Sunday, 23 April 2017

Quilting update

I have had a quiet day today, choosing fabrics, and playing with EQ7, and when I was happy, writing instructions and cutting fabrics to put in the bags. I am pretty happy with what I achieved.

I filled the wood box ready for when the temperatures drop in a few days. The forecast is for more rain tomorrow, but we did see the sunshine today for awhile. Bridie's mum and dad had a wedding to attend today, so they would be pleased with the weather, after the rain we have had a few days ago. 

Now it's time to catch up with posting quilt photos, as once again, I have got behind.

First up is a quilt made by Pauline, which showcases the fabrics nicely. Very simply quilted with an allover swirl pattern.

This scrappy chevron quilt was made by Lyn, and it was simply custom quilted.

This is a round robin quilt belonging to Maxine, that she is pleased to see finished. Again, another custom job with patterns to go with the oriental fabrics. I quilted fans, japanese flowers, and dragonflies and a border of clamshells around the applique. (I need to confess here that my original quilting plan included gingko, but when I looked closer, I found they were cranes, and not gingko leaves!! Tell me you can see why I made that mistake???)

This simple child's quilt was quilted with an allover pattern, and the backing is farm animals. I bet there is a boy that's happy with this.

This is Erica's quilt, called Billet-doux, after the range of fabrics used. This is one of the Pick a case Mystery quilts, that was made at a retreat here last year, and was quilted with an allover pattern called Damask Rose.

This child's quilt was made by Faye, and is pieced blocks, with one row of appliqued animals. 
This was also custom quilted.

In the background of the applique I quilted other animals, and stars and clouds to fill the empty    white space.You might be able to see a giraffe,

a rooster, a drummer, and a flute player,......

and even a duck with an umbrella. This quilt was a lot of fun, (once I had made up my mind what to quilt!!)

Hope you have enjoyed that quilt show.

I have had a few comments from readers, telling me they don't know how I fit so much into my life. This has been on my mind, and I have one thought for you. Maybe it's because I live on my own?? I don't spend  time with the "other half", and can please myself about when I have meals, and even prepare quick and easy things. I know I have weekends with others staying here, but at other times I get a lot done. My TV hardly ever gets turned on, and I spend most of my time in the studio. And there is noone else here to "mess up" the rest of the house. I am an early riser, and also early to bed.  I guess what I am saying is that, most of the time, I don't have a lot of distractions in the house. And there always seems to be a deadline of some sort that I need to work towards, which keeps me on track.

We have another "short" week coming up, with a public holiday on Tuesday for Anzac Day. Add into that a visit by family, and I am sure this week will disappear quickly. I am also waiting for the plumber to sort out a problem in my bathroom. After looking at the photo of myself that I posted yesterday, I can see I need to visit the hairdresser very soon as well.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Some beautiful quilts, but the quilting you did on the childs custom quilt with the quilted giraffe and musicians is truly magnificent!

Susan Smith said...

I'm with Sue above about the animal quilt, as it's wonderful work by you. So talented & is it all freehand? Ah, I think you may have hit the nail on the head about distractions, as I did get a lot more done before "retirement". But, life is life & I still manage to do bits'n'bobs, so I won't complain. I'm 'trying' to do custom on an old quilt of mine, but of course it is just coming out "Susan quirky".(giggle) Have a good week & take care.

Maxine S said...

I'm st a Retreat in Mildura and working on the binding of my lovely quilt and there were quite a few giggles as various ones heard the story of the ginkgo leaves with heads! They were fooled too. Some great comments about your marvellous quilting so take a bow!

Jean McGee said...

Beautiful quilts again. It certainly makes a difference when one lives alone, although sometimes other things get in the way that we didn't expect. Happy quilting Judy.😀

Chookyblue...... said...

the distractions do cut into your time for sure so when there is no one to distract you and your organised and only yourself to please you can get lots done..........I am a bit of a procrastinator......that sure does not help.........