Thursday, 6 November 2014

Back again

Time for another update. I don’t know where the weeks are going. All I seem to do is play catch up. Here are a few more quilts to show you. In between all the happenings at The Sanctuary, there has not been a lot of quilting going on, so I better see about changing that very soon.

First up is Erica’s quilt, called Strawberry Lemonade, and quilted all over with circles, that look like bubbles.


This was made by Lois, and I loved the colours. They look more blue in real life. Quilted all over with Damask.


This was made by a young lady who is being taught to sew by Lyn. She has done a great job, and this was quilted with Bubbles.


Made by Barbara, for her grandson, and quilted all over with a meander.


This was made by Mary for a soon to be born great grandchild and quilted with a swirls pattern.


Made by Judy for her 3 year old grand son, and quilted with Debs Swirls.


Lots of other things have taken up my time, including a visit to The Sanctuary by the Naracoorte quilting group. These ladies self catered, which was good as I had a trip to Adelaide while they were there. They enjoyed their stay, and enjoyed listening to the chorus of birds each morning and afternoon. 

I had a lovely thankyou card last week, from a group who visited recently. They thanked me for the hospitality and delicious meals, and said how The Sanctuary was aptly named. I have a guest book for ladies to sign, and have received some lovely comments. It is a lovely peaceful place, and you can feel like you are in another world over there. My intention was for The Sanctuary to be a place of rest, a refuge, a home away from home, with out the distractions of home. Hopefully I have achieved that.

Last weekend, I went to the city to attend a class with Jenny Bacon, a Quilt Judge from Victoria, who also has overseas judging qualifications. It was very interesting to hear her stories about judging experiences and the different processes in other countries.

And while away, I managed to fit in a brief time with family.

On my way home I caught up with my parents, and then had a spend up in the plant shop, and have since cleaned up my weedy vegetable garden and planted summer plants. Now I need to keep the watering going, as the ground is very dry, as we have had very little spring rain. I am looking forward to the taste of home grown tomato plants, which is far superior to the bought tomatoes.

This week our local group met to choose another border for the Head to the Border quilt. And on Tuesday, 9 ladies had a lovely day at The Sanctuary for a Melbourne Cup Mystery. I shall be back soon to report on these.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

You certainly are one busy lady. The quilts look super. Must do some veg planting too, over the next week or so. Take care.