Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Weekend visitors

I had the pleasure of family visiting for the weekend. They drove from their home 3 hours away to load their trailer with wood from their family’s farm. This will keep them warm until the next trip. The nights, and some days are getting cooler and we are thinking about preparing for winter. I still have some wood in the shed left from last winter, but will need to phone the man who delivers my supplies. As I am not a person that likes hot weather, I am looking forward to cosy wood fires. Just sitting and watching the flames in a contained heater is mesmerizing.
Photos below of 2 little boys and what they got up to while at Grandma’s house.
A bit of colouring in for Mr 4year old, and he had the blue, red and yellow colours out to draw his favourite footy team. And below is a picture of concentration as he pins the fabric. It’s amazing how much time little kids can spend amusing themselves with pins, (with supervision of course).
Mr 6year old wanted to do some sewing, and guess what? Everything you need to sew, you will find at Grandma’s house! We found some flannel fabric and he sewed the seams to make a baby blanket, which you see in the bottom photo. And it just so happens, that his Uncle and Aunty are having a baby soon, and won’t they be surprised that he made this for them. (Not too sure whether a blue blanket will be needed, but they will get blue anyway!) He wanted to take some fabric home to sew on mum’s machine, so we found some precut squares in the scrap drawers.
And they found some time for playing their games as well as kicking the footy, sewing, drawing, catching up with friends, and visiting the farm.
Their dad has recently purchased a new Harley motorbike and he rode this, while DD2 drove the car and trailer. I can’t say that I have ever had a Harley parked in my pergola before!
A visit to the farm while the sheep crutching was in progress was a big highlight for the weekend. This photo was taken with their older cousin in the shearing shed. The smiles say it all. I think it is disappointing that most of my grand children are growing up without knowing about farms and all the associated activities. At least this branch of the family do get to see a bit of farm life, although not often.

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Sue SA said...

Great to have some happy visitors. Dont worry those occasional farm visits make a big impact on them for the rest of their lives, my city cousins still remember farm visits fondly and that was more than 20 yrs ago!