Sunday, 23 November 2014

Day 2 away

Another update while I have time on my hands. It is strange not to be thinking about the next quilt to put on the machine, or plan another retreat or water the garden. Considering that I am not doing anything very constructive, it is rather tiring doing this!!
First photo is my view from the brekkie table this morning. Another lovely day to come.
This morning, we had a drive to Spotlight to purchase stuff to use our $40 vouchers on.

Mid afternoon we took a drive to Phillip Island to do the tourist thing.

A family shot, but I missed Kiki, sorry!

 Trying to rescue a lizard from being run over.

 The wildlife were everywhere, this hen had some little black chicks, but not sure what sort of bird. We saw kangaroos, rabbits, seagulls, and what looked like geese.

We had thought we would go to see the penguins, which the island is known for, but the wait was 2 hours, and I thought the cost was rather steep. There were tourists there by the car and the bus loads.
The advertising all states that it is a non-profit organisation, and a lot of volunteers work there. I stand to be corrected, and I know that the penguins need to be protected, but the cost to see them seems to be very excessive to me. Entry to the souvenir shop and even the cafe is only after the entrance fee is paid.

This is my view of the penguins, a photo of the entry sign outside the building!!

The seagulls sanctuary where they mostly had babies that they were feeding.

The bridge which leads to Phillip Island, taken on the way back, because I missed the perfect photo opportunity on the way over.

Giving Kiki, the dog a warning that it was a steep drop over the edge and to be careful!
We had thought to catch up with a friend that lives on the Island, but sorry to say that Gayle has had family illness to deal with. But it was good to see where she comes from though. A very pretty part of our great country.

Well, another day down of my little holiday. Have enjoyed home cooked pizza tonight and it is almost time tor bed.

Be back soon, it must be time for more quilt photos.
From Jude

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