Monday, 22 September 2014

“In the Pink” Retreat report

I know there are some who are waiting for this blog post, and I have had one email enquiry, so before I get back to the quilting machine I better report in.
It was such a fantastic, fun time with a lovely group of ladies, and I hope I cover it all. But first, I would like to thank you all for coming, for all that you contributed and all that helped in any way, as I could not have done it on my own. We have an amazing result and this afternoon I went to the bank and deposited $1700.10 for the credit of the  Breast Cancer Network Australia account!!! That was the total from the proceeds of the raffle quilt and the auctions of donated goods that were held throughout the weekend. So THANKYOU to all.
There were lots of pink decorations, so we could hardly forget the reason for being there.

Raelene was good at tying bows, so went around the garden and house.
Inside all was ready for the arrival of guests, with pink hats, and goody bags with more pink things.
And the display of all the donated goods ready for the auctions. Due to the quantity of items, we invited other quilters, (and a husband or two), who came and willingly parted with money for a good cause.
Pauline made up a lovely array of nibbles for the travellers.
But before the weekend could start, we had to “fluff up” the flowers that had been made back in July for this occasion. Thankyou Raelene for your organisation with this. They looked just great, and made a lovely display in the garden too!

Friday evening we started with the first auction. We had 4 during the weekend. Michele Hill came to join us for the weekend and made up gorgeous kits of a Tudor Rose Pinwheel. Some girls made them up, and they look gorgeous. I don’t think there was lots of intense sewing happening, but overall it was a great time of chatting, sharing, eating, laughing, and participating in the auctions. I believe that for lots of those attending, it is a time of therapy, when we find out that  others have travelled a similar path at sometime in their life. And that’s what makes each retreat special for me.
Just some of what they found in their goody bags!
This was the money used in the auctions. All the girls had paid for this in the retreat fee. Was unfortunate that some girls ran out, and had to buy more, or put in the real coin!? Well, maybe unfortunate for them, but fortunate for the BCNA.
The weather was glorious, so lunch time meals were eaten out in the pergola.
I tried to keep to the pink theme, with some of the food. This was cottage pie, and mashed potato goes a lovely shade of pink when you add a beetroot and feta dip! The photo shows it more orange than pink.
This pork spare ribs with beetroot chutney on rice,
We also had a pink pavlova, which looked more pink in the middle. Also pink sauce on the silverside, and pink trifles, and berry icecream, and lots of beetroot in the salads, and pink icing on custard slice. Not too sure that I could come up with ideas for a green, or blue weekend!!?
As the weather was so nice, we took out some items for the Saturday afternoon auction.
For Saturday evening dinner, the dress code was PJ’s. Pink rollers in the hair completed the outfit.
A good look for dinner??
Jean was very pleased with her pink outfit, even the pink nails, and sox! (And she told me that there was more pink where I could not see!!)
Our group photo, out in the sunshine on Sunday, but unfortunately, one lady had already departed, so we are only ten and not eleven.
Raelene and Jean with all their goodies, at the end of the auctions. I watched Raelene packing the car this morning, and there was lots more to take home than they brought with them! 4 ladies, all their luggage, and their purchases, and a small car, and you get the picture?
Sunday afternoon we concluded the weekend with High Tea. Out came my grandma’s pretty cups, saucers and plates, and all the delicate cake trays. It was delightful and we should do this more often. Something about a cup and saucer and not a large mug!! We were missing a nice teapot, so maybe that is a purchase for the future? And thankyou to Pauline for the lovely food.
DSC_0006 (2)

DSC_0008 (2)
Eleven of us made short work of that lovely spread of food.
It was time to draw the winner of the raffle quilt. And I am very pleased to say that this lovely lady had the winning ticket, and was present at the drawing too. Congratulations to Michele Hill, who gives so much, to so many. Michele’s donation to the auction items were hotly bid on by the girls.
michele ticket
This is the quilt that Michele won, and is not her usual William Morris applique style. But she tells me that they have made a room for the grandchildren to use, and William does not fit there, and this looks just right, as the lime green matches her colour scheme. Hope you enjoy the quilt Michele.
And then it was time for packing up, and all the pink decorations came down. The auction table was empty.
Time to relax for those from the big city, who were to leave in the morning.
A chance conversation led to a decision to play cards. This was my second time in a couple of months, after years of not playing. We had a most enjoyable evening, and the girls said it just topped off a good weekend. A few things in the fridge needed finishing off, like the nibble platter from Friday, and a “little” bit leftover in the bottle?? (It might just explain why Raelene commented this morning that there was not much “spring in my step”, do you think?)
In an earlier post I spoke about these pink fluffies that had been donated to me for the retreat. It took a bit of thinking about what to do with them, but finally a decision was made.
I put the fluffies into a jar, so that the girls could guess just how many there were, (and then they could keep the jar as a prize). But a few got away before I could put the lid on, they went everywhere!! The turned up in the oddest places, like in the fruit bowl, in the coffee cup, in a bed, on the jam jar, in the tissue packet, and in the dessert bowls etc. etc. And one lady reached up in the cupboard for her cup, put the tea bag in and added the hot water, before she discovered her fluffy. He was a bit sad and very wet and still recovering from first degree burns!! Each time someone found one, they were given 2 extra play dollars for the auctions, so there was great excitement each time. Until Sunday morning, when I arrived at The Sanctuary to find this note!!
They told me it was so much fun, that the fluffies are being put away for another day.Thankyou Chris for your donation.
And in the garden below, you can see "Fluffy Flamingo", which was one of the auction items. I had debated about whether to put him in the auctions, as I liked him myself. So the girls all joined together and put in enough money to bid for him, and then they presented him to me as a thankyou gift, to be put in my garden. And he looks very much at home, so THANKYOU girls! Open-mouthed smile
Well time to sign off, probably written too much and it will crash when I hit the publish button?? Thanks to all of you again, from the bottom of my heart.
Blessings, and Love from Jude.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Heather Ridley Workshop and Pink

Last weekend our local group held a workshop with Heather Ridley, who taught “Sheer Magic Mosaic”. It was a very enjoyable weekend attended by 10 ladies. You can see the results from some in the following photos. All the projects were quite different.

It was lovely to spend some time with Heather and her husband John, who travelled from Adelaide to teach us. They stayed at The Sanctuary, and John spent time at the golf course while Heather was teaching. And a big thankyou to John, who is a fantastic handyman, and did some fixing up jobs for me. THANKYOU JOHN.








This afternoon a friend and I have been over the road, helping to set up the pink things for this weekend. Below is the collection of pink items to be auctioned throughout the weekend. Seems to be a lot of “stuff” this year! I am looking forward to a fun weekend.


We have put up some of the decorations, but waiting for Raelene to come and supervise the “fluffing out” of the pink flowers which were made back in July. And I am not real happy with the way that the raffle quilt is hanging, but the quilt is wider than the hanger, so not sure how I can change it. (Maybe the understudy will be able to help me!)Winking smile


Time for bed, has been a long day, or rather the week. I cant believe that another week has almost gone. Be back with a “pink” report in a few days.

“Come on down” Raelene, Jo, Margaret, Jean and Michele! “Come on over” Lyn and Pat, and Pauline, Helen, Val and Judy will be here waiting for you!

Blessings, From Jude