Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Wednesday words.......

I woke up very early (4.30am) this morning, and decided to get up and on with the day, although I will admit that I am still in my dressing gown! I have had my first cuppa for the day, worked on my Bible Study homework, in preparation for tomorrow's meeting, checked emails on the computer, paid some accounts with online banking, and inspected the contents of my freezer and pantry. So thought I may as well do a post before I head for the shower and get dressed.

This is my list of the freezer contents, and you can see that I won't need to do much shopping for this weekend's Easter retreat. A few fresh salad and veg items, and some milk will be all I need to buy. This weekend I have high hopes for some "timeout", and sewing time for me, as well as enjoying the company of friends.

The weather looks as though the days will be nice and sunny, so lunches in the pergola might be in order, although we might need some warmth in the evenings.

This is what is on Max at the moment, and I hope to finish this before the weekend with  simple custom quilting. I do have a bit of a plan, but will see where that goes, when I get started?? And tomorrow it is Angels day here, and there are a few of those quilts in the pile waiting for the quilter once again.

Just a few quilts to share in this post, as I see there are a few in the files yet.
This one used up a lot of scraps and was another challenge as there was excess in the centre. I asked if she had trimmed all the blocks to size before she stitched them together?? And the answer was, only the outside blocks!! Once again, the quilter will quilt that out!

This quilt, called Cherry and Chocolate, was made by Sherrel, and quilted allover with a pattern called Blooming Feathers.

This was made by Val, using up lots and lots of Half Square Triangles that were leftover from another quilt. I think she might have nearly used them all up now.

Another quilt made by Sherrel, called Seed Packets, which features hand embroidered flower blocks, and was custom quilted.

 I hope you have enjoyed the quilt show this morning, and I will be back later with updates on the weekend's activities. We have a smaller group in the house, although a few day trippers will pop in and out. One lady is coming by train, so I need to meet the train on Friday. After I finish the tree quilt, I will be looking at my long list of PHD's and trying to decide which one (s) I might work on.

 Sunday morning we will be attending the Easter sunrise service at the lake, which is always a special time. And in the midst of my busyness, I am conscious of, and in awe of, the real reason for Easter, and the sacrifice that was made for me.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

A catch up post in the middle of all your busyness? You are good(giggle). Lovely to see the latest quilts you've done & I'm sure you have many happy customers. Have a great Easter with friends at the retreat. Take care.

Sue SA said...

Beautiful custom quilting! I have just got my body to adjust to daylight savings time, now waking at 6 am instead of 5 am! Still like you I find it a good time to do some quiet jobs and check blog. Have a wonderful Easter.