Thursday, 20 November 2014

Congratulations Michele!

There is a lovely story over on Michele's blog about a special day for her. Her 2013 Best of Show quilt has been purchased by a collector and yesterday was the day for it’s delivery. Click on the link and head over to read all about it.
Below is a photo of Michele at The Sanctuary back in 2013 when she was working on this quilt. And below that is my photo of the quilt, taken in Adelaide last year at the show.
IMG_6975 This is a very timely story this week, as I had a young girl ask me last weekend whether “anyone famous makes quilts?” I told her that a lot of people become famous in the quilting world by making quilts, and become well known around the world. Not sure if this was a satisfactory answer or not. I expect she was thinking more about famous TV celebrities and movie stars. This conversation came back to me after Michele’s news this week.  As well as being so famous in the quilting world, Michele is also so very humble about her success, and also so very giving with her talents.  While all these achievements are worthy in themselves, what really counts is who they are as a person, and you are beautiful Michele. Congratulations, it is a pleasure to know you, and I thank you for your friendship.

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Michele Hill said...

You have brought tears to my eyes Jude..thankyou! (only thing i need to do now is get payment for said quilt…..he kind of forgot when I delivered it!!)