Friday, 1 May 2015

UFO Retreat

  Last weekend we had a UFO retreat at The Sanctuary, with 8 ladies attending. Some of us seemed to come and go a bit over the 3 days. It was the Anzac service early on the Saturday, which a few attended. And one lady was nearing the end of a house move, so disappeared occasionally to “supervise” her family, and check what they were throwing out! But overall, it was a time of finishing off and working on new projects too. I missed the obligatory group photo, because I was on a mission, and it was too hard to get all 8 together by the time I realised. Saturday was fine, so we ate lunch outside, and the photo below is as close as I got to a group one. And even then, there had to be one not looking, and another looking the other way!
And this is what one lady had for dessert, while the others all ate fresh apples from the orchard.
Maxine wanted a “bag” to store all her cords and chargers in, so that when it was time to pack, she knew straight away if one was missing. This was her creation, and below, when it was rolled up to put into her suitcase. Another lady was so impressed that she rummaged for fabric and made one for herself before the weekend finished.
The scraps left on the floor as I was cutting the fabric for another Paper Bag Mystery quilt. This gives you a good clue as to the colours used in this quilt!
Time to take a break, and spend some time on the computer, checking emails and surfing the net, and maybe to find out what is happening in the rest of the world while we are away on retreat.
Each person was responsible for one meal during the weekend. This ensures that the rest of the weekend is your time, and helps to cut the cost of the retreat. It was Erica’s time to pack the dishwasher. And it looks as though we enjoyed the meal, by the look of the glassware waiting on the sink for hand washing!
Jocelyn has made progress on her disappearing nine patch, and only has one border left to do.IMG_0083
After the sun went down, it was time for some handwork sitting by the cozy fire, and watching some TV.IMG_0085
On the last day, the Adelaide contingent were packing up, and the locals were still making progress. Thank you Maxine and Dot for driving 3 hours to join us. We were just sorry you did not bring the rain all the way down with you.
There endeth another lovely weekend at The Sanctuary. I love to see, and listen, to the conversations. Such a wide range of subjects were discussed, amongst ladies that did not all know each other before the retreat. Lots of laughter and stories were told. But we all have one thing in common with our quilting, which bonds us in a special way.
Blessings, From Jude

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Pauline Clark said...

great weekend Jude. Best way to unwind.x