Sunday, 31 July 2016

Time for more quilt photos.....

Looking back through the blog, it seems like a long time again since I have posted quilt photos. Life always seems to be a catchup.
So while I am having a few days away with family, (which I will update you on later), here are a few quilts.

First up has been made by Sherrel, and she made 2 of these for her grandsons. They were quilted all over with a soccer ball pattern.

This was made by Marie, and started many, many years ago. Marie is on a mission to finish her many PHD's, and this is one of them. Simple custom quilting completed the job.

This was made by Christina, and was a very large quilt, and sorry you can not see it all. It was quilted allover with a continuous baptist fan pattern.

An Irish Chain quilt, made by Pat M as a wedding present for friends and quilted allover with a feather pattern.

This quilt was made by Rosie for a little girl, and finished with simple custom quilting.

This was made by Kath, and custom quilted.

A strippy quilt made  by Jenny with William Morris fabrics, and custom quilted.

This was also made by Jenny, and featured lots of birds in the fabric, so was quilted allover with a pattern that had birds in it.

The following 2 Christmas quilts were made by Di, and quilted with allover patterns.

Be back soon,

From Jude

Christmas in July

Sorry it has taken a week for me to report on last weekend's Christmas retreat. As it is the last day of July today, I thought I better report in before it is August! It was another fun weekend where friendships were renewed, or made with those who met for the first time.

The Christmas decorations were put up throughout the house, and I meant to take more photos, but did not get the chance, but you get the idea in the few photos below.

I found some of last year's Christmas cards and displayed them on the cupboard.

We had lots of Christmas nibbles, including the "trees" that I made.

I made a Christmas tree (use your imagination!)  with the star biscuits that the boys had helped me make when they were here.

One lovely lady made a small project for each participant to do. Thankyou Raelene for your effort in making these packs. They all loved them. Do you think there is a "tree" theme happening here??

The following photos are just a few of the projects each lady was working on.

Pat is still working on this candlewicked quilt that is for her daughter.

Raelene was a darling and put the binding on the pink raffle quilt, which I shall show you later. 

And Erica put the borders on her last Pick a case Mystery quilt.

There was more work on these hexagons.

More hand sewing by Pauline.

Checking out something on the Ipad as well.

Not all hands were busy, some were just relaxing!

Kerry was busy working on these blocks, to use up scraps, and she was very happy to make 9 of them!

In between all the action, Kerry took time out to spoil Gypsy.

Miss Bridie's birthday was coming up fast, and I had not made the quilt for her birthday present pram, so it was time for action. I had intended just quilting a piece of the fabric that was left over from when I made her baby quilt last year. But when I pulled out the left overs, I found a few half square triangle blocks that were already made. So I stitched them together and made a little quilt. And Raelene kindly put the binding on for me. Thankyou Raelene.

And here is the finished product, ready for the birthday girl.

And Miss Bridie, trying it out.

During the weekend, we had a visit from "Mother Christmas", who made a grand entrance, ringing her cow bell very loudly!! She handed out presents to everybody, and I have included a few photos.

 Mother Christmas had a bit of trouble with her hat, which kept tipping over.

And of course we had our Christmas dinner, of roast turkey and pudding. Raelene seems to sit in the middle of the table and ends up playing "mother" and dishing up our plates.

And another group photo to go on the wall.

It is nice to have Christmas in July, and enjoy a hot meal, and sit by the warm fire, when it is cold outside, and not the hot weather we usually have in December. Thankyou to those who came.

Blessings, From Jude

Thursday, 28 July 2016

One year old today!!

I received a video this week of Miss Bridie with her new pram. I have unsuccessfully tried to save it and post it on the blog, as it is rather cute. She also received a new dolly to put into the pram, and of course I made a mattress, pillow, sheet and quilt,( have to confess I had help though,)  I did manage to take a screen shot of the paused video and sorry it is not really clear, but you get the idea. 
I can't believe that one year has gone already!

And this is the cake that was made by DD2 for Miss Bridie, and you can see the biscuit sign, which was dessert.

This is just a quick post to let you all know I am still alive. I shall report on the Christmas in July retreat soon, and post some more quilt photos. Since the guests left on Monday morning, I have managed to finish quilting 4 quilts, and tomorrow morning I am packing my suitcase again.
I shall be in touch again sometime in the next few days. It is time for bed, so good night.

Blessings, From Jude

Thursday, 21 July 2016

A little time off...

Once again it has been awhile since my last post, so I thought I would update you on the newsfromjude while it is still fresh in my mind. There seems to be so much to fit into life lately.
Since I last posted I have finished a few quilts, that I will post photos of soon. There have been preparations for Christmas in July retreat, which starts tomorrow. And I had a trip to Horsham last weekend to deliver a couple of quilts that are going to Quilt Showcase in Melbourne next week. I do hope to get there to see them hanging and combine it with visit to family. (They are customer quilts, that I have quilted and not my own).

Most of this week has been taken up with a few days spent with lots of other quilters, taking part in classses at Quilt Encounter. Thankyou to Kerryn and her committee for an amazing job of organisation for this event, which is attended by up to 190 ladies who came from all over Australia. I know the work that goes into each retreat that I have here for only 8-10 ladies, so I appreciate what this committee does to enable so many this opportunity.

 As it is quite a few years since I have had the chance to attend, it was such a treat to attend classes. To have nothing else to think about, except what you are learning, and just rock up to the dining room for each meal which has been cooked for you, was very special.

Sunrise one morning.

Getting to know new friends that we shared accommodation with, and chatting about the day's classes.

Some of the lovely goodies that I received from the very generous sponsors.

Afternoon tea with friends.

And if you saw these ladies wandering around the grounds doing strange things, they were doing "rubbings" for their class with Ali George. (  I should have taken a photo of the results which looked great. They loved their class, and I love to see what they do, but it is just a tad too "arty" for me.

Who knew that fire hydrants could yield such good things??

One of my classes was Modern Hexagons with Heather Ford. 

It was special to have the lovely Faye in this class too, and we were very good students, in the back row. We were very busy trying to make lots of hexagons in the one day workshop.

 And behind this bed runner is another special lady, by the name of Lessa. As she is usually the teacher of a class, it must have been strange for her to be a student.

My placemats and table runner in progress.

My next class was On the Reef with Amanda Daley, who comes from Sydney. It was a very busy 2 days, with lots of tracing and cutting out.

My progress at the end of 2 days, and lots of stitching and embellishments to do yet.

Some of our class of 17 students, and their results.

Well it is rather late now, and tomorrow I need get my head back "out of the clouds" and back to work again. A trip to the shops in the morning, for supplies for the weekend, and to the butcher to pick up the turkey roast for our Christmas dinner. And then after lunch some lovely ladies will arrive for another fun weekend.

Blessings, From Jude