Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Another big catch up post

I better update the news of the last few weeks. It has been a hectic time, and more to come in the next week or two. Another group coming to The Sanctuary this weekend, and then Adelaide Quilt Show in a couple of weeks. It is our local patchwork day next Monday, and I need to have the next border of my quilt done by then. And on Tuesday it is Melbourne Cup Day and we are having a lunch at The Sanctuary with a Mystery Sewing project. Hopefully at the end of November I am going on a little holiday, so looking forward to that.

A successful weekend

Time to report on last weekend, before any more days elapse. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and managed get a fair amount of the quilts done. Some finished, some completed the centre of their quilt, and had borders left to put on. One managed to get the middles of 2 quilts done, and one speedy lady managed to get the quilt made, and quilted and the binding on ready for hand sewing!! It was fortunate that she knew how to operate “Max”, so loaded the backing and top on Sunday morning. All the cutting was correct, and I need only to make corrections to 2 lots of instructions! What a relief!

Most of the following photos speak for themselves, with no explanation needed.









This is the view from the kitchen window.


We had one lady who did not work on the Mystery quilt. This is June, and she does some amazing hand embroidery, and came to keep Jean company on the trip from Adelaide.





It is so hard to get everyone smiling nicely for a group photo. I usually take about 6, and I think this was the best of them all. They all look pretty happy. Not often that there is 11 for the photo! More than a full house, so I had 3 staying at my place across the road. Which was a good idea, until I woke Friday morning to find I had no hot water! A quick phone call to the plumber was made, and by 4pm that afternoon the water was hot again. I am thankful that it was Friday morning, and not Saturday or Sunday.  It might have been pushing things to have 12 ladies queuing for the shower at The Sanctuary!!







Someone “borrowed” my camera, and I nearly did not post this, but here you are!







I am looking forward to seeing the quilts with their borders on in the near future. There was a wide variety of fabrics and colours. Not like your normal mystery project where you at least get to choose your fabric even if you don’t know what the pattern is. This is where fabric and the pattern is a mystery. And having some spare bags makes sure that everyone is catered for. A couple of ladies bought extra bags, so I now have only 2 left, out of the 15 that were done. As another Paper Bag Mystery weekend is planned for June next year, and I have 5 names already on the list, I better start planning early this time so that i am not cutting at 4 pm on the day of the retreat!!

If you might be interested please contact me.

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Sue SA said...

Lovely quilts, everyone must have been very busy sewing (v talking/eating!) because they were very productive!