Thursday, 16 April 2015

Catching up again, and another giveaway!


I will post photos of the last quilt soon, as I am waiting for the sun  to come out to take clearer photos. The ones I have taken are a bit dull, so hopefully tomorrow will be brighter. I can say that after a couple of days space from the quilt, that I am happy with it. After a week of being up close and personal with a quilt, I need to step back and get another perspective and distance. I had to put it back on this morning because there were a couple of spots that I forgot to quilt. Glad they were found before it was posted back to it’s owner.

First photo is of a few deliveries from the last couple of weeks. Because I was concentrating on getting that big quilting job done, these parcels were left in the corner, waiting until I had time to open them. Since I took that photo I picked up another 2 parcels from the Post office, and today was the day to open them all. I have hung some quilts up and taken photos, so that I can draw on them with quilting ideas. I am pleased to say that some are all over quilting! I am so looking forward to a few days of edge to edge quilting before I load another custom! Smile


As reported earlier, I had an exciting delivery this week. I was surprised to see the truck stop out the front, and he unloaded 4 boxes. I was expecting an order, but not quite this many! I received a catalogue from one of my suppliers last week. And they had a special on Fat quarter boxes and little cases. Part of the order did contain fat quarter boxes, and I thought they would be handy for lots of occasions, when I donate a prize or give a gift. And I had ordered the cases as well, thinking  they would be a change to put the Paper Bag Mystery quilts in, instead of the bags that I had been using, that tore easily. This is what the delivery man left in my room!


I was excited to open the first box, and found this case, which was larger than I expected. ( I took a chance when ordering, by not knowing how large they were, but the price was good!)


And then I took off the plastic, and opened up the case, and lo and behold, there was another inside! Bonus!


And then I opened that one and another surprise! I had 3 little cases, all with sewing related pictures on them! I might add that I had ordered 30 of these, and now I had 90!


And all these bags, with fabrics already cut ready for a quilt, fit very nicely in there don’t they? And there is still room for a few more little goodies that I usually add to the bags!


My mind is thinking of lots of ways that I can make use of my “bonus” cases.

If you have read this far, I thank you, so I have decided to use the middle size case and put some goodies in it for another giveaway on my blog. It was fun to receive comments from lots of places when I held the last one. I will keep this open for the next week, and draw a winner on Friday evening, April 24, when the girls arrive for our next retreat at The Sanctuary. It will be a case of mystery items, mainly because I am not sure what I will put in yet. But it will be worth winning. I look forward to hearing from you. Some girls tell me that they have trouble leaving comments, so I will accept email comments.  

Will be back soon with photos of that quilt.

Blessings, From Jude


Pauline Clark said...

Lovely cases Jude. Hoping I will be the lucky person .As I said before beautiful quilt & magnificent Quilting.x

Pauline Clark said...
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Pauline Clark said...
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Lisa V said...

Lovely big parcels to receive in the mail. How exciting!
I would love to be included in the draw for your giveaway please. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sue SA said...

Glad you got some edge to edges with all those quilts coming in!
The cases are a lovely idea for holding your mystery packs, what a great bonus to get the extra ones! Thanks for such a generous give away, count me in!

Joy McD said...

How nice that you got some extra lovely bonuses!! Whoever wins this giveaway will be very happy!!! xxx

Sue said...

Beautiful cases, lucky to get 90. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Christina said...

Oh my gosh, 90 cases. How lucky are you, and you so deserve to be the recipient of such an amazing surprise.