Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter report

 Another great weekend has finished and the last of the ladies will leave tomorrow, and the stayers are sitting in the lounge with their feet up.  First up are a couple of photos from the birthday gathering.
Miss Bridie received a special gift and here she is colouring in, watched by her other nanna.

This weekend some ladies have taken the opportunity to work on lots of projects, and managed to achieve lots, and some have had a more casual time. There has been lots of chatter, and quite a few visitors to call. 

Friday evening they all celebrated Pauline's birthday while I was absent.I shall post a few photos of the weekend.

Marie brought some of her hand dyed fabrics which proved to be popular.

Early Sunday all was quiet, ...........

............but Easter bunny had made a visit.

There was time for a quick rest before the next task needed to be done.....

 and time to check the phone for messages........

 Quilters are innovative people, and if the blinds are flapping in the breeze, you find a bit of fabric to tie them up, and the problem is solved.

Two heads are better than one when a problem needs to be solved.

While the bindings are being done, there is time for a chat. 

And here is a discussion about their recently renovated kitchens.

Some of the attendees at the Easter Sunrise service at the lake, which was a special time.

 Photos below show some of the results of the weekend.

And this is the group photo, although not all were present.

That's about all for now. Back soon,

Blessings, From Jude


Pauline Clark said...

Look out Biggles. Here I come. Magic weekend.

Raylene Edwards said...

A wonderful Easter Weekend enjoying the company of old friends & meeting 2 ladies who have been to No. 8 before, but I’d not met. We all blended!! All very pleased with results of our labour’s. Thanks to the BUNNY who collected me from the station 🐇

Susan Smith said...

Lovely work ladies & yes, the weekends at No. 8 are a hoot. Take care.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

yet another lovely weekend... so looking forward to June! xx