There are not many flowering plants at the moment, so thought I better snap the 2 I found while they lasted.



And this was taken today at a party for Mr 5 year old, in his little red car. It was special to catch up and visit their new (to them) home, as I have not been to the city for quite awhile.


Good night,

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 13 March 2015

On the 12th March, 5 years ago

my 5th grandchild was born. He was born a few weeks premature and needed to be hooked up to oxygen for a year or two, but you can see in the second photo how much he has grown. It was not an easy road for awhile, but he has come through.

The last 5 years has gone so fast, and he is now at school. Happy birthday and love from Grandma.

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The 6th Statler Users Gathering

was held at The Sanctuary last weekend. Ladies came from VIctoria and South Australia to spend time learning new things, and talking the same language. They worked on their own quilts, and not customers’ and managed to finish lots of projects. Some were piecing, some doing applique, one lady was hand piecing, a few bindings were done, and clothes were made. It’s a great feeling to get some of your own things finished, and not feel like you should be working on a customer quilt. They all arrived on Thursday afternoon, and left on Monday afternoon, so we made the most of the holiday weekend. I managed to finish the binding on a quilt, and worked on EQ doing some more Paper Bag Mystery quilts, and almost cut out the pieces for one of them. This was in between preparing the meals for the girls.


Alison finished the binding on this quilt, which is a Block of the Month at Canterbury Quilts. I love the border print on this quilt.


Elaine is always the “over” achiever and finishes lots of projects, which included clothes.


A long time UFO on which Naomi was stitching down the applique and it is now  ready to be quilted.


Lyn spent her weekend hand piecing and was pleased with her progress. I can’t believe just how much she managed to do, and all without a machine?!


Gayle was working on her Paper Bag Mystery quilt, from a weekend last year, and below you can see the result. Very pretty in 30’s prints.


And of course, we all gave her “advice” on how she could quilt her quilt!!


The obligatory group photo.


Brenda gifted us with these fans, which we loved. Thanks Brenda.




Time out in the pergola for an afternoon snack. The weather was mostly cloudy, but the temperature was in the mid 20’s all weekend, so very comfortable.And we were all too busy to really notice what it was like outside.


Elaine also finished this bag, made from strips of fabric.


Another top almost ready for the blocks to be sewn together. Very striking.


And another of Elaines progress, with 42 of these scrappy blocks sewn using scraps of all sorts, even partly pieced units in there. I don’t think her scrap bag looked much smaller though!


It was another great time of sharing, and friendship and we all look forward to the next gathering.

The house has been cleaned and the washing nearly done, ready for the next weekend.

It’s time to get back to the quilts, which are patiently waiting to be done. Some edge to edge for a few days, and then back to some custom quilting next week.

Be back soon,

Blessings, From Jude

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Quilting update


I will just post a few more quilt photos this morning, before I head back across the road to The Sanctuary where the Statler Users Gathering is in progress. The girls are getting lots of projects of their own finished, during a long weekend of time for themselves. There is also lots of chatting, and learning and laughing. More details and some photos in a few days time.

This quilt was made by Sherrell, a mystery quilt from a magazine, and quilted all over with a rose edge to edge.


The next few quilts were made by Di, for family and friends, and all quilted with edge to edge patterns.




This week has been rather hectic, and next week will be the same. The eye infection I had in January took ages to clear up, so I thought it was time to get the eyes checked. It was a job that had been put off for a year! I was rather relieved on Tuesday to get a good report, and a couple of pairs of new glasses will arrive soon. I think the long time it took for the infection to heal is more of an indication of how my health is at the moment, so I am trying to resolve that issue too. Another appointment that I have been waiting for will happen this week too.

Well I think I better go and turn on a couple of hoses and water some garden, and then another cup of coffee is in order, before I sit and work on a binding while we chatter some more. And before I know it, it will be time to prepare lunch and so the day will go quickly.

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

14 years old today…


my 2nd granddaughter was born. How fast the years have flown by. Just a couple of photos from the archives of when she was much younger. The first is learning to sew with grandma and the second a photo that I love. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many blessings in the year ahead, love from Grandma.



Blessings, From Jude