Wednesday, 17 June 2015

This and that


This week has been a bit different to normal, and started with me spending the best part of 3 days sitting in the recliner by the fire, snoozing a fair bit of the day away. Life has been pretty hectic for quite awhile now, in fact a long while. Maybe it is only when we are brought to a halt that we really sit up and listen. The last couple of years I have been attempting to get a balance in my life, and not really succeeding. But with the health issues going on, maybe it’s time. The quilting queue is still there, but I have consciously tried to try for more of this “balance” thing, and have spent time just sitting and watching the world go by.

Today I have had a trip “up the highway”, and came across the aftermath of this accident which happened last night.One lane of the road was closed for the cleanup, and  it was single lane traffic passed the accident site, so there was quite a delay.

If you click on the following link, Swanport Road accident you can read the details of last nights accident which occurred about 2 hours from here. The first photo was in the linked news report, and the second photo is one I took this morning.



A 61 year old lady died in this accident, and this has really hit home to me, as I am the same age. It just reminds you of just how quick life can end. And we just don’t know when we will be taken. My trip up the highway takes 3 hours there, and 3 hours home again, and is possibly the only time that I am not “busy”, and can do a lot of thinking. (In between concentrating on the driving of course!) I am not one for fancy words and lots of deep and meaningful stuff, but today I kept thinking of the futility of so many things that we get all stressed over, and worry about. Not just about ourselves, but about other people and what they do and don’t do. And really, why? Because in the grand scheme of things, will it matter in 5 years time? All that really matters is that we live a life that is pleasing to God and not ourselves, or other people.

A few weeks ago I had some visitors, and as they were leaving I noticed a card taped to the dash of their car. I like the sentiment of the following quote…..

TOLERANCE   The most loveable quality any human being can possess is tolerance…. It is the vision that enables one to see things from another’s viewpoint…. It is the generosity that concedes to others the right to their own opinions and their own peculiarities… It is the bigness that enables us to let people be happy in their own way instead of our way.      (Anonymous).

Well that ‘s about it for tonight, and my bed might be nice and warm by now. The fire has gone out and the house is cold. Tomorrow I have to get things ready for a lovely group who are coming to The Sanctuary for the weekend. Will light the fire to warm up the house, do some shopping and plan some food for them, attend a meeting and keep a doctor’s appointment. In between I would like to finish the quilt on the machine as well, but in keeping with the balance thing, maybe that might keep until the weekend.

Another quote also from the same person is How important is it really?? SMILE Smile

Blessings, From Jude


Pauline Clark said...

So true Judith. we all try to stay balanced. sometimes it is harder to do than say. As you say smile.xx

Sue SA said...

People love to throw the word "peace" about, but I think the tolerance quote sums up what we all need to do in life so that we can achieve peace. Peace with others and our ourselves. I love thinking in the car also, but the dangers of highway driving is always a concern to me. Glad you got home safe.

jfoster8 said...

Thank you Judy.....I sometimes need to be reminded...

Anonymous said...

That last quote could be rewritten as

How important is it to smile?