Saturday, 13 June 2015

Happy Birthday


to DD3, who is 33 today. Those years have gone by so fast.


I remember that I blogged about you being born in the drought year of 1982 in my post for your 32nd birthday, so better not go into those details again this year.

This year has been very busy for you, since you have started your ebay store, as well as still flying international flights. And into the mix there is a wedding being planned. I hope you are enjoying the hot springs that have been organised for today’s celebration and your evening out tonight.

Lots of love from Mum.

Blessings, From Jude, …………..who is trying to ward off something that is making me feel rather ordinary. Tomorrow will be a very quiet day doing not much at all in my chair by the fire, where I have spent a fair bit of time over the last couple of days.


Jean McGee said...

Hope. You feel better Judy, must be the result of a very busy weekend. How lovely to see your daughter grow into a beautiful young woman who is enjoying life. You did a good job,! X

Sue SA said...

Hope your feeling better soon fun being sick, so hope you dont have the flu that has been going around here.

Michele Hill said...

Now you can't blame me for the bug cos I am too far away - hope it is not the coughing one - it is a bugger!! Absolutely love that photo of Suzanne. Get well soon xx

Anonymous said...

One thing you are not is ordinary! Hope you are feeling better!