Thursday, 20 November 2014

Our trip to the city


Time for a report on our activities last weekend. There were 3 of us, up early to leave for our 3 hour trip to the “big smoke”. Plans to leave by 6.30am were put on hold before we even set off. Upon checking my bank accounts online, (just to see how much money I should not spend!), i found out that my credit card had been hacked!! Not a good start to a weekend in the city is it? But, I have to say that my bank were very good at answering the phone at that early time of the morning, and with a real voice, and someone that spoke my language! All this modern technology takes a lot of keeping up with, and it has been a real time waster this week to go through the process of getting new cards, which I am still waiting for.

A bit later than planned we headed to the Quilt Show, an eagerly anticipated trip each year, so see who had won what, who had quilted what, and what was the latest product and check out the classes and demo from the shops.

First up is a photo of strange stuff that we have not seen much of for the last few months. So I had to take a photo, of rain! (And I might add that we are having a bit more of that today). My garden is loving it. The wet stuff that comes out of the tap, is nothing like the real stuff that comes from above. Gee, maybe I could do a sermon here now that I have seen a similarity with everything that comes from God above! Open-mouthed smileIMG_9169

Saturday evening dining, fish and chips in cardboard boxes! We jokingly called it “dining at the Ritz!)


One of our three had purchased a kit at the show, which was a beaded bracelet to make. And instead of waiting till she got home, decided to start on it. But, to thread the needle, a good light was required, and not many motels have good lighting. So into the bedroom and turn on the sidelight, and a bit of help from someone with a torch, and you had to be there and listen to the conversation, but it had me wondering just what was happening!? In due course she found the hole, and threaded the needle and next morning (because I was a party pooper and went to bed early!). I saw the finished bracelet. Very pretty.


At the quilt show next day again, and this is the table selling raffle tickets and giving out viewers choice forms. I did a turn at this table, and walking the floor with my white gloves on for a couple of hours.


I did not take a lot of quilt photos, although I had good intentions. Maybe I did too much talking networking instead! I know you are to get permission from the quilt owner to show the photos, but I think these ladies would be happy to have there quilts on my blog. Thankyou Vicki, lovely colours, and great quilting on this. Looking forward to seeing your entry next year.


This is “Stitches in Time” by Heather Ridley. Heather has recently taught our group in Bordertown her Mosaic Magic quilt.



Mughal Dynasty Reflections by Michele Hill. Slightly different to her William Morris style, but gorgeous.



And this is my granddaughter, standing proudly by her quilt, called LaLa Layer Cake. She received a lovely bag of goodies, including more fabric and threads for her entry.


This is not the best quality, but was taken with my phone, and is my New York Beauty quilt.


Time for a cuppa, and show and tell time. Out comes the latest purchases for us to drool over.


Had the odd moment during the weekend, to stop and “smell the roses”. Although the following photos show trees instead. Not sure just what the first tree is, but was interested to see the fruit.


As I was walking back to the quilt show, some red parrots flew out of this tree, which made me stop and look at the lovely blossoms.


And all over the city, the jacarandah’s made a stunning display. I have not really ever noticed such a show before, but maybe we just happened to be in the city the right week.


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