Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Gumtree Quilters Annual Retreat

 Last weekend was the annual retreat for our local patchwork group. The venue was formerly Pendleton Farm, and new owners this year have renamed it Cockatoo Downs Farmstay. It is a really good venue for us, as it is not far from our town, which gives members the option to stay for the weekend, or visit during the day. There is also different accommodation choices, with bunkstyle or cottage available. For most it was a chance to make progress on UFO's and chat with each other.

 Pat was working on her "Head to the Border" quilt, and was hopeful to finish on the weekend.
 Pat and Helen had a good catchup chat.
 Beth was on a mission to finish this quilt and made good progress.
 Pat and RoseMary working out the next step on RoseMary's quilt.
 This was the "look after the fire" brigade, and was a popular place to be in the cool evenings.
And Marie was the sole audience of the footy match on the TV, until she was joined by Pat later. Marie had made good progress and finished 2 of her UFO's, so was feeling very pleased.

I did not spend the whole weekend at the retreat, but did attend for some of the time.

Blogger is still not working as I want it too, so in the meantime, I am uploading photos, and going off to do other things while they load. It seems there are many unhappy people in blog land, that are hoping that things get fixed soon.
I will be back later with some smaller postings.

Blessings, From Jude

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