Saturday, 8 November 2014

Happy 40th Birthday


Today is 40 years since I gave birth to my first baby, a beautiful auburn haired daughter. It was the “talk” of the hospital. I had not expected a brown haired mother, and black haired father to have a “red” haired child. And it’s not a real red, but more auburn, and has not changed colour in all these years. They tell me it is a colour from further back in the family.

I have spent time looking through the photo “albums”, (on the computer), trying to choose a photo for this blog post. It has been a trip down memory lane, remembering times gone by and special occasions. There was quite a few to choose from, but I liked these, although they are from years ago.

Happy birthday to a special daughter, and I hope you have a great day. Sorry it did not work out to be with you, but I know you have lots planned. It was nice to see you last week for a little time.

Much love from mum. XXX



I am scheduling this to post on the actual birthday, so do hope it works.

I am so close to finishing a big custom job that has been on the machine for far too long. There is lots of tiny little applique and SID. Was trying to finish tonight, but I think it’s best if I come back to it when I am fresh and not so tired. I can see the end now. If I had not have gone out to lunch with a friend today, it would be finished by now. But it was a nice lunch, a spur of the moment decision, and something that we both needed…. time out from the busyness of life, just for a little while.

Be back with more news of the Melbourne Cup day soon.

Blessings, From Jude

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