Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Family photos

I am told that WLW is working for posting to my blog again, so will try and get a few posts up, “just in case”. I have a few photos that came in text messages, or “borrowed” from facebook.

First up is Mr Five, who was trying his hand at some fishing while on a recent holiday. I am told the catch was not good, but I guess he enjoyed trying.


Another of Mr Five, at his school welcome service. Doesn’t he look so proud.


And this is Mr Four, looking rather cute, checking out the toadstools by the tree.


And this is the cake which was made by DD2, for the baby shower for my next grandchild. The baby shower was held last weekend, but unfortunately I had a prior committment and was unable to attend. Not sure how anyone could cut into that cake, but I am told that they did. This baby was scanned last week, and at 32 weeks is 5lb already! They watched (her/him??) suck it’s fingers and yawn. Totally amazing, just what technology is capable of! One day they will probably know what colour the hair is, (if there is any), before birth.



Holding my breath, that this will post.

Blessings, From Jude

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Michele Hill said...

SO exciting Jude!