Monday, 20 April 2015

A lucky find


I posted some time ago that I was searching for some fabric, that I needed would like to have, for my Head to the Border quilt. I have made a lot of enquiries in patchwork shops all around the country, and sent a photo of the fabric, but have had no luck. Faye went off to Melbourne last week, with a sample piece to check out shops, just in case she might just happen to go to a fabric shop!! Winking smile

Today I walked into my local patchwork shop, where I had previously searched with no luck. The owner of the shop just happened to be there today, and I asked her if, by chance, she had some of the said fabric at her home, as I had originally purchased it in her shop. But this was 10 years ago. When I mentioned the name of the fabric, she immediately went to a shelf down underneath……. and came out with the last of this range, although in a colour I was not searching for. Mainly because I did not know of it. But it is perfect, just the colours I want, but with a green background and not pink. And as I am using greens in the quilt as well, it goes with everything. And there was 2.5 metres left on the roll! So I have no more excuses and can finish the quilt. Stay tuned for further updates. It needs to be finished in time for our local exhibition in October this year.


Blessings, From Jude


Pauline Clark said...

Well Done. Now you can finish .No excuses now.x

Sue SA said...

Yipee, great find! And I bet the shop owner was very happy too!

Christina said...

So pleased for you Judy. It is such a good feeling when you find just what you wanted.