Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A "duh" moment

Just thought I would share my "duh" moment from today.
My mobile phone is with a different carrier to my internet and my home phone, and today the mobile was not working. The message said no network connection available??
While trying to work out just what was wrong, I used my home phone to phone my mobile. And it told me that the number was unavailable or some such message. OK, now I checked on the website of said company and did find out that there was work going on at the tower, not far from me, and that things would resume in due course. And thankfully, it was not my mobile phone that was at fault. Glad I still had home phone and internet, or I might not have been too happy. (A good reason to keep my plans with different companies).
Much later in the day all was working again. And I had a message that I had a missed call. So I picked up the mobile to phone the number, who I thought was a friend, whose number is very similar to mine. And as I called what I thought was Helen's number, my home phone started ringing. (And I should have woken up by now, don't you think!). So I quickly hung up the mobile phone and hoped that Helen had not been there to answer it, so that I could answer the call on my home phone!! Still oblivious to what was happening, I picked up the home phone and saw the number calling, and then the penny dropped! The missed call number had been my own home phone, and I was actually ringing myself! Duh!!
Hope I added to the humour of your day!
On another note, I am not a fan of mobile phones, and much prefer to use my home phone. I know that lots of people are now using mobiles for communication. And don't get me started on text messages. They are the worst part of modern technology. There are too many people wandering around glued to their phones etc. If you want to say something to someone, pick up the phone and use it to talk in a real conversation. Brief text messages can be taken way out of context. There will be a whole generation that wont know how to look someone in the eyes, and have a real conversation.
Well enough said, and I will admit to there being a lot of good things about modern technology as well.

Have managed to almost finish a couple of edge to edge quilts today. And been in the vegie garden this morning, planting some more seeds. Went over this afternoon to water, and water was flooding the yard. A pipe had come unclamped on the bore, so a call to the repair man was necessary.
Well, that's my day, hope yours was better.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Oh dear Judy, I thought that was only me who did stupid things with technology. Take care.

Michele Hill said...

A couple of years ago Emily left her mobile at our place so I phoned her (on her mobile!!!) to tell her she had left it behind. It still didn't register what I was doing until I answered her mobile (because it was ringing!!) and saw "mum" on the screen!! Happens to us all dear Jude..thanks for the chuckle before we start hanging all the quilts! xx