Saturday, 22 November 2014

I am away

Yesterday was the day for my little holiday to start. Spent time in the morning watering the garden at both houses, and packed my bag for the journey. Fortunately my new credit cards arrived in the mail, and so I am good to go for spending now. Amazing how lost you feel without a card to access your funds, (or add to the debt)! 
I had arranged to drive myself to the station and leave my car for a friend to pick up after her appointment. Not far to the station, so I toodle off down there, thinking I had more than 15 minutes to wait for the train. As soon as I turned into the main street, I could see a carriage in the station and was hoping it was a goods train, but when I got closer, I saw it was my train!! Must admit I was speeding for the last 2 blocks, and thankfully no traffic in the way. Pulled up at the station as the other passengers were getting on. Tried to remember, to put car in park, handbrake on, close the windows, and get out my luggage, and lock the car as I ran up the incline to the train. My heart was thumping pretty hard by the time I managed to chuck my luggage on the train and climb up the step!!
More often trains are late, not early, but the train pulled out of the station 15 minutes before it was even due to arrive!  Lesson to self, even if it is a small country station, next time get there about an hour before departure time.
After I calmed down, it was a lovely relaxing trip, on which I read a book, the daily paper, had a coffee and relaxed for the rest of the journey to Melbourne, where I was met by my daughter.

Today we have been to Australian Quilt Market in the city, where you can see I made some purchases. Managed to find a collection of fabrics to start the next round of Paper Bag Mystery Quilts.

 The pigeons on the edge of the river at Southbank, Melbourne.

Next up on the agenda was a trip to the Yarra Valley to have lunch at the venue for next year's wedding. It is a lovely spot with expansive lawns, a gorgeous chapel, and restaurants. Lots of lovely rustic things of interest in the gardens.

Maybe a bike ride before lunch??

Lunch was the Tapas menu, and was delicious. This is what remained, and sorry I should have taken a photo before we started.

The country side around the area. Still rather green, up close to the hills.

Roses in the street at nearby Healesville, where we had coffee later.

A little snooze on the way home after that exhausting bike ride and lunch.!!

A few more days before I head back on the train to home. This is my time to switch off from work for the next 2 days.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend, whatever you are doing. The weather has been rather lovely here today, which is nice for 'time out'.

From Jude


Susanne Simcock said...

Thanks for that lovely snoozing photo! Yes I was very exhausted from carrying your shopping around the quilt market!

jfoster8 said...


Sue SA said...

Yeah what a lovely mini holiday you had. I think you need to buy one of those shopping carts though for quilt market next time, your purchases looked very heavy - sleep inducing heavy!
I cannot believe how green the hills were. But then again we had another 10 mm rain here yesterday....only in the years of poor spring rains does it seem to rain when the farmers are trying to harvest, which is a bit mean!

Linda Steele said...

Sounds like a great trip to me. My daughter got married at that venue exactly two years ago, it was a beautiful wedding.