Thursday, 23 April 2015

Another quilt post


I can see that it is time to show some more quilting photos.

First is a scrap quilt made in autumn colours, by Rosie. This time the quilt is for her bed and not being given to anyone else. Very simply custom quilted.


This one was also made by Rosie, for a friends 50th birthday, and quilted with an all over stars and moons pattern. And another great use of scrap fabrics.


This one was made by Prue, using lots of blue fabrics, and quilted all over with a pattern called Sticky Buns, which has given it a lovely texture. This quilt is to be used as a raffle quilt, for a local group.


And another scrappy quilt, made by Jo, and quilted all over with Square Spirals.


Everyone seems to be using up their scraps lately, although I don’t think the scrap pile actually shrinks very much. I know that I could spend the rest of my time just making scrappy quilts, and not purchasing any more fabric. Well, that would be after I finish the WIP’s I have on the go now!! And that would be in my spare time???

In between some quilting, I am still busy working on the Paper Bag Mystery quilts, and am enjoying playing around with EQ and changing the way things look. And sometimes it all depends on just how much of each fabric I have, just what I change. It was good to have Lois call in and “play” with EQ as well. Another person to “bounce” ideas with is great. I have also emailed ideas to Pat for her opinion, as she lives out of town, and can’t just “drop in”. Thankyou to both ladies. And then I call in the “proof readers”, who go over my notes and make sure it makes sense. I might just be spending this weekend retreat playing with EQ and writing instructions, as the June retreat weekend is coming up really fast, and I have a very busy month of May.

The rain that a lot of our state had this last week, did not bring very much in this area. But the nights are cold, so will be looking forward to lighting the combustion heater at The Sanctuary this weekend. There is more rain forecast for Saturday, but we will see if it happens.

It has been fantastic to receive lots of comments from near and far, this week, both on the blog and by email. Thankyou all very much. I shall be picking a winner for the giveaway on Friday evening, so you still have time to send a comment. I have packed a medium size case with a few goodies for some lucky person.

Well, it must be time to start my day, well the working part of it anyway, as I have been up for 2 1/2 hours already. I love the early mornings, while it is still quiet in the world, and the birds start to sing as daylight comes.

Have a great day, whatever you are doing,

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

Love scrap quilts, but I agree, they seem to make no indent in the scrap pile, very frustrating!