Friday, 28 April 2017

Cheryl's quilt

I will post a few photos of Cheryl's quilt, that was custom quilted awhile ago. She does the most amazing hand piecing, and this is only one of many that she has finished. It is a very pretty quilt on a cream background. I am not sure if I shall ever do anything like this?? 

And here we are at Friday night again. Where do the weeks go to? I had the pleasure of DD2 and family here for 2 nights, which was lovely. The time sure goes quick. I have loaded another large quilt, with some hand piecing and needleturn applique, so this one will be on for awhile too.

A few of us enjoyed a leisurely lunch today to celebrate the birthday of a friend. There was lots of conversation and laughter. Sorry I did not think about photos for once.

Our autumn weather seems to have left and winter has arrived. This area has received more rain, and the temps have dropped. My wood fire has been lit and the house is cozy warm.

That's all for tonight, Enjoy your weekend, what ever you have planned.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Oh my word, that is awesome by both of you. Now that is custom, but I've decided mine is not traditional, but modern quirky. (giggle). Wet and cold here too over the last few days & we are thinking about a wood fire for here, though not sure where to put it. I've missed not having one & will tell you about all that in June. Enjoy the weekend & take care.

Sue SA said...

The perfect retirement project Judy! Such a lovely quilt and as always extra special because of your beauiful quilting.