Saturday, 25 April 2015

A winner!


Last night a winner was drawn from the lovely list of names of people who entered my giveaway last week. Thankyou to all those who left a comment, either on the blog, or by email or text. Not sure why it is so hard for some to leave comments, although I have tried on some other blogs sometimes and it does not work. Must have something to do with the settings. Computers are great when things go how you want them too.

The winner of the case of goodies as in the photo below is Granny Smith quilting. I have left Susan a message, so hope she responds and sends me her address. And once again, thanks to all. I shall do this again.


This morning a few of the girls from The Sanctuary have gone to the Anzac day dawn service here in Bordertown. I should have joined them, but this morning I am nursing a sore back. Not sure what has happened, but maybe I slept in a funny position or something. I shall be sitting in an upright position this morning and hope it comes good soon.

Time to head for the shower, and then decide what I shall work on today. Too many projects that need working on, but will probably keep going on the Mystery quilts.

Will be back later with an update and photos from the UFO retreat at The Sanctuary.

Blessings, From Jude


Joy McD said...

Yay for Susan!!! Just that special little something she needs right now :) xxx

Sue said...

Congrats Susan

Sue SA said...

I hope your back feels better. I find a warm heat bag nestled in the small of my back while sitting helps.

Susan Smith said...

Thanks Judy, it looks lovely and I know we've spoken on the phone since, but didn't realise you have a sore back, so do hope that is now much better. As Sue above says, heat bags are great and I use mine all the time. Thanks again and take care.