Monday, 6 April 2015

Quilt update


It must be time for photos of more quilts that have recently gone out my door with their owners. These 3 quilts have all been custom quilted.

First is June’s quilt, which she has made in my Embellished Quilts class, using lots of different machine techniques. June was trying to use up her stash of blue fabrics, but I believe she did not make much of a dent.


This is Toytime Circus made by Di for one of her grandchildren. Lots of fun in this quilt, and I am sure they will love it.


This Star quilt made by Sue is very striking, and it was custom quilted with feathers and straight lines to highlight the star. The photo below shows the back of the quilt.



I have another quilt to load this morning, that needs an intense custom quilting job, so it could be on for awhile. Lots of needleturn applique which needs SID. I have had a little “quilting” break over the Easter weekend, with one little impulse trip to the beach, and most of the time spent with EQ on the computer, and cutting fabric and writing instructions for more Paper Bag Mystery quilts.

And the Thursday before Easter I spent the whole day doing “housework”! It is such a rare event here that I need to mention it. I usually do what really needs to be done, and only use a small portion of my house myself. I spend most of my time in my quilting studio, and the adjoining room where I sew, iron and store my stuff. I do use my kitchen and my bedroom, but that leaves the remaining part of my house ignored. But there is nothing like the expectation of visitors to motivate, so a clean up was necessary! 

Time to finish this post, but will be back with a photo or 2 of my beach journey.

Have woken up to rain this morning, which the countryside really needs.

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

We were only talking about Cape Jaffa the other day! So nice to spend a day at the beach with a good friend, what a great way to catch up. Lovely quilts, especially love the quilting you did on the star quilt. Glad you had a lovely Easter!