Saturday, 20 June 2015

Quilt photo catchup


Once again it has been awhile since I have posted quilt photos. Life just seems to have had so much “other stuff” happening. These days this blog seems to be much more than quilts and retreats. I find it is a good reference tool when I need to check up on when something happened. So if you are here to see quilting, then today is your lucky day!

Just a few of what has “gone out the door” to their owners. Hopefully this week I can start to get a few more done for their owners.

First up is one by Jacci. A very simple, but effective use of colours and quilted allover with a pattern called Ocean Froth.


This one was made by Jenny, called Ford Mania, and is all fabrics that are car related such as Ford cars and tyres etc. A good man’s quilt, and quilted allover with a simple geometric pattern.


This is an ABC quilt, with Dick and Jane fabrics, and also made by Jenny. It is quilted allover with an ABC pattern.


This is a  jelly roll quilt, made by Jacci and quilted allover with Cotton Seed.


This Sampler quilt was made by Linda, and quilted allover with a Kerryn Emerson pattern called Pearl.


This was made by Pauline, with Oriental fabrics, and quilted allover with Gingko and Butterflies. Pauline made this for a wedding gift for her nephew and his bride.


Time to get busy and decide what the ladies at The Sanctuary will be having for lunch. The little people in my house have just woken up so I think I can make a noise in my kitchen now. DD2 and family are here for the weekend. I can hear the piano being played. It seems the only use it gets these days, is when the family come visiting and the children play it. Seems a shame doesn’t it. I remember my school days and having to go for lessons in my lunch hour, and the endless practice sessions after school at home. I know I did a lot of grumbling, and my dad would say, “you will thank me one day”. I had lessons for 5 years. I guess it is good that I can play, but I hardly touch it these days. And I can’t play without the written notes in front of me. Maybe one day I shall have the time to practice.

Have a good day,

Blessings, From Jude

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