Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Visitors and Max

This is what's happening in this house this morning. These 2 little boys are happily playing with Lego, while their mum and sister are having a sleep in. And I have to admit that although their Grandma is out of her bed, she is still in her dressing gown. So there won't be much work happening in this house today. I have declared it a "holiday".

I did finish the candlewicked quilt last night before my visitors arrived. Each block was ditched, and a frame added around the embroidery. You can see each block was square, until I got to the bottom, and the corner blocks had been rounded on one corner.

 So that meant my pattern did not fit! And I knew it would be unlikely that I would find a pattern that was this shape, and I did not want to bring in a different design element on these 2 blocks only.

Then I remembered that the Statler has some amazing features, that I don't use all that often. So a few clicks later, I had divided out, and deleted that bottom right hand corner section, and used the nodes and rounded the corner.

And now it fit the shape perfectly!! I do love Max and what he can do.

Time for a shower and get dressed, and see what we are going to do today. I think these boys have a few ideas.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

Hope you have fun today. Are S.A. kids still on holiday? Ours went back last week, hence the child sitting last Tuesday as Mum went back one day before L & M. Yes, Max is clever & so is Bubs, though I've still lots to learn. I've quilted, yesterday, some books & a bookworm sitting on one of the piles of books. That was fun, although you can't really see it clearly on the fabric, which is too busy & I also took a photo of what I did on the screen & now I see you've done that too.(giggle) We must think alike at times. OK, take care & have a lovely time with family.